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Friday, December 1st

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Happy Friday and it seemed like Lorena. GGG 800 club it's like it's excellent six out AT teams we've got excellent Rochester hash tag team to fly and I think. Number I'm from Rochester guys traveled with them for the weekend of course we were just tell him to the break about. The holiday led to greater Rochester it's going to be coming to yet on that drive and this week it's. Very excited that is it kind of in my old neck of the woods where I grew up apparently you do know that did you have anything like that went up when you around. I've beaten my real long. Display. Just. Awesome light fixture here awesome light here Christmas exploding all around you outside we did not. And that would have made it living out in the middle of nowhere yeah. They are saying this should be your new family tradition is the first year deal and it tonight's opening nights. We're gonna be out there may again top eight at six. And a women ups. Story beyond brought to your car for a little luck on the buying time maybe that's a date night there on west Henrietta road and app on the. Sell off to yank it it's that an Eddy Cue axe like com stock stuff happening this week and that's why we ever tell us. Yeah don't what are we gonna be and we officially have to get in the holiday spirit because it's December now guys it's time it's time so. I'm impressed south ledges kick now for right they're doing there it's a wonderful life in the south well thank you when. It's now. I love. It. So star Ellie is kind of the hub of where this is happening on south. Have downtown is a little parking if you go in here and another adult park next you locks that it's like Q. He'll markets is gorgeous as I like beautiful scene it wall arts next day it's gorgeous not so they're gonna house family activities and a gift an Angel gets it's wings. Activity for everybody. Yeah there's going to be food trucks you can shop around although south pledge businesses they're gonna have specials going on to. And then not on on so this is all happening Saturday twelve to four will they have the horse and carriage rides I think. You know win. We know this does not get more romantic. That a horse care tracks right and he's back with did you hate mail look like well and the horse is going around I always logical place to live right near there and the horses and cut through my parking lot. Okay thanks demo sometimes even stopping night. Outline of what just happened there but watch out the car and let us to pay a record boots. I'd love and that's it let music in his eyes yes isolate amazing parents and they're also doing on the handmade holiday event that. German house to in conjunction west on the south went event and so shopping local vendors there's going to be like over seventy. Tables and grass and chop them craft show or eating some local stuff you know let up that's that's what we want beautiful we upper out of O'Neal practiced or tell us kick off our week and it's not an outdoor activities maybe need to indoor activities out so. This this is something I'm going to be attending Saturday evening opening night. A GCC center stage first state on Broadway musical I should be all GCC is is crime she this year aren't. I'm loving it so what's extra special about this on my assistant Maggie and is in the show. Some yup I do I love meg it's no she's an actress so she is for those not familiar can you explain what is about yes. Not a musical folk who might find this interest me so it's kind of one of those scenarios where on these two individuals find themselves on a first state and everything you could imagine. Going round ball Manhattan and had a little you know. The occasional asides here and there are people. Chiming in and just imagine all your first state scenarios wrapped up in one. It's amazing Ali kitchen nightmares come to like I did ask. Literature it's going to be her leg area. Sudden you get out. Details for that add up you'll dot com slash a bench and out what to look Amber's last minute holiday gets or if you're like me bring on the and Corey you know this suit that I training and doing that the purging of the things yes your only keeping things in your life. That bring you truly heal and that Marcia answered trying to minimize it and be a minimalist. I clothed guys. Could have gotten rid of a lot of stuff you can do to say how much. An embarrassing shirts alone. From from just purging and getting rid of things that I don't love love that don't they are that you know 21 year old Maggie could pull off and 33 year old can't. A 150. Plus shirts alone. And I really didn't know. The laundry and all time high on the floor. You have like a little you know tons of clothes hair I've never seen and that's why it makes you do is that they Miki put every single shirt you own. Hi all instead of doing it piece by piece so that later like. Holy crap. You finally realize how much crap out of you don't need. My my mind is exploding that's Selma right now but now that there is breeding I feel good rates. Now I have not been aware so I need to happen is that enough and I Packard is one of the places that I. Come shop with me on Sunday OK okay well. We're hosting are yelled shops local event at temperament on Sunday from two to four. And so we're gonna have refreshments there's going to be booed just samples from bootleg hooch. Which is Alicia us so it's just an. Easy excuse me to come out either get holiday gifts. Or in Megan's case restart yeah. Everything yeah I upgrade. So it's gonna be really really fun just a casual shopping. Occasion an excuse to come out to government check out their new space in the clover road armory in and everyone's welcome. And what's extra special about this is that we're raising on money 15% of the proceeds from Tom Bevan sales are going to at Barrow. Rochester which is helping test funds on the families that came from Puerto Rico to Rochester a lot of parking area now. I think a lot of people realize that we've actually read out received thousands of refugees need in the Rochester area of people coming up trying to escape the damage Turkey Maria. Sell this is a huge huge thing that they're doing is so awesome Nat awesome for Tom the immigrant temperament so that's two to four on Sunday two to 4 on Sunday morning call it on plantings that stark choice I Wheldon and bell plays makes these are giants could be tough. Erica joy everywhere. Yeah we get decent it would happen this weekend all those funds up is on Yelp dot com slash events. We don't value that act Yelp ROC you know it you rack thanks girl got.