Why Men Are Never Accused of Stink Face

Monday, November 20th

P!nk is experiencing the fall out from making "the face" during Christina Aguilera's performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday. Ever wonder why men are never accused of this? Corey James claims he has the answer. 


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It's not a greater glory is on daddy atx live. Apparently for secular getting a ton of black for her on tribute to Whitney Houston last night at the American music words. Maybe she's. But it's still not winning. Whitney that the day we can do Whitney doing. As thrilled as letting these songs you retire don't have performed. Besides. It's for me there's that there's is the big one it's a it was it's like really little it's like one octave down from double Whitney can do in her prime that's for Al Nordstrom's nearly impossible for anyone else do his job. Again I get that law apparently. Love people we're not happy all over the Internet whiz about with this with their tribute with Whitney Houston and even to the point where they. Shot a freeze frame it looks like. The audience. To sum up there so I remember just a few weeks ago and revealed on watch what happens lively the Andy Cullen back her increasing regular used to house and be back to the point Christina. Actually even small matter and a claw separately told. That's forgot about that a dry but they've since made nice things that they've apologized for their for himself and you don't when they were on the voice together and the terrible idea bottom line. It's pink it's kind of terrified also cash strapped to tie hasn't mattered scrappy. She was back then anyway. August 5 but apparently they were still they made nice but not after a judging by the banks face. But you during its pretty decent yeah appeal. Go to the photo this'll put up on FaceBook now and and on Twitter as well I'd nanny PX I Rochester I do so that for celebrities and award shows because. The camera off nutrients to the audience during these clearances and if you do not look like you're having the best time. Arthur learned a lot of people are gonna do it well. And the camera it's a pink in pink just had this confused almost disgusted look on her face just for a split second. That now the Internet screen shot now would mean an all over the place you know the first person I thought of less honest. You'll visit me I. Guess yellow. All have at least one these people on our lives who don't Wear their emotions on their face I do not have a good poker face. Do not know why you don't have people repeatedly deny doesn't exist yeah it is that in fact when I was in middle school. My nickname what is based. Because. I used to play sports and whenever I there was a basketball referee who made a call that I did like I would be at. And clearly make a face that said I disagreed it and down various theatrical yes Yang was translates OK I am a radio. Doesn't translate as well into real life. In all of the trouble sometimes. I did see that being a split seconds. And then Kirk. Jetting back to reality but it was that split second that they iconic TV of can make it a face off court. That now puts her in history as her saying she didn't like that report she actually went on Twitter and defended Christina Aguilera and fed that performance she's like why did you guys see the rose crying. Yeah okay it's it's not there yet she went on and she's. To that Christina I think killed it tonight for all of our favorite singers. Ever this is about Whitney and I'm an auction is talent show the clip when I'm in tears you negative Nancy's yeah. Such speeds up to its. It's by the because this is the first time something like this is happening now it always happens would win it does. Does say that think that's an interesting point I don't think this man ever accused of this in not even just and Micah celebrity like caught in the moments. Kind of situation even like actual real life because these moments do happen to women and let all the time. Like it next time that yearning group and one of your friends announces they they got engaged. Just look around the group the quickest usually focused on your bread and scanned fast and as it. Faces of the other women but it's got to be really. Yeah he gives it a little hat and personally so we'll see that negative Nancy look on somebody just for this happens all the time but men I don't feel like manner ever called out for this ever. Why is Corey atmosphere. And actually. This is and how that you women you could adopt this if you want to. This just happens to be a thing that I feel like men are more comfortable with owning a prank. So. Because here's it would happen let's say it was Keith Urban and there and he was watching that performance. And it he was you know they have the screen time his face and he makes like a replica of weird hybrid skeleton face. Distinct things yes we guzzle it happened so well will roll play on the UB the reporter the I ask me why I'm in efforts to. Third and not your watching cristina's performance you haven't had just pleasant look on your face why does that yes I was boxing. I'm done I. It's cold sink base for a reason. Seriously I didn't say I ask our league. What will you what's your response to that no I know are good yeah. Yeah yeah you know that they face Niles at delta it's it's it's very Philly there's very few things. And it like you cannot come back get me that is one of them. So ladies by means next on you find yourself and what these situations get called up for making a beat based we've just got to saying yeah. Where it started saying I achieve agreements not to say he's getting over such a weapon and. You can be you can get a can be a lot I don't ever know million. It's kind of just art in law. Well. Quite got a picture any female celebrities they say it. I right now. That could have gotten Jennifer Aniston to all of the year yeah I'm an hour into it originally was just on rent and own style fighters fired tacos.