You'll Never Hear "Baby It's Cold Outside" the Same

Friday, December 1st

Have you bought in that the song "Baby It's Cold Outside" is a rape anthem? Megan Carter ran across something that'll give the song a whole new perspective! 


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Smiling Carter glory in nineteen PX line. See you then it. Here in all alone Lou the holidays on the oh yes of core and one everybody of course lawns in case. A real cold outside. Especially in this day and age gory extra skin crawl so I've even been guilty of Sainz before. Outside. Lyrics and great feet and and move. How. Yes to make a sixty sad excuse for Jessica Simpson Nicholas in the. Hope she hands. It kind of sounds that's the lyrics like a blueprint for Bill Cosby. That's exactly what that then on like really got us today and yeah like Matt flowers get out and pressed the button and lock the doors behind you. It's. Pretty so I've been really interesting Tumblr post that but from a couple of years ago that making the rounds again. That says it's time to turn and it's. To the rate sample masquerading as a Christmas Carol. So this guy. We're at this post he's hitting listeners and teacher and a big jazz music from the thirties and forties. And is he wrap thing. Yeah we get it sounds. Super rainy day especially based on everything happening thank god yes but let me explain some things that and that break this outsell a remember the part where she's like let's mixture. Yeah that's not the part about reflect not really yeah accepts knots. So fairly consistently interesting to me on but in the joke what's industry. It was a stock joke at the time. Meeting that it was used a lot dean in a radio shows and clips in the thirties and forties and the joke he is that. There's actually pretty much nothing in the jury should not even if they need to get amount of alcohol. So it was like an almost like a catch phrase yeah like let's just thinking. There's nothing in Atlanta the Joseph tell us so like you know let's go back in time to like 1954 when the song you know when Dean Martin did the song. Better than that nick and Jessica version of it. And you're at a party standing around and you're there you had your smoking jackets on. And the women are away doing womanly things all the men sitting around Donald and Elena says. What does this strange. All these things are. We excise cut are still about this on this woman is equally cheese on chaperones that dudes house in the 1940s. Back then that are not supposed to be yeah when you need to be plain. Lucky punch. A girl she does multiple times that she cares about what other people for ever you know. The neighbors might mean touched my mom Mazda why no. How will you be you would want to pennies the neighborhood talking there's talent to be talks tomorrow all. Because. She did and she wants to sell she's sixty -- herbal behavior by staying so relates. I blaming it on the jury now. I'm only care. The jury according to the delta is pretty weak shots maybe no booze it at all that's the joke that the joke and so we have completely. I entire time we have completely misinterpreted. The meaning great solve this song hot that's why whenever you hear a woman in media from you know the early to mid twentieth century saying what sinister it's not a joke about how she hammered in about to be raped. It's a joke about how she's perfectly sober. About to have. Some off them consensual. And gave little moody. So okay so we've had it wrong all this time we've we've called a song rate be when in fact been reality. This song. Is an anti slut shaming can't thanks. Yeah yeah. Yeah me. It's not about grief eat and eat up some about five legal way. She wouldn't. Exercise. Your freedom to stating guy sounds in a society I think that was OK at the time. This is the lead out as tightly designed to South America. From hat. Her flooded out. One nice sand spoon oh if you want the best. About rape culture and a pop elders never really had. It's his son about how women don't have to say yes. But it also well it's about a society. Don't really clear we did you and that's fascinating and then and it plummeted as cold outside so now the more you announcing its star whenever you're on the golden growth is actually pretty freaking cool a lot of I don't know meg in the version you play its occurrences now. Okay yeah I still can't hate on it. Ladies once stricker around to let up. That we can't hate on it anymore and we consult me on Christmas shares that's why I couldn't buy anything just a fine line but yeah. You know. Not. Yeah and I'll get I didn't design. And maybe it's gonna say again please akin to.