Your Graduation Donation

Wednesday, July 11th

How much do you give to a graduate at their party? Is it a flat fee no matter who it is or do you have a "tier system" like Whitney Young?

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Graduation party season still in full of facts seem PX by an ID PX lights great James Whitney Young. I know they're going on through this month I've gotten I'm gonna eat it one in August of like that is going. Wow I like her her late admitted we whoa. That's crazy like a separate them. Yeah I mean I guess saying like my brother who just graduated high school has been going to like 45. Greg Rosenberg and I after I mean that's just. I've yet like I'm so. Self centered that I would want mine to be later just so that never know conflicts for anybody it was like idol and I thank. I don't believe in my part exactly there aren't exactly well. Her parents who have children oh just graduated from high school this is Scotty kind of like get equivalent of it's usually end like your mid to late twenties. Where everyone you know is getting married and after go to every single web ads which means yet to get a gift. For every single landing yeah it's not recant his has gone the graduation gone through a bunch graduation parties. You gotta get big gifts forever graduation. Right which brings up the question of how much. Most of I have to give biscuit and how he conducted with what you do teach YouTube 9820. Excessive tax line six and eight suits you Stephen strategies somebody has. As the people I've just got to let. Flat line and he graduates part of go to. Oh under Bucs is that yours. Yes articulate that. Anyone. Even somebody you don't know that well wolf I don't know him that well I'm not going to their graduation party though. I would think it's okay so soon you would give a family friends. The same amount as like you were. Net nephew you nephews ideas in half eaten. Yeah it's like any wedding I go to I've gone to weddings or I'm closer with the couple's then other weddings but it's still standard. I don't know I operate by the the tier based Saddam Dennis. Gold platinum. Daughter. What do you call for the dreaded copper. Do you like I would say. The bare minimum for me would be 25 dollars and that's for somebody where it's like. You're an acquaintance. You're likened to a degree of separation saying that question why are you going to graduate isn't the okay 25 dollars is better than nothing yourself. That's like go as a cover mirrors the call her for the party well he you can remind me meals for the band. This frivolous. We'll come potato salad. How would it be like as a graduate if what you know when I was an and you might not remember this is what has your match. All Pollard but when I graduate knows more about the way after the birth the. Jagr over the hill now and I eat would have been grateful lake if eat out somebody came late didn't. Maybe know quite as well I'm not gonna expect as much money as I'm going to not expect. Any thing but I'm not gonna expect this much is the money just try to get out. Security. Is bring me these these well we should know what her love resulted dollar. Well that is a I know I feel like I would I would. It got you know twenty about a dollar Dunkin' Donuts gift card or something like that. Could be at with that but I will say so because 25 dollars for her an acquaintance. Fifty dollars for of like a family friends. And then a hundred dollars. For families alike cousin. Brother. And your brother doesn't get more than a Clinton well. OK so so it's funny you bring that up I gave my brother a hundred dollars. When he graduated but I'm thinking I'm probably gonna end up giving him more like I don't know. And our remedial help them out like his I textbooks or something like that's so. It won't be it's not like. I. Would anybody here's a hundred. Benjamin bench though it yeah management yet here's attention and don't spend it commonplace. Suddenly like that you know operable the ultimate and help him here not. Lake payments. Like installment in the islands yes they like and like it infomercial yes exactly exactly the delay Q1. Dallas there's all are there. Are severe attacks. I may be may be out when he's in college I don't send them cinema 50 here in the am. The little dizzy go to get totally intelligence. It's just and it's and it's it's called vacations for things though and it would this tier system you're using he Matt. Who want to I mean if you like is somebody gonna be. Insulted. And it wouldn't be absolutely am I feeling you can't go under 2525. Year old it it's like you said you're paying Cutler. But you know can but but. Being said. Also do you kind of base this on and the financial situation of the family of the parents know how as well let me if I know all of that's the he would. Comes from you know medium more like on I don't know fluids. Yes will say that you know if I if I regret party and there's a Lexus in the garage. I might not feel as bad about giving them that 25 dollar gift Carter fifty dollars verses you now. More because the need you know they need more financial assistance. I think that's fair. How is that not fair. 'cause you don't know the situation you don't know what the dealers I don't know if it's really shot that there's a Lexus and bigger just because you government famine with money is necessarily mean that your Fam is gonna be taking care of your college it doesn't but it means that you have a safety net that other kids don't have. You've grown up with all of these lovely yeah leagues you don't deserve yeah Tony five dollar. Let's do this and I know you don't would be good wouldn't even I would. I would short change the person who comes from like a wealthier family I would just maybe give somebody who needed help Morse and he'd knock. Give give the kid who Sawyer not doing a rich tax yeah. I think I actually exact not punishing the kids for coming from a more affluent family. It may be somebody who doesn't come from that maybe give them a little more maybe. That's how it this is. I used to this straight I don't. Well it's this song music I like it's doing your taxes because public's Monty is bus to give some kids are steeper graduate. Yeah me congratulations on graduating from my stomach it needs to fill out this hour. That I need YouTube initial here and then sign there are no printer name better than date also gonna need W four.