Would you even recognize your middle school self today?

Tuesday, February 20th

Debbins and Whitney have taken over the morning show since everyone is off this week! Think back to middle school...were you even remotely the same person? Whitney admits that she lied about something in middle school to seem cool.


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Many Indians lying and I'm only gonna play this bad underneath that right now because what you said this was the song that she karaoke still yeah. I've listened to you know like two hours ago. I know it is early in the morning and one ear out the other with hijacked the morning show by the way paid sides dead ends and Wiki not carver stories that went off for president's week. Including her bosses or like my act which are now. We hijacked and jumped to find the studio with. And we talk yet and so few minutes ago we'd be admitted that it was cool when you lied about something. You've lied about being a skin when I ask you Porter snowboarding well. Upping its game in order to. Well I think it's. I would like do these things a few times and then I would like us and now I can say escaped ordered likens it snow partner surgically personal moment once you like. That's mean this is my life. And where I've never been to Bristol mountain I never men skiing or snowboarding any real. Facility. I only have been to like my local middle school high school hill. Did did skateboarding and the snowboarding phases overlap because those are similar kind of the whole thing goes extreme sports you know. Yet they kind of upper laps maybe I'm trying to think I think skateboarding may have been first because I was really a skater I. Was actually an exceptional like roller blading like I was exceptional that. Probably a little different landscape for liberal openings awesome but like those in the same category always no no booklet but you know what I'm saying is I really was a skater. I was not posing I'll ice skater but then I tried delight I tried to like segue into these other lanes and it just like we wasn't it wasn't real. It was the cool thing to do it in middle school are it's funny so depend on what age you are if your middle school now maybe you can predict what you'll be like to think back to middle school that's in your past. It's funny to compare yourself then. She now you don't hurt there's only difference is I skater thing too I went through the skater boy phase sixth seventh eighth grade yeah I had the super long hair for week two on. I wore a lot of those like time ace it's presume he's alive and I want to release went to skate board that I did not use a lot. Luckily I'm cool and I had alike heavy element teacher its allies and our guys have that I can't watched a lot of jackass you're jackass yeah. This so different from who you are now because now you like these nice like knit sweaters. And you like style you're inherently there's nothing scary about now I do I do Wear more guardians an average. Rochester where a lot occurred against I do and that's so cozy it's it's not for fashions for comfort. There I was I was gonna say. That they actually are fashionable at best it's men style to men's lakes street. Streets. When you make me sound so much cooler than actually him. Well yeah you're well I yeah I'm giving you a little too much credit though. God turned out. About it I'm getting really excited about those flat Neal likes it when I was in high school the Arab middle school the other thing that I did is. There's something that a lot of girls did in for airport back in like you went like airport this league back in 2004 talk now tag back. Seven critic thing I don't know anyway. So I would Wear like at an Abercrombie fitted. Cute tank top. We bullies cargo shorts. That was the thing that I don't remember that was a fair port things I think it was at the airport thinks it was like my friend group I'd like no one else ever. Justine style choice win ya I know and then congress pink con. Toilet the congress I was all of the conversation with the so. You talk about like how would how different you know I am now compared to it what it sounds like OS with the jackass stuff like that show. Was so addicting and we still watch it all day long and there's always those warnings at the front warning to not try any of the east all right let's see. Which is all we did right and by the way for listening right now do you think that's a good idea it's up. There to the resign him to this day intimates will be a dent in my parents' garage door and read it. For some stupid reason I ran the full sprint in that crash door. And because we were like we're like fourteen years old. Legally do it hurt themselves and that's but that's not even light was beautifully give every right hurts rate it's not even it it's not even. What you call it was kind of funny in time but it was not Smart at Jeffrey Dahmer from doing this my brain that did not think it explains a lot slammed a lot. But then so my dad is like he came home it was his dad's garage. And a member so if you lived in buffalo around 2006 you would know about this they had the October surprise stormed your about this now to huge snowstorm in October of 2006 were we were often schools like a week or so all these trees were down. I the next three must have hit the garage door. When that for years later they found out. And we there was a tree like where I didn't think it was ridiculous he never bought it that's ridiculous treatments that hit the garage in the tree is nowhere to be found to think that treat. Felony hit the grudge and dented the tree would still be there there was a lot of wind you know component to win. The wind blew the trailing way well all my age you're not heed the high points helped the man's man is electrical engineer he's urging. He's very Smart and I'm not yet you do not the doctor Evans keep I was like you know what he got enough you know. He hurt himself obviously he knows he should do this like right with the skip forty base stopped because of assert it's an. But what about those banks so that expensive the healing workshop skateboard that I blocked a punt that was cool from zooming is. I was trying to do trick not one day and got to know you don't and I didn't. At all and it went up the board went up a little bit too vertical I want to look at too high and it landed and it went somewhere that was really painful and and that there where I don't know you're talking out that was dammit I'm switch and Abercrombie like I don't.