Women Who Go to a Male OBGYN

Thursday, May 17th

Whitney Young says she'd only ever go to a female, but there are plenty of women out there who have no problem going to a man. Some of them called into the show!

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Whitney Young it is made the statement he would never. Ever Google mail. Gynecology. PXY 98 PX lie gets a chance and Brian tickets coming up in a couple minutes here wanna get to disperse us. Fascinating I was not the majority of women all the way you did Whitney. I did do I'm a little food little surprised yes. Running a poll right now on FaceBook would you go to a male OB GY and right now it's just split down the middle it's leaning a little bit more toward going to you know like I mean not going to you. Milk gynecologist not much I mean it's like 56%. Would not it's really interesting yeah. Because has surprised you would think he'd be a comfort thing you be more comparable to another woman. And also why does seem ill let them. Want to. Non weird reason for why a man wanna look. Vagina and you breast exams okay that's getting down and that's really talking about. I mean you get into the realm of like delivering babies and things like that. I think that's that would be an amazing job can you match that's your job he go to work every day and you literally bring life into the world that's amazing my what is the wanna do that. Okay that yeah I'm talking about not talking about that I'm talking about the men who are just in an office like a private practice and you're just doing pelvic exams all day like. Let's look at the other side of the point here you don't see a lot of female urologist or whatever that ethnic male version is properly cracked acknowledges share I don't know that. Usually like and I asked my brother and I asked my dad doesn't sit you know would you want want an. Exam down on you they're like. I. Yet Aetna Goodman. Since super shallow means that it would Jesus would issue a put up all. It's. It's a factor about this though the whole reasoning I thought you mean we were saying is is that you know you kind of off the area are saying you'd. You see your medical provider is sort of a sexual response to yeah. She's hot. It's it's it would be gone. It would be the fear of me having a physical response that's irrational you're that would ever half. Look I know it's an eye on this being honest with how Billy by the situation. In your face it is a reddish hair I. I wouldn't be comfortable. And insulation olives and. That's what I'm saying I wouldn't be comfortable with some do. You know your dual Fiji. I guess I just wanna point out Whitney just put her arms as well that's. You know your legs in your animals bull aren't in the position you could possibly be in. Scumbag like this doctor at USC and yeah he got bleary Nasser you know take admitted to view the most ball all of course should. That's that's again not fair though that's like saying. It because. Of Kevin Spacey it means every at. Actor is is a torture or some neglect you know people can't generalize understandable in a more vulnerable position but. But there are a lot it this this is somebody we're hearing about this is being publicized even as we know from the meat to movement. Yeah ice who in addition to powered big can't get themselves again be saved. So I'm not take that risk I want to go to female gynecologist thank you. There's plenty of women who will go to NL got to college we have a bunch a lot right now this actually really interest and so what is your reasoning for being OK with Dennis. At that our choir at a are backed up. 08. Might. Act. Out there. And it actually when I'm Whitney let her. I'll. Like it right there. They. Want. Out. Sir. I think that's what markets for me honestly it's the same deal with female doctors. I would be fine with having an older. I'll say it unattractive woman as my doctor be intimidated to have it attractive elements might. But this does that Google search at Yankee was sent yours yet your age in rancher Roger com. But again this is one guy out of how many thousands I don't think it is now I think it's all that you're probably thank you for calling about we appreciate it. XTT excellently today. Art Marcie you know male gynecologists. I only can go to one male talent. Justin lets the reasoning. Because women that are that the entity more like this then mail. To convey yet. And I don't wanna about a man down there anyway. Completely different angle I. It's it's signaling Avery up. They seem to have better bedside manner maybe it's because they know they need to deal. Because there and I'm sure it's in their head and that's kind of stigma. I think you could there actually know what you're going to prevail. You know it's ultimately maybe interior but I'll bet that they don't actually feel looking out of Adolf I don't know. Yeah that's my thing is that I I would. Struggle with going somebody who could never possibly understand what I'm feeling at eleven Dellinger you know. But in a woman got to calculate how she did what we have here is.