Your Marriage is the Great Thing to Ever Happen to You

Friday, April 13th

Or is it? Megan Carter faced off with a listener who had a very different opinion! 


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Is meeting your significant other and the greatest moment of your life. Fifteen PX line and Johnny DX like every James Stewart Greg Carter. Sure. So be certain the game of the rounds I do love her. Marrying Joseph Jonas Casey now and I do love them. Actually coming them and sign that now. Plotting your significant other and getting married is not the greatest on of your life. Obviously aren't they Allen for her obviously the greatest one of her life is the fact that she's involved became a state. Obviously. Her quote is there's this weird misconception. That being married is the greatest thing that'll ever happen Tia. She said but I've always on the my career is something I worked for my achieve something there's a sense that it is the greatest thing all do in my life. Travel so me think you know we're used Canada's. Up a deal isn't exactly the same day 88. I know what I that's part of what screwed me up for so long. For such a long time is that when I was younger. Yup I'll say at Disney princess all the upgrades. Where are it is my prince charming and it was always in the back of my mind that that are right life will be. Her next leg wasn't quite there yet but it'll be perfect one point fund money filming. Well if that's the mentality and look there's a lot of women like TO of course growing up. With all these Disney movies that have a mentality and what's that saying and every Disney movie where there's a prince and princess what is the prince always doing. He's always rescuing her C adding her. And exactly exactly and not to get you know super thin minis on everybody I think that I realized you know as I got older. And I don't have that in my life right now there was a part of me that used to panic like only go to. I'm never gonna get and never gonna become a fighter. Are all eyes that. I shouldn't be relying on someone else for my. Happiness you know you need to find other things that are the greatest thing that'll ever happen tube because it doesn't happen for me. Sure what I don't get married and had kids you know it's not priority of mine right now. I don't see it happening in the near future Newton and take top kids can only talk about it via cell lung. He got quite happy days of the please isn't for me that's my arc and my job in my career. And yeah and at that makes complete sense I wonder how you'll feel when it happens if if you have a change of heart to. We'll be just nice. Addition to an RD hot exist in ride Yoko. I see here equating like your life's work to somebody outs but there's gonna be people out there that actually believed that that actually say yes that's the greatest. Sting in my life is is that. I didn't I think those people may be she checked himself and few years because. If you're a lot and somebody else completely for tinged perhaps that's not cool so. Some good. Acts here at it as he could have a good time with them and had a great relationship now of course that's something I bought my life but I don't expected to meet meet. Hole. And it has rectified my all of them are happy the whole first. Half I don't meet an idea fill that void identity. Yeah I think for a lot of people a lot of people is right it's their work or maybe it's a sign their passion about that they're really good at over four I wanna say the greatest thing. To happen in your life for many many people if you ask have kids are those kids. For sure that I interstate and I can eat absolutely and I think that's different then finding a husband or wife because his kids. That is part of the that is extension of yourself and your work in your app for and everything you put into raising those kids. And seeing that come to fruition and to live their lives that could be the greatest that ever happened TO. Getting married. Now the greatest thing that wrapping up. Elites to it and it leads that have been that well like yeah. And it's rarely if that's your no much golf coveted sixty to 9810. Drop from its bird this team PX like a morning tender. Else I named my husband was. That green it would never happen. Got told there was really one until they're at least be one person who did say it. But but there's bouts with the greatest thing that ever happened to that continue here my ire. Our mantra I. Let her explain. Where this is a good reason Kendra why do you think that meeting your husband is the greatest. Thing to ever happen to you. He is incredibly. It's all so I never have to worry about money and you. Know. This thing like it buy it that didn't have to work I don't would have you but I don't work but the work of the lightly and I. Yeah. I know and a ma this time I'm really let me. I honestly I don't know what you and you know. And yeah. That you don't have and a woman others. Like I feel incomplete and what might and it did sounds. You want that you want that kind of companionship that somebody to come. Home their own. Coarsely Peter relationship is a lovely part of life in a one of a part of life and having someone to share lightweight. Is a fantastic thing but I don't need that to be a whole person and I think it's all unhealthy for women to say. That other. He completes me you're not a whole person by yourself like that is absolutely. About an hour we're not supposed to be a phone in your go to church and they say yes you're. Not then did you living out. First I went to church for like twenty years he never heard that one. Gee does let alone how well the ball. All the political lines of sorry that you feel sorry for me I feel sorry for you for wasting your energy on ads. Alec now I don't know what my energy and top F you don't feel the same way right it went with somebody that really awesome. It is have you ever had a really heat index in relief yeah. So that's obsolete. I don't think it should thank I don't need it like I need water are Arab not want to advocate. I mainly. Yeah you know. Ticket like god forbid I don't want to wish any ill will I don't there. I. And that you or something happens and your husband that you break up one how are you seem like you're gonna act I right then and there if something happens to your relationship that your guy who know. I have I have a really broke in. You hit diet group I have heard that. Did you miss the point ad she's not saying it's our relationship. She's a sag that. It doesn't necessarily have to be that thing you think is the greatest thing that ever happened despite. This I think you said like your husband is the greatest men ever avenue that I don't Serena how is it. I'm sure you're a wonderful person with hunter college and in a moment. I haven't had a real happy. I. I don't I don't and it and that's it may be happy. Given how are you shocked me I. Am. I and Nick Clegg. I think you're a Gallup. Poll but it's. As the secretly that's really what you want it. You probably want you everyone that he. Whatever barrel that you mean about beating Mary you may have your wedding dress and how the wedding getting down opting out in your meeting. I don't my ass is getting bigger bad day. Any wedding dress and I have patter completely bought it's. Not relationship wouldn't be nice of course it went but I don't need that. To be a complete purse and I don't need that to feel happy and I think if you look for relationship to Miki happy. And to be your other half like old person like myself I don't need another half I just need somebody who is a good compliment to me and light enjoys spending time it. And we can put up and you can. You don't know I mean. Yeah. He's got somebody you really really hear it let in into the 08 is street apple I don't buy it. Yeah I. So you're sitting and I will never be up fulfilled completely happy purse and as I'm in a relationship. Yeah. Another lap or you might not east.