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Friday, January 12th

Breanna from Yelp #ROC let us know what events you should check out this weekend! 


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Camille crime just. Happy you Merry Christmas behind. We don't miss ball elevating weeks. You've been here your looking well and he's flashy. Hasn't been these past few weeks it's great it's been a refresh I love January it's my anniversary for work so I. Talking legends Kathy. How long now on the ear I'm starting year six so it's why can't you at Yelp. For five years I think when he gets to go to come. Soon soon enough. Augusta on how do you look at how they could curse some great great Christmas great holiday it's been. So refreshing to get back and like totally look at the new year with a fresh outlook on exciting and fun net new businesses yeah. And says I'm ready. For energy in here in Rochester I noticed that after going to Albany for a week and then coming back it it's. Two completely different set of people how sad it is an Albany and Saturday just just all day today Tom Drummond in Rochester we always have something to look forward to go and that's just this weekend at this time. Happening that. We need to stir crazy you're gonna be sick am stayed inside and celebrate it for some it's on staff that we got going and we had your cure for cabin fever I think a lot of you are yes on so tonight this is actually actually tonight and tomorrow. Get your tickets for this because it's going to be magical ET in concert. Are. Well reporting we can tell and others all week I got. Yeah you'll never you'll class you're watching a movie than if you go to one of these events and not listen of course is just not that classic. So. That John Lindsay doesn't he's doing for shared I feel like John Williams has written the best galore for. All films that have had some kind of impact on our lives hurt the last 23 and what does he got I mean it sounds familiar lapses again. My gosh everything I literally don't know off the top man had probably something along the lines of Beauty and the Beast may be. I don't know how old three I'm always here. That. He's composed like literally everything yeah pretty much might that have we seen an anger on my home and needed on a superstar John. Sorry did shock the sun. Yeah circle yes or worse is this is the jets jets thankfully they have they're yet to cover this because that's going to be some pictures of oh yes so this is one of those fun ways that they do kind of like a pop culture. A lab. With. Our team is itself. Even if you don't think the RTO is your speed like you'll analytical watching get all dressed up and watching orchestra. It's completely different I think it's family's in deep and everybody just get engrossed in the movie I had this huge abstract. When that music score comes topping UCL and then the page I get good responses that get me. Should these ones that we know so well we've seen a million times because you kind of know it's coming but it still surprises done. Ever heard the music the way you have watching that movie with the air via though we act now it's definitely that much more of pactel you've ever gotten goose bumps in the cedar imagine what it's like when a client. You get your ticket she sat for this yes do it now so that is tonight and Saturday at 7 PM it's ours. Hannity door tell me that now warm. All the good. And then each he can take you can flat with your ankle or back here council report that about branching out front to help and it fell. I would Kennedys now we I know it's gonna be a winner storm. There's always a winter storm of Rochester new let me content we're not going to be held to number this is gonna be the next. Two months of our life so why waste your time inside go celebrate three years with swift water there. Celebrating their anniversary they're doing a bunch of beer launches incremental releases that still robbery that stat in the south wedge and Zahn now that it's a really cool stay sick you haven't been there before I at its January but it is summer the at this giant garage. Yeah arrests are are basically that they open up for me to sit out not tackle spot tasty plus do you know what really warms you up our imperial stocks sell their Axel he gonna be heading for variations of their third anniversary. Get the arms up in different it's ready to. Let happen in federal. Waging warm up for young Russert an out helping yourself get this out and get us ready to tip your cabin fever. We get to register wedding show coming up. Yeah he's been talking about winning season at second it's the near comedy friends of yours got engaged secular might appease the B I'm pretty sure everyone is now engaged like everyone and we don't even know it and then we'd all red getting married is this how it goes when you see the announcements on Facebook's up I'm referencing gauged the media how. Happiness followed by sadness for bank account how. Because you just are coming up our it and got four. That's going to be at least three Graham I. I sent a short when it rains it porous it's never one of letting it's always in groups like yeah tonight here for 28 scene but I've been register wedding show before. With friends planning a wedding it really helped forget. Everything done so she wasn't one of those stress he brides. I try to plants of at the last minute they get everything you need all underwent repeating your whole wedding band and when that I feel like chaos on the equivalent of attending a wedding but with like every vendor. That you could imagine C have like the prime not of the trying not to surrenders to pick from the blues like Atlantic like there are almost as well then people Sunday there. But also the fact that one lucky couple is going a little wedding package it's valued at 181000. Dollar letter had everything taken care for I think that that is. Definitely something that everybody who got engaged over Christmas and New Year's should head to. And guess what everyone in history and even better I I honestly I I have met several engaged seem to be married women. They're not maybe stockpiles to get some also have today are now more HL's when you helper and a Twitter. Our seats that's right and yell dot com slash events. Humbled guess we'll see you out you sicker and for this week and catch you know it for the either he's a tough time.