Who We Hold to a Higher Standard

Thursday, November 30th

When it comes to all of the recent sexual assault allegations are we holding our entertainers to a higher standard than another group of people who have a far more important job?


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Steve gets a lot of Carter and Corey are not eight PX lie and the list continues to grow. Of men especially in media who have been called out for sexual allegations sexual assaults. Matt Lauer is the latest. Terror secure another one and I've noticed something meg and I wanted to bring up this point. All these men and media are facing true consequences they're being fired him there legacies are tarnished. Their lives are being ruined his I think these yellow and for the things they've done. Absolutely I completely agree. But it's not as people and media there's also been a lot of politicians have been through. That's next to have you seen them being. Where it's the eight days is to huge line up Harry Weinstein Kevin Spacey out at bishop. As and about Obama lunges goes on and on and on and on and then politics like nothing I've seen every episode of I guess it doesn't employ. In my I read that based facing pressure the house. Has okayed anti harassment trading it. Roll. Isn't that crazy to think. There are entertainers. Are being held. To a higher standard. Than the people running our country I don't talking about. I'm automatically connected to do a justification that sort of magic just. I don't know if and when your side there let's do it you can do anything but it grabbed by the. No sorry I have no idea alive he's. The perfect and that really blush whereas Billy bush right now. We don't outlets over anything that would Matlock on an island tent you know or the other guy and they encourage. I think there's a lot of things that that obviously. Maury us about these stories but doesn't that facts. Worry you the fact that are entertainers people in media actors. Anchors on the news. Are being held to a higher standard and facing worse repercussions than people who are given the responsibility. Of running this country and. In making this right. Why else you know I am. The point is all of this where it's funny I actually wrote this in. My internal as I just isn't and sparks that whenever you you talk to me about that online personals like OK it's got a spark something for me and there are a lot of scumbag politicians out there we know that's the beginning of time mag that politicians. Past and president. Clinton JFK anybody got away would be maybe really badly towards women and it's accepted you know one and that we desserts out front right. But I don't think the debate should be eat who should be held to a higher standard I don't think it should be. Why are entertainers getting heat and not politicians. Kids that's insinuating. At least to me that that we're not that no let's say anything and letting it slide you know on the political side. We have to say we've been trying not to let it slide in the political side not just about politicians about. Out. Our own friends and her boyfriend and her family and our coworkers and our supervisors and strangers to. Had violated. And taken advantage of us and you know what at this point I don't care who the heat is focused on. I don't care that entertainers are having more focused than politicians. Is finally being talked about and I'm glad people are starting to listen. And the real question is not why are they being held accountable the real question is. Why it's excellent for us to be able to talk. Another great question yes that is it is it's and it's it's almost that it's kind of sad. That would you willing to accept I always find some people are being held accountable fun there's still better facing the music and that's the that's good enough. It's not nothing is gonna accident is apply apply it it shouldn't be online it shouldn't be focused on the net. It should be focused on these victim these women who are speaking it's not holding anybody accountable it's about making sure that women are protected and that's okay speak. At times and there's Madden politics as stomach an outsider bright shirt yeah of course doesn't make you mad don't. Got great. Guys. But there's only so much time we met about certain things up oh well I mean. I don't know it is that the focus of this whole movement is becoming more on the net who did bad things than the women glad that things done to look out that's my concern OK guys your age shouldn't be out all of these politicians did this issue why it was as woman treated this way. It should be about the day to be about their stories and they have to say I hate that it's become. A spectacle like this I know that it's good that we're talking about it but I worry that it's more focused on these names and holding people accountable and finding things that they did. And the women who suffered. So this is it it like when any kind of tragedy happens any of the shootings for example when we focus more on the person that perpetrated act as opposed to those who were affected by it as a yeah yeah Klestil remember politicians are being fired and trying to throw up for things like death a really tough. Just got talent is wise words of our present your tires that.