Whitney Loves Talking About Dead People

Thursday, August 9th

Whitney is convinced this story is heartwarming, but Corey thinks it's incredibly morbid. 

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It's almost good deals this morning can jump fifty GT 9800 include the XYZ of text line at 698 seed seal a deal which he got well. Now. If you get beaten track for this. To me give you half crap. IPO Brady that's shell. That. Now this at. This is a little more and now here we go to all the dead person. I. Off the heels of your your great great feels good news story about that couple that died that day the B job. All you know minutes is up there read it I hit. I think there are they were gonna what about the way they're getting away with something. That's really where. Unlike death was like all had forgot about those two well. I'll take back that woman first thank god he's got a complex today to sit and be the saddest that are banned all guys now. Very handy with you the story had me do and do. Eighties yeah. All right well it's the more returned this. Well a lot of segment where heart warming on the forest you get into the and thank you need it is set. So mood. Guys. Are still way back. In December at 1865. Lee year old boy named Mir written Beardsley who in Oxford New York. Died from a fever. And spin machine and his family and lived next to a cemetery. Did better with other items any darker list. We're good feel or is that also died up. Dad fall billion degrade their view is he was drowned Ollie was trying to bring oxygen across the. On there worked as as the farmer and a stone Mason in the in this. And they live pictures existence was crushed by China Roth I. Some marry the eight year old boy. The story diet. You know he was terribly afraid of the dark oh my god would do is turn and so well so much now that the story ID he has his dad. Not to bury him in the ground so he would. Surely rest. In the dark. Hurts. His other. Built his son and eight beautiful. Tune that had a little doll so we. Our. Except the fact daddy had caught. I. That's all or do you call this story is the fact that either he didn't die a little you know we would still be dead and twenty you to. Okay the pulling is. Is spew things Tara things happen people die untimely death yet they do and if they have to got an untimely death it's just nice this father. Did this gesture because you know what his father could only do I'll do that buddy and then when he died he could have like nothing happened. No his spotter you know luckily luckily I didn't catch the fever is well her. I like it. It all more than. Need to see this story related idea that they are an hour edit your old. Army tragically died far before time. You don't heartwarming stories father. This. Like above ground. So sun wouldn't be in the sweet super cute. What I did that it was Q were home playing my eyes go. To the good news. Unlike your story of death Muster is the life. Pray and so this actually this this kind of relates to that summing and I went through with one of my friends they got married but there was coupled with getting married there are near Pensacola Florida stupid mind. Roots yet you voted doom. And mother taking their wedding photos on the beach afterward a willow ran up and said seller was drowning. A global second it turned out to be a high school kid who got caught rip tide and great feel great and electronics or get there's no lifeguards on duty were in the middle of saving someone else. So they work there to help but luckily. The groom. To be. Is a former left guard and now on the Coast Guard so he immediately. Told his wife of like ten seconds I gotta go save this kid. Dives into the longer. Goes over there swims out grabs them kept his head above water until summon what the jet ski was able to get out there and double them back to shore so Zach and his wife Cindy say. Made for pretty unique wedding debt. Now they're excited to have a great story to tell their grandkids of saving. Show. So let me get the history yet Corey. Use. Crap all over my story a death had a sixty thought to have been an 865. Where bothered you to build a beautiful to look though we know custom made her son was afraid of the dark gray. I. Yet keyword almost well you know advisory involve debt and no I. I know you're well you know the jets can come over here above their heads they both drought. You feel. Kid all you are some tips get this it's me this it's me because I was actually in a wedding from Akron it was an Hilton head South Carolina. And rent seemed kind of situation right after the wedding were there to take the pictures. And some guides collapsed on the boardwalk of a heart attack and one of the the the bridesmaids. Former military. Branch over started doing CPR say the guidelines. Hey that's great. That's great but you know what. And it beat her in 860 and I hear it's slick and the fever is. Very serious story and it wasn't something that somebody from the military gets Lucent and just felt yeah. Not a number I. Like that. So laid back that merit Beardsley. I would. Is Mel is there was merit merit of course that was you know could it be any more old time. I appreciate you judging my good feels story on this thank goodness for one week. Maybe not have one involving death. I don't know it's just what you're involved drownings we know it's been involved god I did involve not drowning. But we need to know which stories plus more. The person being saved from drowning or hey girl. You know let. This tragedy. You know to get over all these things Susan now. I think it's too soon for me to be dealing with Ari are hoping you're gonna get the fever. You gotta get me out of here.