Women Who Date Younger Men

Tuesday, February 13th

Do you feel like there's a double standard with dating someone who's younger than you? For a guy no one blinks an eye, but for a women, especially one in her 20's, she gets crap for it. Whitney Young shared her story of this happening to her! 


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Aides to limit and finally. Get to date someone younger without this stigma team PX line of Carter and Victoria and IE eight PXY Whitney Young. It studio this morning hello little felt Nancy thought this just fits. Coming up I didn't think I was old enough really sad story but but I guess some air under yourself you again are how old the 2727. Years old look at Tony seven and so I mad not to brunch this was last weekend's. I'm still I'm still stewing or whatever it I'm still really dating and us. IE eight without my friend and there's this disputes. Younger. Like busboy or radar surely let's get the best bullet he doing what's he like picking up some from the table at. Ashes of a jerk actually he's very very cute son and had this beards may be that made him look a little bit older than he was but he was clearly young. Used it to you could tell the babyface was underneath yeah dad yeah basically like the light of you that she goes. I think a little too young Korea a move his judgment call there. Saturday and it will okay clearly he is well overeat teeny. When he won 22 meeting 23. Six he's 21 let's go to the youngest okay sure he had when he won I'm 27. If this was a guy that was 27 and a girl that was when he won there would be no problem no issues I mean there might feel adjustment. You can do what it would feel like she's too young for you it would be more alike. Well we know he's not really looking for a relationship. Right now to say I'm not who I'm just never know. It. And so little fund so on the side. That is that we're looking forward not looking to get married to did to this guy just that body was Cuban let you get judgment in and it and it's not just my friend my friend is. Is luckily it's everybody that that I think kind of feels that we sell or rent a poll. And veterinary scientist wanna hash takes science I. To prove this so I asked on Twitter at 98 PX I Rochester. How much younger women you know I asked her female audience how much how much younger do you date a sexist. Whenever Korea I said I percent of voters said one to five years younger. 4% set up to ten years another 4% set up to fifteen years and 17% said age is just a number but. The overwhelming majority 75% said that you know you gotta keep it under five years I think it's a. A lot of it depends on how old you are so your your twenties and I'm I'm guessing a lot of women. And their twenties have experienced this but yeah this judgment from their friends. Percent wanna date someone younger when I get in your thirties and forties I feel like something happens I feel like you're like caterpillar and year you're in your Chris listening become a butterfly or it's totally cool today not been. And dude yes it's trendy when you'll. Form into a cougar that's when it's good. So knows why is it acceptable to date somebody who could be your son like your age Wiseman is not acceptable or cooler trendy for mean. To date somebody who's you know say five years younger. Well because I think for the most part if you are a lot older dating smile a lot younger it's kind of given the reason why. It's it like you say like Buddhist what it's not exactly clear on your twenties as a woman in her forties is dating eighteen year old. We know the main reason why well right look great for you know the reason why women in their twenties to craft on four want to dig guys were younger and a it's all your fault isn't sorry to tell here I. You know it sure because you know what has got to this their entire lives as well and that is the simple fact of we Richardson let's fast. Is that the poster and I would backed by science yes so they say that actually girls. That kind of maturity can come at ten years old for boys to decree between fifteen and twenties so that's the big reason why a lot of women will date older guy right. It is because there's on the same level mature lie is. So that's I mean when I was team and I was twenty I dated twenty girls like I've dated. I've done the older dude staying in quite frankly they weren't any more mature than somebody got. Alan there's that that that. Just I eat. I'm not even sing I'm looking for a relationship with this person I mean I literally just thought he was cute but I feel so she and dirty now for even thinking that. May be I said this is your your friends via she was team feel different yes maybe she had to my students trying to. That's no plot possible. How are you gonna react to find out they've been dating for an unfortunate trio.