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Friday, November 10th

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Last week he. PXY wakes you up. PXY. And we didn't leave many days in them. You'll get outside your I don't know. Coming and get through this the producer to get better some certain amount warm things up to a solid 27 degrees outside the hole is home. I'd like out of forgot broadcasters like how is that it short bundled up and she. Even ahead now or later Kyle race ago I cut the tags off. Today I already see you know yeah. Is Coco this is the maiden voyage of the code that jackets first premiered in the world and I Sina meg and Carter bring on was working had a schedule had her new car ready to go as opposed to Yeltsin. And I had my car which your eyes and ready ago that was all set it's like to get my brush and stuff out of my car this morning and I got myself my car. And I myself priorities. But they're still good enough times this weekend it's gonna warm up a little day it's gonna be mid thirties Marlon and forty get on Sunday to go out and do some fun stuff I don't like winner every year. Thank you to let winner keep you inside and keep you been harm ripper on. That's right and I feel like this event that's happening tonight at. Jovian is perfect because it's a place yes it is a Spanish wines and topless night and I hate that we do that I'm an. I feel that's a perfect things like launch us into cozy and whether. Evenings out and about I'd like who doesn't want a little comfort food. It's incredible yeah braves to lay can be buckles. The winds could even tell you how to pronounce anything it's how do you pronounce these are not gonna say the first one 'cause I'm not totally sure but it's a rose guys and I. I'll that could hit a kid at the next one is an all green now Colbert Reno paired with chilly rain house. That night idea. Took Spanish channel and I mean I did not masters. How can you wrote in high school settled they wind part out of the curricula can you earlier ours. Mega hit a shot I can't all right thanks. Not only and if I took Spanish you know I'm happened actually after I NE and a lot of things I've sounds and movement I could have Saturday. At gallery salon. This is gonna make fevered intensity that every area ams Alex. Wonderful little artisans sale. It's yes so this is 49 PM tomorrow so they have you know food trachsel due special raffles giveaways and then also. Awesome local bankers so it's perfect because. Again shopping local during the holiday season is perfect for guests eat and get for your family and friends and so this is a nice way to get something. Unique that sets you apart makes your team we love you more cups mix and our I don't. Do you view of that prime. But I am I know my team. It's more fun to get something that's personalize that constitute eat where they wouldn't be how we're did you get that heats handmade. And it somebody talented artisans here in Rochester that experts and stuff. Yes it might as our Emerson and Oliver girls going to be very thing they're going to be there seller love Kraft is gonna be with them to me it's to be bracelets a whole day are adamant and and a commitment Sunday. Decent witty creep keep in new statewide office so have you been too little button craft shop in south east of right across street and I absolutely love this right no idea why it wise is mean exhibit opened up a couple of years ago and that I read it and it's just. It's my habit on cars like it's a craft show in a shop like yet why hard and yes. So what's awesome is that they do pop up shops every once in awhile and will feature one of the local artists that they. Their products that they sell she can actually get to meet the artist. On have a chat with them by some of their special products that they put together and so. You know I personally and like ready for holiday card shopping and thinking about little things and pick up so. This'll be a fun they have you know just fun things happening. And they'll cat just cat stocking stuffer expert some of my coworkers and they did you keep that their task and stuff is it's always again. Something unique that you're not define what are the big. Big outlet stores are way happier your pocket grab on Amazon it's a special that Hitler asked where did you get him. My amazing friend or on the night and get me healthy for. When Hillary and glory yes thank you worry you're trying to think that you know advocate options these were. Hand feeding bull younger I'm gonna go for NASA actually try to steer. It's different is being into the yeah I why through that issue little this for having to do everything Koresh. I'm so helpless uh huh I was glad we're here. Other and then on Monday and I favorite. Holidays of the year not Thanksgiving but friends get Ang friends give me let me entrants give. And so they are doing fifteen dollars for us all you can eat Thanksgiving treats which is like. My favorite kind of food and comfort food turns into a great chance mashed potatoes stuffing. Literally everything about Thanksgiving is about our team that you change now fifteen dollars that's it for analysts yeah and it got so let's say just tell us hospitality racer it's for charity as a benefit for. Local good so you're given back. Perfect bank for more details on these events is brand we got to Yelp dot com slash roster. And slash event ash noticed an outs elementary years. I handling and ROC. Obama got back and hire let's go let's go back to our excellent shot at let's got back to try to pronounce his Spanish lines I can do matter after censor it. No les do you think that your money exactly yeah the other.