Whitney Has Contracted a PTD

Friday, July 20th

P.T.D. - Pet Transmitted Disease. #TeamPXY confronted her boyfriend Bruno Mars about it and things got awkward...

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You be more careful. And don't worry yet believe you caught this I mean I always thought I was really diligent. Relationships and you know close to someone and I just never thought this happened to me. Never ever being honest in the show's morning. And revealing sending a little awkward very awkward about Whitney Whitney in an eight I don't I don't like talking about my personal. Health issues but. I have I've contracted it PT DS and. TD yeah. Resistance for. Pet transmitted disease. Witness please. I had. Lee Taylor. Loan boom. What happens. Is. This was last night. Better really get a good night's sleep in Seoul and laying in bed wrapping it to peace I'll get up at peak. Washing my hands afterwards to look up in the year. Something around in my care and like Y and my first thought that it was like a little silver fish or something is we have those that are closer behind it what. Not for me when I go to plucked it out. And it jumps. It jumps and then. Finally kill it is jumping around an edit it like jump back on me what you kill the bug. It got very little that's smile yeah I am all right acknowledged that parts of the upper I I. I was looking for get a good look at it as it's laying their debt on the counter meant I caught my brother Adam likes a little creepy. Standard terms and my brother and I saw the progress even after you can I know my outlook because I. Like his visit take that bet that ability what is it so he comes in and he's written music. Panic panel looks like a flee momma momma outs confirms Al. It really got to the entire family is coming to look at it seriously and I called the mayor of our our right yeah terms yes they need help. Democratic yup so we confirmed that it is indeed a fully but there's only. And my mum my head like mommy got Telecom to mayor's been on goes the full light home Maynard as like you like your style of life all. Did you use like that's what the chopsticks. No she used to come up fine toothed comb and a flashlight. Goes through you know looks drumming at there's no more color you together please I am five. Well up up. I can now I had dogs come you got his 21 years said George right now I got sent George right now. He takes a medication. That. Prevents flees an antidote to that he's out he's he's he's frankly there's only one pets. That this could have come from. And that is my dear loving. Boyfriend Bruno Mars and. This cat just can't keep his techie is definitely tablet and definitely to and you are 100%. Sure. And because you know what IE you know I've been spending. A fair amount of time at his house and it's. Now that's the only other pet that I really come in contact well we needed to address this right now because today you know it as you say. Honesty is the most part a form part relation rent and I think when one person has that PT Deaton a pet transmitted disease you know you need to be open and honest with your partner absolutely itself Nazi on the ground pull up. Oh I've heard it marks the. You weren't paid. Good how are you all we are great got Jonny Z apparently. When he needs to address something. Yeah. So this happened last night. I was just I was about early because you know like I you know I have to get up really early when it gets an extra sleep. So all I bet him like we had an accurately picked the right honestly accurately don't wanna look at that. Accurate what do you. I actually believe that for once so well dopey and as a washing my hands and look in the year. And here is they eat. I. I. Approve the growth and disgusted by this afternoon. And the reason I'm telling you this. Because you may be wondering why I'm telling you this. Let me no way excel the respectable thing to do when you have please tell it's significant. I would be responsible view I realize that you have this issue. Right now that it will. Right right so I felt like you know but the reason. I especially feel the need to tell you is because I. I think got it from keenly. Wrote about America. Yeah. You don't think that you couldn't possibly. We from New York. Yeah I'll be just smother and all now that you previously were around you mountain. A proper. Order at world are you but it went. You'd think it would like. Okay here's why because my god. All my dog that that I have for the last two years over the years they've all Ben on like anti flea medication. So it never in twenty years how to fleet and it's only definitely the last week that I've noticed my Mac is kind of itchy. And you know I have been spending a fair amount of time with QE. And I think it jumps. I think it jumped off of QE at some point on my pet. OK so it district. You rate at. Yeah and and I don't in his dial this is her plan that not enough your broker may be hearing is some sort on the same way like never. Well first of all I do not hate cats my body hates cat now. I have an allergy I love you we very much technology news or. Is that in the ground work for. Keep he's got to go this is what you are you telling your right now right now we easier for him. There's an open at. But with this debate. I'll call you really either you know somebody's gotta go yeah. I need in this that there would be. It's going to be hard. I mean they they why does a good thing about who's been there longer quiet this should be a difficult decision at all. I just feel like. Just feel like maybe you need today you know get maybe take you read to the bed and just get her checked because I'm pretty sure she has sleaze and just letting you now now. I I'm trying to be a good girlfriend's here. Well well well it will only go to one can dish dish. I. If George also goes. And that it. That's there. Status if there were okay. Adding another condition and every great cents or he's down weekend take them together only if we can and take them locked afterwards. Oh. And yeah I do you want to think that it doesn't work. Because currently there are understanding we have we come to an agreement. Sure a guy and lock the cat after he got an apple didn't check it out in the this whole new world of testing. Well golden loon. Well best of luck I have ever when checks out we admit that we were able. Got it from you again we're not positive medical and George were also positive. That it's from kiwi. One thing we do definitely know for sure is that Whitney has please. Back. I'll still kind of accounts. Were better. Gary drag expert up no pro day and wrote back. We had a good solid jump stop it.