Your pet doesn't have to be so expensive

Monday, January 22nd

We love our pets, but they ARE a money pit. Are dogs or cats more expensive? How can you save when it comes to food, toys, grooming, and more? In the end, can you REALLY afford your pet? 

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Not clapping to stop paying off from the yeah yeah we've we've. Point out that I tennis for some reason start these podcasts with like the class you go back you know IRA. Welcome to the champagne from spare change to clap just kind of like just I don't know it energizes me it insults the listener away ask him. Is there waiting for us news best and you collapse in oil usually sides ready. The clap. Make it better so hey what's up it's Chris Evans and that is. He on paying out there this is champagne from spare change or help you live like to the fullest and help you save money in doing a great stuff and still. You know just years and also person receiving money great you can you can adults you can ask which is over now you can adults and science and it's in the a verb it's weird. Yet to millennial thing it really is is to Childs a verb to. She. I'm child being dad Calvin out anyways so when it comes to expenses because through we talk about saving you money as one extra expense. Net further many people's non negotiable. It's something that you don't really need people with us soul it's not that well so that you don't need to survive. Debatable debatable may be emotionally. We'll never hear and that's a pack. Dog eared cat specifically so. Dog costs a lot of money your cap cost a lot of money. Five there's ways like up that rate. I think there's a lot of ways you can cut back gas hockey save on the cost your dollar camera focused a man with a lot of that's out there to me like you know exclude. Alan hamster racist or anything but my. Four and a focus on dogs and cats so what does the average person span on a dog or cat's. Per year. Some of the recent. Research. Your subject is as part of is because I'd been considering heavily gated dog but. Did the main reason well there's two main reasons and we'll get to this like on later. But the main reasons money it's really expensive everything is your soulless the second reason is money well that we wish but as a third reason to. Because the sector is in my mind was that it's a huge time commitment that's not about is a lot of light so. Especially the first year is more expensive than most because he got things like vaccinations and like there's capital costs they call it. Where you get like the ball you don't need a Bible every single year you the star break in spayed neutered so so accorded ASPCA. The first year you want a dog for small dog on average. But thirteen hundred bucks medium dogs almost 16100. And for a large large dog. But 1843. Of the average for the first year. So. It makes it's mainly because large dogs probably go through so much work. Leicester to yet on cats are more affordable and we costs an average again according ASPCA. About well over a thousand bucks in the first year. Not an RA that's so great I mean and that's for the first year like with my family died. He costs roughly a thousand dollars a year but that's after the initiation. Parents pair pet parent. Fees yeah but then so I mean listen these numbers are debatable too because then I'd do more research and fortune dot com estimates about 16100 box. Actually 16141. Dollars to Dick every dog per year anyways even after the first year effort cat they set a little over 11100. A lot of money I think it depends like and we're gonna get into this later health issues because I know for the firm mean my dog George. College Q name's George. Site know why. Are all dogs being that old man now. George Stanley Walter. Why is that becoming a comment ping I don't know I think it's really funny like whenever I get my first dog that's not a daily basis and my god. I'm very tempted if I get a boy to just name it like Bryant Kevin like something so you're not human op bit generational yes exactly how do. Under the George crackers and Stanley is bigger dog after me. The majority Walters and Stanley's the world feel about dogs have in the same name is that. I mean I've never met a dog named Whitney but I feel like I did it would be a little weird well I get a dog that's going to be yet. Also another complete side note here with the dog named think it's only old. Guy names you'll hear what Martha up. Or let you know. Nancy my dog fancy don't get your car George barber had a direct payments whatever well my brother named our dog after his favorite beatle George Harrison cell OK what I liked that story. And city costs about a thousand bucks about a thousand bucks a year diets. That's is without any health issues of this past year he actually recently a few weeks ago I had this like. Shoulder bruised bruised shoulder so he's. His bill for that was it in five or 600 dollars so it goes up arms aren't and I mean he's music now well yeah I should know not to. It goes up like the well pet visit alone is 200 dollars. A year. For my dog I might be differently from and where you live in and stuff like that so can you yeah I got a factory and like both. Yeah the one thing to Iran after a lot of research and how to save the one area you should it try and save and scans is health care. Actually on yet one comes in vaccines medications they that. Check ups. You're not keeping their because it's your dog's health. Yeah no way around if you put it off it's just getting so much worse actually yes some of these things to getting more check ups can save you more money because they catch something early on. You don't have the whole crazy procedure you might need to do down the road which some people can't even afford that and that even more tragic so. That's why so like my dog was the various athlete diagnosed with Lyme Disease at just a year and a half old after he got bitten by a tick. We live in Rochester the techs are just abominable. And he's the text I need the text and if we have let that go all the thing with Lyme Disease. Line. Or line biggest line I don't know what it was it was there a line with the linemen man. Carl line I don't know probably acts Peter Peter Peter line. The problem with that is like head we let that ignored the symptoms. And you know that can get worse than the marks so it's good bottom line moral of the story it is. Don't put your pets help. Here. OK so let's get to the ways you can save them right yeah they are. I estimated to be about 333 dollars for dogs and 130 for cats hate kennels I hate them early either late average like fifty bucks a night I think I've never done this. I have a dog. They're expensive and they're like a horrible for your dog because so much psychological trauma for most Sox analysts like. Their dogs that get hurt there and it it's bad I think our. First family dog Pete. And he played at an ego. And he was at a kennel one time and he was so messed up like a week after that really mentally he was just weird the other dogs like that looks like prison yeah there you know don't rock while I figured out why they don't know when your coming back like its face Kerry's I actually recommend. Web sites like rubber dot com where you connect with dog sitters and dot blockers and it's. You actually cheaper. Make you like thirty bucks a day instead of fifty bucks today and it actually people who like animals right and they're your dog is in a cat. In the comparable place. Well I mean if you wanna even just cut costs in the league you have a friend or family member they can watch the dog they you know and it's helpful I know our our boss Syria when he goes on vacation uses dog to someone else that torture who loves dogs perfect she's got like two dogs are ready what's one actual one you probably throws her you know money for food in. Maybe a bottle whiners oh yeah. It out will dog sit for one outrage heckling and give a friend I know another person or sheer Caylee. Her dog she has friends walk the dog during the day yeah friends who have the are different off our jobs and I don't think she pays and I think they just do it because they love scene her dog sees who's. In the Stanley add that to an end game old man named Stanley that Hanley. On yeah yeah that's arresting I'm surprised they do for for any I I love I love dogs more than probably anyone you'll ever meet but I. I don't know that I would do it for free to like it I don't think money this. Guesses about saving money and also making money re can't true but didn't you volunteer pat while I pop firm which is adoption shelter around in the Rochester area I did it but that's different those are homeless dogs were not talking about almost never talk about wells to do upper middle class job stimulus like to be your own animal in under the tent at a upper middle class dog. White collar dog worse DDoS. These puppies are well yeah bomb so I think you could do this decision really easy and this kind of go along goes along the health thing. Is exercise with your dog yeah I think there are a lot of walks if you like to jog take your dog with you because production healthy you're expensive vet bills could go down. Yeah because they don't mean. You if you don't want your dog it's captured our race. Isn't needed because your runner a lot of turbulence if you could run with you're not now I know a bigger and it's the bigger problem here is. For me it's the Catalina sensibly that because I I go to buffalo a lot of idol watcher Doggett told you. Yeah but I want I need you do like commit to I go to buffalo at least once a week. So when they do on the off weeks really. Feel like it because I'm watching this and it's now wean him. Now. You know so well you know already this is this is a theoretical situation and I'm already sleeping in your mind yes yes you know Blake spear and another thing you should definitely do it's like this goes back to help but stay up to date on shots. Here we did it I mean that's like lately we asked that the likes but shot specifically it's important to ward off. The potential disease. And if you find someone that likes to watch your dog it's possible that they have a dog to sort of the tip is to planet a pet buddy yeah seeking split dog costs with our. Costco down yeah I am ready to give a medicine to I don't know what the deals without buying medicine ball but I know we'll do that applicant pat buddy. Other eighty apps for people who like dogs of like dog lover gain apps has. They're the kind of a cool way to meet someone. That loves her life just by splitting costs and your dog or cat so animated and dogs here. Yet now. I there's got to be there has got to be a dating app that revolves around pets or dogs something somehow lately. Lake. Game you played in elementary school read over at rovers and Whitney over again that. I would of course how big win over. Red rover send and then like when you match flicks in the I don't try to make this work in my hat yeah I want to working title read the letter over that time. That rocket actually half an hour. Hey guys sorry to set red or within a dog. Alternate I'm sorry. Well you should. I'm not okay and let go of the urged the high fashion accessories your dog. And cats. He eats them and it's totally for you ill and her yourself because you're hurting your bank they don't count you did your dog nosy and ball will bills collar for them he don't know. They don't count and if they do they don't care they don't like get my dog I put anything on my dodge he like won't move just Felix Def and like. And like give you this look like to listen to me dogs have this awesome luxury that they need to be naked all the time and it's okay. I I love to be naked okay. And part of me wishes that like. I can do that everywhere nobody wanted to know that I've won mound needs to know that nobody went right to know they don't they they do now so don't come over after nine because. I'm K huh. I. See you're still. Would like this it's yeah. Yeah well I mean care. I don't really care but it is so they get to be naked why would you wanna take that away from man quit his lines are always closed every Canada and your house all the curtains and lines as you comment night. IA feel like it's because you're just walking around naked. What do you do that but now. Tiger now what if it's at nighttime do you want people seeing in your house tonight you know like I freely cute I don't know I had a neighbor is a kid. That did not understand that idea or the whole the fact that people can see in your windows had no idea here. Ray and he also did like to walk or make it this is up front amongst had. And so we just wait for the bus and we could see them just kind of like getting ready in the morning but like they want her green I should say there are data for loans that anyway. Yeah you should your neighbor was totally a boy year. Right he wanted to he knew he didn't contain. See him going this is a whole other did you need to talk to a therapist about that I don't have an. And as well turning your pets nails and another one. And grooming and home yet so you do this or your mom mom does my mom does that she has groomed all three of our family dogs over the years and she learned how to do it on YouTube. She you can learn you. And you too you can learn Amy thing. Okay like GG don't want Allard yes and says she's done that she's so good at it now that our neighbor is like having her groom there. If your mom make some cash could you make some cash for being such a good rumor on the side Miguel different ten boxing relax get exactly because it would be it's from. I think I saw thirty to ninety dollars. Her you know freed go to professional rumors that ninety X. Ninety and ninety backs. Every two months. Adds up many bugs or two months that's yeah that's got out to be a lot its armed with the the premiere nailed it when neither of us tried to add that up we both were just like yeah that's a lot. The Arab I thought Matthews you think the numbers like in my brain elections equations. And about one is trying to equate. It yes yes that was both of us as well hoops whatever. With that it. Let me hosting two yen you can ask your back your bat will probably show you how to do that. And it seemed like eighteen box. Her trip people that we saved we probably say close to like 5000 dollars in the last seven years that she's been doing so crazy to raise a lot of money to vacation and let it land. Why did well. I went in just karma to dig at BI. Catch your breath where you where you trust your reply client why is beach yes idea what I was playing like play yeah. Lay down array and nothing's pled are now apparently it. Brushing your 58. Is that do you do that is a common. We don't need that time I feel really guilty about it because you should I know we did tell me so I'll play one web MD. They have stuff but animals too not just not just humans who comes to like medical information on your handled died after a hit exactly. Wendy estimates you can add two to four years to your pet's life just by brushing their free in T wow watts. I believe that because. You know if you didn't if you did tooth infection. Right up there. It could spread to your brain and you could die. And he said it very like I don't know what I'm talking about the tone of voice I. And why it's your brain is very close by and I think it's true so why you need brush your dog's teeth like want. There are heard about like people on flossing you can and the seven years that's true if you can at seven years July flossing. I believe that. I believe that I asserted flossing like. Five years ago and yeah I hope you are you member like. Dick Daley you number right arm but I remember Alec that time the era that it how can I don't like a time of my life and yeah I was about five years ago I would never got back. Are they also say that you would take seven years are real like smoky and so I start flossing can I pick up smoking and it was the Dow up definitely cool I guess that's the kind of math I can do quickly and I had actually that makes that. On this. I think most people know what it's it's worth reiterating it is adopting your pat. One not only see instead of buying. Not only save a lot of money. Lot of money it's also put a really good thing to do yeah cats need homes you points arena. Awesome person only got and there are so many. A lake there's dogs and cats but if you like for some reason it at a night stealing dogs there's more of this win. The dog. Is like ten years old it's lived it's whole life in a lovely house and then its owners like die user goes to a nursing home. And in the Dodd has to go to the humane society and it's. It rakes. My heart's into situations you focus their dogs that are just like scary in how well behaved and that's why they're there but there's dogs like that there were it's a really sad story and they deserve it. Brett and you can be at home for them yes and it's not selfish perspective what you wanna save money it's it's a win win big rapidly. So what you have a good food hack focused food is. Ultimately the biggest expense monthly you know exactly what's your hack because like you said you get a leash once you get a bull once you get toys a couple of you know yeah it's food that is the constant so here. Is what mine. Dad basically developed and Mick if you like you know anything about hot dog food especially it's much more expensive not much more like it is it a little bit crazier to get the Grady food as they call which is Alex's arm. That kind of stuff so instead of just giving them. The gravy Fed's mixed the gravy witness hard said. And they like they're really know the difference does that greedy like adds flavor to the hard for Obama so even you and public saving a Lira and we use. Newman's Own the brand Erica it's a little pricier than some of the other ones Blake. Think Al bones simply that but it's. Very good quality and all of the profits go to and charities so it's enemy you know. You might spend a little bit more but it is really good quality of the dogs even now because I am I'm dog a letter I never had a dog race. But I've ever seen a dog getting bad tee into the does. And the food it's Lee gone to they know what they're really eating all the it's like any deal did they do then I'll get my dogs I mean I have little dogs an eighty their pricier but like my dogs in Novo. They know if if you. Want. Human. Noodles. Into that ball like a little numeral app. Spaghetti and I I'm aware of what fuels RI. And the guys are people of my life. If you did little in his ball and he sees human food it's like game over he's gonna eat at all. But if there's not human food and there's not gradient nothing he's just like. Middle finger to all of us really this is because you raised him to be like a perceived you know probably because we know we've got to get stuck beside candlelight now. Well I'd say that George. Yeah I know. But usually dot is that bush Iowa whatever so they that's they never never give your dog to conclude exactly so they won't know the never taste the champagne of their food yeah. It back up now. Isn't at the top there he had it was a big ordeal there I was trying to find cop button and it didn't really well I can't copy a soul. Another way to you can say we dogs is not getting a dogged. That is known for having health problems because that's a huge expense. Huge expense and that it it doesn't matter how many well visits you do have any vaccines that dog is predispose. It's going to be. Expensive okay so what dogs should be get that are healthier and hit the help some of the user it's well known as some of the healthiest. Or what you know dogs and dog breeds with the least health problems that you've got the English Springer Spaniel. She let Kenya. Little Greyhound Border Collie beach on freeze and Beagle. And then there's the dogs with health problems renowned health problems like the cocker spaniel German shepherd Bulldog Golden Retriever which was surprising to meet and it's like the all American on. There aren't they like super Brad late can I I've heard again I don't really know about doesn't know much about bomb dog breeds. What if I thought that the reason Golden Retriever villages so nice looking is that they've been like. Inbred for some years to get a perfect kind of dog race front and I that's what happened with. Pugs. I think hogs aren't but their snouts like that's not good for the wild brawl with that Taylor Green right in there were bred like that yes you be shooter I think for like the Asian kings or something like that sink ships is it's like they think they have that little teeny little snout and it really it literally is hard for them to breathe it's so sat exactly so I think that that kind of like genetic Maxine you know over the year and a half and gives them health problems yes exactly I think out. That's don't quote and that that's leopard also as a general rule bigger dogs usually he totally Great Dane and Saint Bernard were also on the list and bigger dogs usually do have more of those it's like more physical gusting to hit hit. Just lesion or whatever that is because they got more liked to have you know more junk the trunks like yeah now and move around on their you know yeah owns. Party here party you're like they ran and learn their works as a honestly don't know because that being said a Border Collie and a Greyhound those are both on the healthy list and they're bigger yeah. I got but I'm in general caps have less hereditary health issues than dogs but there. Are also some cat breed adult issues including the Burmese rag doll Himalayan. Siamese and Persian which are all like. Currently over in Asia Asian cats and able murder you in your sleep so he's. Got to factor that that I you know. About. Coaching and Freddie Corey from our I. Morning shell. On yet cats. I need I wish that I got along with cats. Better I don't dislike them even though I'm allergic and solar tech yeah I'm allergic to them but I don't think like media and that's the Daschle. You know I think death I was gonna spill in the cats no allergic and because of that Billick common goal and rob his leg. You know unless they're doing that a sign of affection not being injured she just your pre is that you're projecting a. Obama did it as a Shula I am gonna seas and then they're like no more you know I mean like to beat them nervous and even this look like he had been. Up all night plodding home to kill you can yeah. And that look okay here's what I will say if I lived alone and I died and nobody found my body for like three days. Well I don't think my dog when he meat packing my cat would start eating your cats practical. That's disgusting that's practical law. That is practically can he or she will die if they don't do it. Without food for like three weeks case after three weeks and it's OK for candidates you. The body was found again it also. Because of I think I'm at the I would love a cat if they weren't so evil. Because there's so much easier anyway no I agree actually agree I'm saying oh my god and rolling my eyes but actually agree actually cats and another something going on in the. They won't rule the world Sunday after a cat but sorry if you like cats. To that don't like me again. What do OK so when we go elsewhere to cover here well I think we should talk about like. And debris like this is so again this is more for like dog breeds and sari assists dot skier is what we just know more about what and the fact this too is. Honestly cats are easier cats easier because. The you don't. Don't watch your cat rate has no thank you don't walk again you know they are cheaper all around for costs for their food is cheaper via bomb a smaller. Yeah so old. Yeah as many tips with cats you with dogs wrecked. So it would docs pure breads are always going to cost the most usually a thousand dollars or more depending on where you live. The most affordable dog breeds 500 bucks or less on average are pugs English setters. Beyond its dot toxins app and injures in Pekingese. And that's just a few you can obviously like Google listen I think I was on I heart dogs got congress passed. And it's hurt by from a pet store. Wise. Because they Jack up the prices and I'm like wait hours and that is the fact that the puppies usually come from puppy mills which are far. The most evil places on earth like the puppies are abused and neglected it's terrific look at a video on that and you will never. Ever back from puppies are stark. There's so cute though there yeah there so Cuba late you don't wanna support where you just don't support a business that's like. Well coming from what I wanna dog it is I wanna dog legislate kind of I don't say I find him he finds me it really. And I mean like I'm talking about like I just goal you know walking through fields that resulted as my Israel feels in my house but more of your field and he just comes running. And you know. He never leaves ray I don't taken you know he's gonna policy homer. Now and then I leave I leave audible food the next name has gone you know that kind of enemies become buddies and then eventually die together. What that's the kind of dog they want. Diet like Ford. Was gonna I'm assuming this is gonna happen after I retired. I picture myself I might 75 year old man your single and no he's killing she died. And she died. Horrible yeah Chinese but that's that's got an Iowa. Okay Todd I hope someone that's like fifteen years older if you plan for her to be dead. All the women OK I don't see Mary like your money bag really get fifty girl Betty White sixty to 96. Recently it. It okay soul. To adopt adopt Gergen that adopt I mean or go through an independent breeder I've we've always my family's always gone through independent readers that we'd like you know checked up while we make sure they're good breeder. And that's always worked out great but yeah the most affordable option will always be adopting if you do adopt how much just the someone's wondering how much does that usually runny what are the costs of adopting. The standard fever adopting a cat is sixty dollars a kitten. Five months or younger is a 125. For dogs it ranges from fifty to a 140 depending on the size age and other factors help issue again cats are cheaper yet cancer definitely cheaper and then puppies 310 bucks verses kittens which is 125 so that's almost didn't. And handle the evil of the cats get a cat. Really though Jack. So bottom line. There's no way around it's not paying money for pat yes your. Is huge expense in it and if you can't Odyssey you can't afford it don't do it because. Agenda having like give up that dog that's just not good and you know it's bad for the dog to move homes you know yeah too much exactly so. Analyzer finances makes you can afford it. Yeah have. Saying. A thousand dollar in 8015100 dollars. Set aside. You pay for the dog itself and then like all of the vet bills initiation raise as we call that yes wanna have. But again if you adopt. Or by a less expensive breed like in my current cross breed you're gonna pay last night was up 400 dollars so he was definitely on the lower infant. Cut and be proactive instead of reactive about health as we sat. Your nor its exercise as much you can yeah acted out there a limit way purchases because your dog does not need to when he toys and they don't want outlets. I've also heard you can make your own toys to I saw on some people. Nobody really don't think about what these toys. Actually a Rottweiler to the public one of those big eagle absolutely not dog does not AM I don't know go with her and their militant brand name things and on the seat that would work my dog is he. His favorite toys are squeaky toys so like I can't. People like you didn't Roby and looking at a stupid that why it's so my dog that came from the woods in the field I'm. Yeah he's an old school Fella you know so he just needs bones is his name Gerald. Now old yes. Ai since Terrell fine FitzGerald. His fault okay well. Some recent dot just being called on the top of it and he's got male pattern baldness. Should be how. Except you're old enough to give the friar tuck baldness and he has the prior to baldness and you guys are just like beautiful beautiful bald people yeah yeah great. The only thing that we all it took me five. Yeah could be problem and look at what I so it would modern technology I feel like well no no when we ball to that point. Let's in fifty years yeah hopefully. Generally Karen's I really could care less you're down you're gonna get ended badly I loved baldness I'll only be a dad with the naked all the right. My dog that I kind of feel it's. Larry it all right well the ethnic to stop what else would honest we have. Summarize your idol and things use my food mixing hack like this that make sure Grady is the cure. Ear you're the hard drive food and it's your double just never know the difference. And you'll save money and learn how to grow your god and. I had to learn myself before I can from its capsule is pleased to work that out yet we hear that no promises the sentence champagne. Searching since it was.