You Should Always Tip 20%

Wednesday, June 20th

Corey James believes that's the bare minimum you should tip if you're going out to eat. 

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8% Thomas ten always at least DTX lie on 98 PX like great James. Whitney on good morning. Good morning glory you run. And it's a do agree with I do that and now I think there are real bitter meaner unfriendly ever I don't think you have to tip 20%. And treating ought to beat does now. You need tipped and it comes to heal this appeals by the way the fever we talked about how mullah deals with 10% tip enough. Ten that's that is did not horrible to hello all that's all. Horrible and I would never advocate for that but I do think that tipping 20% no matter what the actual service is. Sets a precedent and it and it breeds entitlement and I don't think I you know like there have been times really really bad service in the person. Not talking about likes closer and sing like that person. Was just like. Mean yeah I never have a guy that did just excel when I were in the service industry and I had a bad day I didn't expect. People really be showering even tips if I was beef if that was beaten dismissive and like all for it. Were you dismissive and overly reserved. Yeah you're like I was PM I think I. Life is simple there getting let's let it appears that they don't expect it either it's about the expectation. Here now here's the thing that's that's. The lowest point and ended I may or may now team fifteen to 20% I think I don't global money a candidate they go above and beyond. And you can do more so that's there's still the initiative that there's still those. The draw there of trying to do his best he possibly can because the better you do the if you get a list of course you get one of these mullah deals that. Bet the percent of that do zero. Up. I think that's disgusting but it's. It. This tax gain on the text lines six that he teaching them how to later went on the ticker drinks away never brought them back slid the food on the tea. On the tables are half of it fell off the late when we asked for another drink fueled his highest. Needless to say not everyone deserves 20% and he may be close family friend had died and not know how you now. What are I think but I think Mitt. Part of the job in the service industry is providing customer service or good service and yes you have bad days. I don't think you should lead nothing but I I would argue that. Leaving 15% leaving 10% them that gets the message across that light okay maybe turning a little bit for the next table because you know. Better put to them more smooth than he spiraled then you lose your job and well angered some uncertainties and reunion that homeless maybe you shouldn't be in the customer's items and as I I think. Public customer service I get in the customers like a it is always right. A hard headed. No I've Bryant. Write a big servers get her audio I think he got a raw deal. NS server. Hi words it's not illegal waiter but I've worked like in the food industry as one at a dishwasher or something. And what you did this I don't I jump to that for when I first jobs are in an Arby's but it wasn't the best part it was in there was like a sandwich shop up front. There was I screw up that I know it was me. Why why you. I just because you don't like confrontations that you'd be in the back you are doing with people exactly. No I sell I've I've worked in and that of urgent regional before where you node and customer service is always rights are and that. But here's the deal I think servers kids get a raw deal in general I think about it. Sometimes we all had bad days we all have days where we're not fielder best they were not doing our best we had bad days sometimes so no it doesn't happen in our bosses don't kick the door down and come through and tell us give us some of this money back that were paying you still get paid the same amount of money I didn't believe and I would love this bottle let infrastructure does include 20% to put it in the air. Many could get more you want TO. The debate that's the bottom that's the deal you get you going to. He's a point of the tipping system is that your rewarding somebody. For good. Like for good service and skip is about the service provided you pay for the food you pay for the drink the tip. Is for the server and the circus right so if you automatically to 20% even when their route and all talking about. Rooted. Really bad serve got better and had bad service report has to look towards I have 20 but that's out of like anxiety. And I let it be terrified if I. Beer here like let me just as it I think it'll vary. Empathetic person and I I'm always thinking -- always thinking well are they going through in their life you know but exactly isn't me like downright mean and it's it's not gonna be in my B 15% and M might be 10% and I honestly can. I don't wanna end the amount of times I've done that but if somebody's really awful. You know maybe got maybe I'd like this because they're trying to counteract smile local to us. My uncle has now a power move the peoples and goes ninety in this day and I'm gonna process. Love him but this is terrible. Yeah. And I shudder to think the amount of spit in his in his food. That's today here's my polls move here's what it does the rules of the restaurant he brings a pat a tape with him always in a pent. And he writes warning on the top writes all the way to zero on the bottom. And if they do anything that upsets and she wait so there at the table and you look at them and you cross is not a number. The answer to. Our secure your tips starts here. If you screw up trust you're down 19%. Oh my. It is it is a lot of heat single in the SE Mary well he wasn't to my aunt died but on wall. That she was around did that it's not assign a widow sadness not hurt he's an hour. I mean it Julius credit score board I believe he's said he's never gone below 18% so well. So there's like wow I don't have to bolster that. IE eight updates in and that seems like it is picking a fight but maybe that's bottle I am because I know that but does that then tried to balance the world exactly exactly. They got for his. Evil. Evil genius when he's.