What You Say vs. What You Mean

Friday, August 11th

Corey James wants to know why women say one thing to their guy, but expect him to do the opposite.


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Corey and I eight PX line once again congratulations to our friends at the Rochester red wings sold out all night last under frontier field from place tonight. They're really was an unbelievable scene outputs photos up on on what your gonna go see for yourself. And 98 PX I Rochester area is so successful that you're either going job cleaning every there's every Thursday. And is it involves three and getting a wheelbarrow. Everyone else. That's right and I guess Saturdays for the boys Thursday's for the place. But I did have a dilemma we talked about yesterday on the show because I kind of envisions that this is going to happen. I was supposed to do a double date. Silly game. And you kind of makes fun like you're gonna go to them. Garbage played night for a date my senior decision making. It was a great first impression. Implied my mind it was kind of on the fence about it she was insured should be able to see earlier I found this to us earlier than I do that's why I didn't go to the game last night. You know I like sleep and hiking and a likely continue. All sleeping and not feeling like a complete disaster the next day I get this I hold no ill will whatsoever I I understand it's fine so of course I scrambled to try to find somebody else. To no avail itself. My body actually invited one of his side this has been conferencing is really close female. So we had a crew four of us so it it was a fun I had better before and we get along so it was fine. But there was one thing I wanted to bring up because I maybe you can help me kind of dissect this why would women do this in particular because this is certainly not something that just this girl dies. But Shiite she's going through a break up. So like all of us that's all you wanna talk about. Obviously. So I'm trying to be insensitive and listening and give him my advice and water on the one of the biggest things is like it to me through all the things she was on eagle and this break up. It was how she kept. I'm thinking getting Saturn Saturn said as the night goes on T. And I asked the reason for it she said you'll know is a long distance relationship and since the break up is still been pocket. Hot. I mean we've been down this road map again and that week EU and well up until recently us talking about it you say no got to cut enough that's that's the Smart thing to deal. Otherwise and do you wanna recommend it up for you Alex Lowell lead to start tearing hairs out of your car. Slowly get an option. Place so she came to the realization that. Especially near long distance is still texting and kind of feels like you sell that relationship been. You've broken out so she does. I was using what is the difference really eight abstinence as the far right exactly yeah eyes that you get to the realization that it still felt like she was in the relationship. So she said to her acts. I'm I I don't think we shouldn't talk for awhile. And you great program so bizarre things and so far and here's where I got confused. There's getting Saturn Saturn Saturn tonight goes up. I asked him what's what's wrong she's like. Can you tell me yeah not cars and hold his eyes with the size of that suitably. Doesn't mean he wasn't supposed to lift him. Can you please explain to me early is attentive because it's like why we exist in the world now yeah why. Do women. Think that men can read their mile canyon goes on and I knew it. It is number one question for Matt is specifically. What do you say one thing. Currently pay. Do the exact facts. Because Karim. I hear a lot how was I supposed to know if you didn't tell me a region not very simple. Nine times out of ten. When we say one thing and expect you to do another. It's because I is an earlier points. We can tell you that we why did you. And you weren't listening okay. And sound and this is a a big reverse psychology scheme and how it's not reverse psychology I guarantee at some point. There is contention out staying in touch and texting and reaching out we each other especially in a long distance relationship kind of like okay. All playing video games in the crowns. Watching TV. And didn't observe engineer actually here orgy gadgets that. So. It's and it's not that we eatery our mind is can you didn't hear us in the first place when we said what we want and she's always had recent ex beach after it probably there is some contention not just texting and so is it Micah are you punishing us. Seeing that for the subject and I'll tell you wouldn't expect to get to know. As we see. And the wards from beyond your Mal went and commitment to this. Think the my brain itself is what I mean my experience what normally happens which in relationships when there is a fight like let's say. I'll come home from work as cruel taxing day at front street and and I just tell you about my crappy. I think it's typical for an app only to withdraw or tune now. And mine and are on hold. In those situations. That we I'm gonna play what's going through our brains and that's who we just economists in my own she just wants offense on his letter policy and it what I assume is. The other night and and a lot of the tone of your voice that all the players the facts. And are. You telling you. It doesn't matter what we're saying. We want you to kind of understand. How we're feeling OK that might or even if it's looking at it doesn't speak well. For the future your relationship if uniquely tuned out because the volumes getting louder more negative incidents and do what is its defense mechanism because her pastor scary. Yeah urging trying to understand seek out and yelling in the motion and is something about getting to know I think there's a steady. In a journal the only psychology found that women who perceive them. Visibly trying to understand even if they wore. Were more satisfied in their. All right yeah and even if you don't have no idea what they're talking about no idea what they're saying no idea why they would think this is. So important to talk about this point would only when you sit down and watch sports there. It's side snowboard and ski. If we gave you a look similar to arm the look you get from a dog when you're talking to a park and it. Took a little bit and appears to go up you know it's listening to do understand your segments lifted an extra and. Now I definitely want. We want you ask questions if you don't understand ours and we want you ask us think about. If you're right in reading our emotions if all of the perception of trying did you understand what we're seeing if so when we come home and repair stuff. And we want to express ourselves. As are going to be like quick apology and those aren't mother wanted to as a making yet another day and so they can really. And but if you ask questions and try to make an effort to understand each other and are more likely to tell you. What exactly we want okay so. We do we have to talk it to death like you guys want to do you that's your side. Parties in the beginning about properly listening when it was an against Howard and. Yeah. He hates the XY.