When Nature Calls While on Vacation

Monday, December 11th

One the biggest tests of a new relationship is if you're able to travel well together. One of those hurdles you need to get over is how to use the bathroom around one another. 


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About trying to in the city of Rochester new Windsor tunnel so much fun finding parking in all I had an alternate street parking now yeah yeah don't have to worry about. That this weekend going to. Beautiful Asheville on nights I channel my patience you're wearing a plaid shirt. I I'm shot you're not wearing just TD right now op. I did try and some boots on the national title Lebanon did not not it's with an up and others there's spur on some of them. Now there was awesome like good slot at Nashville suggest I. Acquitee. To a lot of spontaneous. This year that I needed a goal night and because I think adding it's so important. Because it's good to get out of your little bubble it's good to escape her comfort zone and it's good experience. Other parts of the country on the parts the world's and you learn so much and you've got to go in your first long get away. Wins the lady who exchanged all of our lives. Saint Courtney now yeah. Yeah your girlfriends to big it's a big test of a relationship to travel because you are just there to gather what I always add Corey to do it as soon as possible the quickest way to find out if you're compatible the relationship. Is to go on a trip will also lomb after getting back yesterday not the Bakken Rochester around 130 I was back over her place Bellic fourth so like if they were well. Not to give each other sound out is Trey it was so much fun it relies in Nashville lives so much up too high. It religion and a lot of people talk that town but it was. Next level and so much fun early ones. It was a relationship expert yeah sure I'm you've been dating like three months yeah you're gonna like seven earning. Okay now that's not your butt of I get up three months. Although the number goes up every every time. Got up again a tough time works mega goes up short char seven months and and it come Euronext earth can you tell. I asked. Anyone listening. Cruising in new relationship to tell our big holiday trip mean you're going for your first time dad. At a town to meet your significant other Stanley yeah I mean he got a vacation pay for next year destination wedding how it traveling in new relationship. Out of which I. It's true it's true it's like Kyle in an estimate for the first time you've these does the other little luck intricate things that maybe don't pick up on normal yeah. It's Europe and what are things that everyone in a relationship. For whatever reason makes a big deal about it no we talked us on the show before. Need not go. Hole and that's when it got. You got to do it well when he got to go 'cause everybody's got to go at some point or not my not we're not talking. Up to number one situated on an out as serious as a serious thing about it not vacation. Eating lots of delicious southern comfort foods. Trickle out of here you gotta go it's just it. Doesn't show up with a smile like are managing some rhino it's laughs yeah you know when my horse nightmare I'd say that I remember going on I'm going to was someone I was seeing holiday party in Syracuse and he's that overnight in a hotel. And that was the worst I made deep biggest step. It's so that they do all that I close quarters and then he was so it's like you you don't know where to go creature in a hotel room you can't always go in another room. So we just turn the T beyond really loudly again and it's. He bucks down the fan on pretends not mean you pretend not to know what just happened and there yes oh awkward so that's. The thing I'm again and MR MIA and I have my advice to any couple who is about to experience this don't the entire thing you can eat any game. But I think people make a bigger deal out of it it needs to be. It doesn't yeah just first time you doesn't he spent irritation trying to impress each of us you're you're really showing your dark I think of it. I think this is something that women are hung up on more than guys do that Billick there's still this myth. Out there that women believe that guys don't think you guys kill. Actually that miss any time there's ever been a conversation about every guy that. It was funny pissing court it was actually have a code words like what should we deal with your thickness. Think this is not your old bird yeah. I. Cabbage patch out eyes and got but now let me get mad dog you don't Colbert make a big deal about it. If you are in your place if you're saying and hotel earlier in the Caribbean being. And there's a shower. Then you're golden. All you do is you save that moments from four take a shower. Turn that shower on the full do your business. Covers up the no place. There's enough time because you're going to be shower after the the smell of its pay makes sense in theory fits like 3 in the morning your shower in the middle and I. You know what we need it's not just total thirty I got shot I. See any indication you hit that it looks to shell out five times did. I'm that's got to deal that's to got to do because I feel this is one of those things and NL honesty in a relationship. To best way to go blob of enough. Not in this instance you don't need to know it's X it's not just sure. Good to go sell you her press Spacek yes he repress an act like it never happened because a lot why why did you address. Why do you dress like whoa what's the big deal when you try to come with cold words you're making it a bigger deal and needs to be. This time it's not everybody does it Mikey you just be open about it I'm not saying you know leave the bathroom door to door. I'm not object to gather. Economical especially eager out somewhere maybe you're not feeling rates. Egging trying to fill one of the not feeling great and when I go home you know what can we do why are you OK are you. Straight up like knowing each cabbage patch is this your one of those unspoken things that you know we need to caps she. Yeah. Shards of Redick got more. Are you can't can you argue that Steve is a major shout. OK you can also due out in public and that a couple times he showered and not watch out words on public. Cabbage patch. On public and the athletes to catch it that's a good thing to do wanna to places like air or through their job your gut to get arrested are back.