Whitney is Extra Self-conscious About Her Pimple

Tuesday, June 19th

She's gone to some extreme lengths to hide it from the world! 

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Neat person who is always going to make the biggest deal out of this. There's always yourself. To us you're against well yourself Whitney Young. Computer on an idea PX line street James talent you if you do not point this out. People are not gonna judge you not to look down upon you. That they're not gonna get those old college is all. In your head. I agree. And that is why a lot of the time people don't notice. A pimple. Until you pointed out and what does Cory. This thing. He's. It have a personality. It's all day it should be paying rent review. And my head. But that doesn't recall the so just a minute ago getting an update on your temple Whitney since today yes you specifically wanna have. Not to try to shield yourself I've worn a hat before and I tests sniff that out newest for a reason nick. Isn't that bad. It's that bad. Yeah I would make it. That bat than it is build this up and I'm not building up in my head I will say there have been many occasions. Where a friend of mine has like we will have been hanging out for like a our something and they'll mention that they have temple and that they're like so distraught over it I'm like I didn't see it until just so I know you're talking about. Sometimes that is the case. I 99.9. 999%. Well that is not the case this time my entire. The they're like an inch. Diameter. And his perimeter around it the entire area is she woolly and it's. This this temple is so big that it should be named. Yes. I don't want an aim at a local and for now now please don't. Whatever you're worried definite text into the cloud PX as a text line at six and 82 TO with names suggestions from. God I. Well I know what you do when you have a pimple that is this. Troubling Lee large like me do you just sit and make up. Do you Wear a hat you not leave the house because a lot of work out why that's. Please please tell me please tell me you have never done a good move for you don't leave the house because of a pimple. Please tell me it's not. Gunman a date because of I have definitely can't all day because of the I don't end only one answered the question do you is the best in his all. All else you can only make a first impression ones. I am not gonna go on a first date. And I I had not gone on first dates for this very reason because I'm not gonna the first impression being that they don't even see my face did you see a pimple like I have. It's not like there's an arm coming out of your head. Full of flirted happen. That happens to all of us it's totally normal it's totally yeah few minutes. It's normal but I still. Gross it's still unsightly. I don't want anyone just yet so I'm gonna cover it patent and you will be you know pat. It could dropping it had to keep. It's funny because it had you walked in here since hat people exposed owning like everyone so far say in the text LaMont and I would not it's an award I probably honestly wouldn't have even noticed any I did notice. I am first anti confrontational so I would never bring up extra secondly. Not a jerk. I would not do that that it. I think I have some PG esteem from yeah. My dear sweet grandmother. Though always. Making the observation. What's ankle she McCullough I think they'll never have been. Every time anyone in the family at a pimple. My dear mother will point out how does the means and yeah. I. Just don't people get. Icing it and I'm never taking his hat off let me in until it's got cleared of. Apart though by wearing a hat. And I'm getting more attention putting what you're John portent to join your putting it to make about it it's gonna last longer. Doing what you're doing that it is rocket what do you. So all because after we ask Pierre I'll go home all watched him make a pop up that my temple lately the white cream on. I'll let it set. It begun by mark hopefully. People coming here eighty yard clip PX I say tax on six on AT TO with some things you can deal. You can now pull your beloved hands sanitized there apparently that's the trick. Behind us. I yeah I don't know every detail never used for hands every alternate years there was that this allows a herd of to put toothpaste on it. However that one I never tried it but I've heard of it they think it definitely draw the blood. To the surface. And sciences like that science. But it's something everybody goes through it again with its own. Known in the same thing known enemy jerk. He's gonna see anything but they're going to be looking at it and trying not to look at it right now you know like I said earlier if you want to read between your eyebrows. It would be very hard for to not like in an ideal guy. Also a child's. Kettle. Klansmen and I got I got that public debate yeah it succeeds or not it 100 subordinates Rita morning. Any limit government and the people are not yet because if you do it all that and up looking like a ball on. Us. It could be worse it could be out of your hand and you have a quick sport. And I couldn't hide it about half the and a legend you address carper on the and ask not I don't slightly masking. But in the I don't go down as I can't vote they. And opened my eyes yeah rarity not armed and they thought they didn't ICO. And I doubt that there are about the I go down. Law and and there weren't as being on that might mean Elam on. And then Al they would like industry. That the anti Xperia out. Really don't know I just say. Sting. And that night. But let me out or not and then apparently began date because that he'd been going here otherwise it is gonna get where the guy out. You. Pinnacle. No and the like a pebble profit. Well beaten back to go to the dermatologist. A longtime president. And when no big one remain there or ball but it you Aaron. They're gonna look and eyeing where we stick to their. Once I have my bed and wall looked off ball and I had to go to work and I covered up been covered up an average wind. It trying not I want you know where. That's clamoring that because they knew that even though Cory wouldn't say anything to be scared of confrontation. He's staring at it and try not to steer while earnings. While I spent differently at temple they don't care. Yeah as a sub Davis is a woman man banks' abilities Avery says. Well it. Helping definitely beat it you. I would look at being out there like how are you not and then they're ambulance art began adding act. Oh god yeah. It's. Funny and so when do the same thing let's be honest here's how you. If critics huge gamble like between you know how hard person to call me. Not a question in my mind about that. But I think. A lot of people under the warm. And Donnie hampering cannot but. Mob think I'm ready they wrapped. It might very well pat and you can. Never make it with your fingers. No I don't ever pick got it I think it just is very angry on its own right so that's all I'm not. All I completely. So much for your advice and and it's nice that stuff aren't all. Of the day that. I even come unless they've acted as versatile and tennis I just wanna talk to mr. temple. Here let me lift my head up and there. Style want to thank you for joining us today. I appreciate you take its time line and a young you don't have a lot of times so I I appreciate that you lot can on the showed it to share with us in Ohio. I'm always had a dream of that and they're person so you know we have a third member of that moment this republic time we looked at as very simple.