Your Reoccurring Work Nightmare

Friday, May 25th

Every profession has their go to reoccuring nightmare! Corey James shares the one for radio! 

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Mission here is that every single job. Has that and re occurring. And worked dream food from my dream. Usually. Does it in gold. Me. A lot of last night that didn't involving an accurate unit now. He gets what had not even more art that was the nightmare and you weren't there were I don't know. And Corey Davis went beyond your Dutch say it's still a thousand dollars inject cash this'll text and the key word grounded GR OUND 7881. Know the re occurring. Radio dream and I share yours bottler what is it that you do and what is that re occurring dreams last nightmare and you always have. Huge YouTube not 800 radical excessive tax line six and eight CTO. For radio. Globally. Did in the studio. In your off the air is dead air and update now today. And no matter what button you push. Nothing happens it's like. What it's like a kids console like I can get kids are the odds are is there for show. A batter batter life you do go. Alone in your anxiety just builds in and there's nothing you can do it's completely out of your control all that's horrible in usually wake up it happened last night and it again about this one often. In my radio crew after the ever going on twelve years so this happened a lot to me that's the goatee and if you ask anybody in radio. That's the go to work nightmare works. I got a different one. A different island no New York's mine was that we were hosting the show and let her with me yes stands you're here. And the drink up and you and we got to this point where we were talking and I said something and then like. You just didn't say anything and for whatever reason I didn't keep toppings like just panic moves like. Because you know when you work in radio you know there's not supposed to be like dead and I get a lot of long periods is similar ones saying anything's so but it but it was like I couldn't speak either student or phosphorous teeing. It was. Like that silences. I hate silence I hate the heat. Awkward silence that is the worst but he mean. How. Yeah relax with a deal that it's going to come and after Hezbollah not and I think you should see me on a first date it's like. I can't stop talking exited the three year that I don't think it's tricky they didn't beat her. It's it's so great. Are you. Gonna happen in a new nightmares to meet with the Turkey. And I head on a Turkey's body have you read any other recurring work streams these other things he worked for me for other for other types of jobs. Which we won't sense yeah. And my social media jobs something then something's broke some news broke in the morning about the personal present I can't. Over the Mets spelling. I was I'd set up a nude photo my own and actually I. I have us. Goal line none of those I don't know if I have a recurring dreams I have aren't usually work related I think that's the well. Tune. I well know this was like when I was in school I would have this dream where I showed it to school without any clothes on got to do it everyone's had that Bethlehem yes just the the peak of vulnerability. Sometimes when I'm not ready to dream about nothing working and and being done and you also sometimes them also and it's a couple. That is that you read your just in here. And vulnerable. But yeah I don't work. Pretty much yeah nightmare it is it's it's terrifying and added it's been re occurring aka the excise tax on sixteen and eighteen TO honest person and ER doctor. I were daggers consist of either being too tired to properly work on my or my pager going off. It's not a college treated to dream I've been woken up from sleep and rushing to emergency. All they define that I'm just too tired to stand up let alone leader resuscitation. Who is asked me what to do next. And I keep falling asleep on my feet unable to articulate my plan. And then. I've week ha thank goodness. Pakistan earth that is really. Mean it really it taps in Jules what you believe is one of the worst possible things can happen at your job right yeah that's what Macedonian which is why I'm confused by all the by the tax. This person says are gonna car dealership. And I'm always sleeping with my awesome I assure him you know that's their hurt look for car dealerships that certainly that would be you and your Boston.