Worst Place to be Trapped for a Serious Convo

Thursday, November 9th

Does it get any worse than a plane? There's no escape unless you grab a parachute! 


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The PX I'm. You know your room. The idea haven't we understand. How that we all. That's the scary thing to happen. On a plane at least that's one man says snakes on a plane. Actually it was actually diverted. After finding out a woman thought her husband was. Hotter. Here's how it down to this incredible so of course and next to each other. And he fell asleep. So she too gets blown. In took his hand out and did the slept with a fingerprint. File. Access. Finally was able to snoop to her heart's content and that's and Jim covered. The fact that he is having an affair column Matt sell it doesn't sit. What would you have done would you have done it this woman dead and that was freaked the hell out because the scene. And have the plane be diverted and make an emergency lane. She needs such scenes they had engaged in amber yeah see landing. Imagine being one of the other people on the plane and seen that go down you must've thought. And and horrible right. Or okay so you could do that that option a which by the way they were escorted off the plane and but it at a detention center each was not charged though however after the fact but still all our. There was the sit silently. In just weeks. Like tax eagle and just let your yeah here's tap each other yen may be you have to say some. Snide comments may be just like a few phrases here there are like. Landry should probably talk. I would like rumor out there. Now that's exactly. I'll bet you should play. Well I learned from from the best confronts. A different tees up my life yeah. Parents. Gary brought up. In your parents it's a big serious to talk radio out kinda. Where did that conversation take place it was generally in the car. It's your car. Let's go blank. Where you can't. State running you what better sleep center at. A confronting conversation that I played where you had not a skate. That is used to even and a car. I I have I've got a friend. Got into a shouting match and his girlfriend. They were not coming fast. The wrestle driving and he was in the passenger seat and he bailed out this is yeah well now to get it. It is due governor's seat where. Sound odd to me if they need a bloody Mary I mean we. Yeah this is definitely the worst place to have your significant other find out you've been messed around. Well we saw. How it turns out I'll sleep she's hot and that's. You regret any and I wouldn't. Owner she waited until like the safety seat belt buckle sign is on no no moving about the cabin I like he was woken up. Very quickly eaten all offs of solvent for itself. Of higher. Are you are sick to pursue the grounds. We're taxiing you know that's the kind of had that conversation on the ground. For the 95 minutes takes a taxi and that's it definitely. Helped. Now for me. Play. Yeah it is are you hoping and a personal and once we cheated on but if it ever happens but you find out unemployment got out of playing at a train. A flying car I guess it's like orange. You're but it's not up on that.