Yelp #ROC Events

Friday, February 9th

Breanna from Yelp Rochester stopped by to help us plan our weekends! 


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We embryonic burned yup. Yeah. I'm so excited for the home may at this yeah. You need help middle. Towns such grandeur. You're gonna be so busy fifteen years about the events are gonna have you're downtown in the riverfront project in the whale Bob Duffy going to be joining us around 930 looks like confirms. How confident that we need we can come back TP XYZ and I just suddenly embattled leader believing Rihanna to get the scoop but all the stuff going on this weekend. You know it so we know what holidays coming up next week. Are you prepared. I was gallons Wednesday night. Well I guess they could be that's not my talent I got an idea. Sell the memorial art gallery is celebrating and there hosting their Valentine should Valentine this year it is eight from. Re line I'll. That's cool this is such a cool party the moral gallery throws. Awesome that's the themes and this is one that they've been doing maybe three years for every I feel like you might give a thirty year X what goes on and at this and it simple so basically they turn. The museum into a party house and so they're having. DJ. You can dress up senior prom attire. Or your favorite eighties guard bring your best gal friends. Bringing your boyfriend. Or just celebrates. Friday night with drinks. And good times receives a figure proud address if you can't. Beat empty now. Here's hoping I have to dig out my closet it's like having to stop it yes it is me eighty's and ninety's music to bring out what's your prom dress lookalike it was a shot all floppy glitter bombed. What are your shoulders like they just. Strapless. Yeah strapless free. I went to prom went to high school during the time it was during the early she thousands of a lot of glitter a lot of may address or I mean Britney Spears is qui. Tell me. I mean I have some serious fashion faux pas as well from that hello. Zebra sequence. Was nine summer is so high that might be an appropriate thing to break out and I asked protector after processor tell us what's up for the week and that's gone on so. As of today. The greats Dutch connection. Has emerged in the eastern museum in what does this mean no bodily harm. The whole. Museum is filled with flowers so it's like that's awesome spring time bomb hunt just. Yeah so madly like look outside right now just. Grainy snow and cold and laughs so what do they do this every is yes so this is actually been something that eastern has been doing for years and years and years like. The original Eastman George Eastman brought these two Epson. Flowers and double that it was like for his private collection and study and yeah. I so they've basically kept up the tradition and so the whole place is filled with two outs and a infidels and it literally smells like. A giant. Beautiful springtime. Memory it's up to Audi commercial. Role in the wild flowers. So if you feel like you need a little break from the wintertime we'll end the perfect. The case and especially this week and it's getting salience honey we're gonna get it's actually seem a little rain and there's we need a reminder I think that that springs and the lack. Does it on my agenda for sure. So that's going through all the way till 120 fat cell make a point to put an under a perfect and then Saturday and Sunday when you're that replaces. And I should not forget it at Genesee County judge but you know it. Elvis. So they have this interesting. Activity called cool part. Which is a German Catholics lockouts but the laughs. Crystal. Beach Destin. And yeah I. Corey then I'll magical flea collar. Else it out just trying to gay guys to giggle a little success. So this is basically a German themed event in their whose wagons and 21 plus. Activities. You toured the museum. On. Eat food. There will be someone that is named Caleb king and queen. Okay elite Q break this down like the vegetable Cahill. Exhibit titled let her or her OK so somebody intently is it's up Padgett did it is. Essentially a wild festival of fun times for outdoor enthusiasts. And people who. Like to celebrate random things that make no. That is the most perfect description of this act are there. Exactly if you have no idea what to expect that yeah. And why is there Cahill king and queen. Matter that. It's it's part of a celebration of their B. By fire planes like warm up by the fire and have a bunch of cozy food and good eats and it's all in the spirit of this German at a to a cult cult art call arts are at times to let her uncle parts. Rihanna thank you so much for coming and let us know what's going on this week and of course meg we've got a lot of big plans as well rob man that's coming. But also remember 930. Bob Duffy could be joining us from the Rochester chamber to talk about the transformation. Could take place downtown every adult guests from that mr. acting. Little depth look at Brad thanks to people wanna know more about these events or commit got. They can find us act Yelp rock on. In agreement Twitter and also Yelp dot com slash events.