The Yanny/Laurel Debate is Great for America

Wednesday, May 16th

It's "the dress" all over again, but Corey James believes this is a great sign for our country! 


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It's been awhile since America has been so divided and it over some things and still incredibly stupid it's important that what you hear what I play this laurel. Laurels you hear laurel. Or any. That is the debate raging. Right now on the Internet. And Whitney Young you came in here. So confident so cocky yeah. That you hear. Johnny. Don't last night when I listen to and on. Earth I listen to it on my phone or on my computer now button but. I it's 110. 1000000%. Current yeah laurel okay we yeah now why he wants you you have played multiple. Version there are about mobile versions let me easily explain your original OK so first up words seem calm from let's let's let's certain begin I don't think I can sort my thoughts. You can explain how I'm Shuster this all came from apparently some random fashion designer on Twitter treated at a video with a computer generated voice. Bed and that's how it's art that's as simple as that started I don't know why. Maybe they're having a debate but each other about what they're not exactly sure okay so that's the originally gone to get. Laurel that's original laurel and now you're saying here laurel. I'm hearing laurel now I just don't believe that's the original what about not unique. Yeah obviously any that I saw her her you know so that was picks down by 20% or plywood audio gear are how about. Laurels. Sweaty there are kept me tip on how about now. Our cat I was picks up a 30% now here's the real test pit stop by third set you. In any I hear balls I hear a mixture to do it again this via 30% you. I hear you any pressure so lying to different people hear differently why why is this causing Whitney Young delusional mind why. Why did you originally here's the first clip I thought it was LA and dollar play at first Colette and near laurel clearly. Is a couple of theories floating around paying there's one person on right at that us that it has to do. Wedge thought audio frequencies. And also could depend on what you're listening to it. OK so the amount of dates that's being produced from the device or listening on connection played X-Factor so that's why ask deal when you first heard this. Was it on your phone. And I don't remember. Well that you can't I've found that is helpful. It well. This I think this speaks volumes okay yeah on Twitter. I ran a poll last night after I first heard that has. And I need XR Rochester on Twitter yeah near laurel and 44%. Of people said yeah any 56%. Of laurels and act in its back close. Shows that like something not right. Could you wanna know what's really going on yes cut back and explain. Yeah. Net and got the the last to do with audio frequencies. In the middle science nerd here and and not through audio frequencies. AL and Howell are hearing changes. And it's gonna open me up for huge joke. But how are hearing changes as we get older. And. I hey that's like Horry here's something totally different because he's a bad generation next. Younger people are more likely to hear Yani because that's what's coming through and higher frequencies. They can still a year. Also you're also more likely to hear Yani. If you're listening to bad speakers because they don't handle the lower frequencies so low sell fairly not my speaker elicited on your phone probably the greatest speaker maybe that's why you're doing it differently and some speaker it's my youth but now this goes to show us proof that with good headphones are probably here Loral which is exactly like. You are hearing now once again if you missed it this is the stupidest thing ever laurel. Laurel original clip. Not didn't pitch it in the girl. Yeah I don't I. And headphones on but also because. I think I think the real the truth here is that I hear you any because I'm so much and you and I you did. And there and do it here's here's the near that might none of this matters noticed it mattered not a dead now. That's lead us now it's it's Steve edit its dumb. I'm saying yeah. There is something very important happening here that I need to point out the and that the simple fact. That we've. But it out of each other and that when these other than maybe more so than ever before since maybe the civil war. Ten contentions that mean it's been homeless specifically on the Internet. And now. Now finally. For once again fighting over stupid things that don't matter. That. Finally ran a big thing. Only thing that happened older guys that I. Lives. Us I I think somebody on insert Graham library now just summarized what's happening perfectly okay. Why is he yelling god there's so. I.