Your First Kiss

Friday, August 11th

Katy Perry described her first kiss as feeling like she had a slug in her mouth. Do you remember what your first kiss was like?


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Keep Harry Reid. I don't mean. We superhero it's the same time. I remember this we all been through that pass zones is definitely don't even know Dottie about her first kiss. Yeah. Nice and she's in sixth grade and they're playing spin the bottle. Yes and sound guy to beat her certain landed on this and do it. And then she said quote. I felt like there is a what if he might hollow. He was going for it. Is the art of French and they miss UK and then. Up until now no waves. Instead. It just feels like your mouth is getting in mediated. I east salon and match those awards when you describe it and it's and tablet apps but. Growth I read and first. Think about it yes I know continue the beautiful thing may get out is that it is wonderful in the right circumstances this. More gross. If you think about it but I don't think about it he's going to go and please delay. Harbors them most bacteria on your entire IE. And how public food stuck it aid and all kinds of scrambled to enact your literally just shutting in. Another person who is just his growth. And figure out what Megan more humans are disgusting it's it's yeah it's fine it's fine to get. You like the face. Our younger reading quite master the technique yeah. There is yet to you had an accident when you're that young you still don't know really know what you do it and I am thirty years old and I still has that meant you don't know what to do. It's an ass I'm. It either what do you think you'd easily too much words that you just look like your dog came up and Steve says hello we like no that's my way and you know and a tiny. If you have to wipe your mouth that's probably assignments to much there's the dead fish. Where they. Like their tongue in your mouth and my slice taken out. There groused. Senator guest acts of violence how to describe it do you think anyone has ever had. A positive first kiss story can I feel like for most of us is probably. Something terrible happened is terrible. It was a negative experience but it was it wasn't. Good by any means it was it like. Sparks flying and it's not like in the movies I was in I was watching and chanted when this is happening Riley lived the one foot on things. And yet they only did first riding on the horse. Who does not that at all it was in the movies. I'm all the movie make out of the movie and back know where we actually. Don't huge group of friends. No shame nice Allan if you have this voyeuristic from the start of the doubt and I believe. I believe his lying in that wooed me. That's and plus now my first kiss really your dream boat in line line is you have really soft hands. Telling me. Hello Kelly any problematic in that anybody should get over it had to play. Yes and these to endeavors yeah. And wasn't the slug experience. Oh. I don't remember I remember being linked terrible just Jeremy might this is. Learned italics is not to virginity at the relay I thought everyone could just be you think about it and you're immediately back there. Is feeling and it was and weird. There really is nothing else like it's a weird feeling to describe I never really heard it described that ninety peers and your mouth is getting indeed nice lie and I Iowa. As I remember mine and it's it's and so supervision like I close my eyes and think about it and I am back there I can see it happening I was fourteen years old late bloomer. And every Friday night my Buddy Ryan. Would take me to his his church had like this. Basement with gains in the game you your first. The look. And its an I did but it was Jesus is watching a group good kids into the school would go hang out there because there was pool tables and ping pong tables and video games and it was up on the front and I kind of thing. And there's a girl went to school with and Battier going. Who lie we herbal painfully awkward shy introvert so we bonded over happen. While hiding out there as an excuse to either not say anything out pretty Muster is not a lot of power on congress married and and she was the second girl my second go for never decided to be girlfriend boyfriend I remember being incredibly nervous. Many classical over think or even about young age for the first kiss. By one Friday night. Or to the courage to do Megan. Because there is kind of a separate rumor the video game as word of oil to laughs it was just cost the rule we're sitting next to each other but in the basement of this church. And I knew this was my chance. I remember that it's it's a funny guy needs to take yourself right back there. My heart's. Placing a million miles an hour noon my brain it would do this bridge split finger. In my brain where I was excited for it to be my first kiss and also. It was sabotaging myself. Thinking about. How it's gonna screwed up when she rejects me what I thought was it's terrible if she breaks open because it's awful. But I and guides did you show and I brain listen the other side this summer we're closing my eyes but leaning in for the kids. Yeah that's gonna happen to. Juarez collide its like to note is fighting over a minute. There might first guess was precluded by a hat but yeah so bad. It was. Or did you gopher until we we butted heads. Laughed about it and then and then went in for the kiss and then that was the Ford experience. Natalie you have the wet slug invasion. For your first kiss but Joe's and a throbbing. And it can yeah yeah another with I I might have left a bump I haven't been pretty large had so. May have hurt or. Now you're doing you don't know if you gotta angle I have. I. It's not it's on the donkey this does not going to fort how. I'm not alone well you know that's not your fault it's a colorful it is all jealous is that Jesus. Fact it wasn't a church and that's probably like a sign or something Angela and they'll.