The Worst Way to Find Out You're Fired

Friday, January 12th

Some local Sam's Club employees may have found out they were losing their jobs in the worst way possible. 


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Luke the Carter Korea and that HEX I. I know I should feel differently but the second I regret that Sam's Club was closing several locations across the country I immediately thought. I'll. Rochus or frolic analyst. It's an out and their. Yeah I. On the list twice this anger yet VF cents club and Henrietta and increase. Archie I think it's 63 across the nation and Klesko is that Denzel was hot and I always tell people that's what the only gas stations were consistently you know what it'll be lying to forget style is that very fond memories of Sam's Club as a child because my dad would take me there and I largest raid on the free samples. Through butter on there on Sunday see the mess it's seen as DJ Wright has only Canadian costs go it's a club yet the clock starts as an art house store shared yet it's like Fiat. Sort of like the nightclub bouncer of like big box or some bomber well I don't I know huge corporations happens all the time it's such an and it affects people local aid does a lot of people on the lose their jobs although it's a Sam's Club is also owned by Wal-Mart so yeah. Still there is a push by Wal-Mart to try to relocate some other Sam's Club employees from these locations were at a Wal-Mart sources tell us how bullying. That's the case here any more I'll breeders and want. Officials are but how many hours tipped off to something come by news reporter that I wanted to bring up because I. This breaks my heart and I think it's kind of messed up yet he said this is. Could be the worst way you've heard about people finding out the date on the job aimed right yet because there's no good way to get fired there's no good way to find tiger losing your job. How about walking into work walking up to the door. And seeing of the closed signed. Mean that sucks but are you surprised that's and that's how are and that's how you find out on this reporter well Opel keeper anonymous on this. First it like a sick I guess Bud Selig can't. To serve she yes she said it no joke an employee told me he showed up to work this morning solved the closed sign in another sign next to it saying staff meeting. But an hour later he was told he would no longer have a job he 100 January 26. What a day. Shocked. At how old was this guy now I see insect that's that's not maybe he doesn't that FaceBook or. But still like if you're a ploy summer look I mean I know especially this Letzing kind of like a surprise. At Arthur things and placed like. Let people know both forehand get in the heads up is. Just respect you we put it down with pink but there's been still many instances I don't think that. Last year when it lays off 1000 employees and this company lays out what that was an employee that always thousands of employees and they go fast and. Ego and quick that really is no slowly getting your crap back together at the visits if you lay up but to people up and make it you're stop look at. It is it's such a bomber and I know it's it's it's up it's just soccer for those getting fired as it is for those doing the firing. None others the real good way to do it but this like no one. Nor its figure this out yet know what is the best. Like I I I remember when I got fired from my job now as an opening night my job was eliminated. And I found out Meghann when that program director walked into my office and I was doing knights of the times I was there like late afternoon and at night and you walked in and he said. Korea can you. Can you come in tomorrow night honey I'm that was the moment I. I never had become an early. And then he is finally gave me a look at walked out. So there I was sent to. I didn't agree sleeper right. I know it's coming act. Acts is coming I'm gonna stare at it for the next eighteen hours you this situation like that your boss milieu has known you for a while he was flat tail he doesn't feel hungry you keep oh yeah. That proper time to get out docks that are in throughout he was gonna say yeah and see all the people who own art. A and that is how they fired those thousands of people ready yet they crossed the line out on a piece of paper. And it is up and it's it's tougher when you are part of a very large corporation Maria there's tons and tons tons employed at its employees but still. On the local level of people that you'll these people don't and that gives them a free pass. To do some things that finds out you've got fired. By locking up in seeing the close side in this or is that at worst way to find out can you top that one you know it is I mean this is this is the moment. It's dean finally stopping that millennial are killing everything in New Year's 2018. The realist that's and you know it was college sham I just spree that killed Everett is outside ball and then got out just how did we can get this far.