What Type of Shopper Are You?

Monday, October 16th

We bet you didn't even know there were this many different types! 


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Yeah I was hiring Gloria that he PX like do you know what just happened in the studio weeks in the past I had my friends out just. Exactly and thought Tory James you are here yeah. So. Ice up online yesterday something. That I knew would interest our friend Corey James of her hair yeah is what even talking about getting for ever and I prevented you so many times. From buying it saying you need to think about it it's big it's a lot of money. And rumba rumba really been on the eye because I mean. How awesome does that sound ignorant have been backing began his push a button and it kind of goes around in the evening especially me and I have Amazon go to like really want to just be like aqsa. Don't start your listening and a echo right now and it's 10 cents a I am. My guess I'm a guy especially for us our home all day you have it's. It's very very long haired cat used it ever done. East mix is it now well since Alex is so last night. Solid. Articles that TV can pierce in vacuums ice wine. That was called the pure clean Smart about it vacuum cleaners as Rome broke the next panel ruled that gets. It's. Joseph robotic. I. So apparently it did it it's the basic. Cleaner it ditches a lot of the bells and whistle whistles to offer like a pig robot vacuum and it's only say that which he'll. I think only it's expensive but it's not hundreds of dollars. It's like doesn't really nicer ones we like 300 foreign box I'm not telling you I just. Send a link to core I mean it's yeah. And what happy and not. One inning later after I sent that Corey. Unless looks like my I robotic vacuums could be arriving on the ninth. How did it. I researched for me he doesn't mean it is great for me McCaffery yeah. You said you'll witness and you know you're right dead on in we're gonna find out. Indian cell. I've found that you are eighty I think you guys are two different types of shoppers might please throw stones because I have been known due. Shot away Felix. Before you know the answer is and we just stand on the beach million dollars ultimately not a bad at Kaiser new cut and accounted. That weekend I bought it actually that it's but. I think that you're a deeper in the way where you are impulsive shopper. In that impulses. Nearly twenty seconds after ice annually in on the house. And I am eight com pulls shopper and pilots with the compiles the difference is impulsive are people who buy things. Largely unclean hands the definition happens in the moment in reaction to an external trigger. Such as seeing the desired item online. And compulsive shopping. Which was what I jail is inwardly what it looked like. I shop when I feel emotional distress. Therefore. It's more on problem. OK so I can't judge you when you are shopping habit is now because apparently it works according to expert and a psychological birds. Tell me more land better than you apply it more likely to experience negative consequences of the results by shopping at all buyers. Such as running in your financial difficulties. That it's in Italy members knicks anything emotional confusion. Made which I shop. An attempt to start stress and anxiety front says financial problems and that argument and an emotional confusion and it's on the to vicious cycle and it's it's. I. You should come over to the impulse of side scan a fun. It's it's never gonna it's gonna happen and it's coming on the women's room next thing you know the couple days a robotic vacuums as appeared to RG it's. We're I realized after looking into this there are so many different types of shoppers out there that have Cordoba addictive behaviors to that. There's different types there's the compulsive show alcoholics that's neat when a Phelan down. I get the money together and are outside and I may have a day or so far and that muscle Patricio self day which is totally fine. There are trophy shop the hi Alex what's you know what alcoholic known there that one person who you always down. Feel like mine my. Trying to sell something like this where you are looking forward beat. Kirk fixed. Item now yet my ex boyfriend was this where he would not he wouldn't know he needed something and had something in his mind he would not rest until he did. All of the research on every little thing about every little product that could possibly fit into his neat and then he had the perfect item that he wanted to show a lot to. Everybody. Can do they they did all that work my heart these. And all of that lag war and I want to fix can't vote I hurt half those those are the people that are most. Insane to shop at those the people that drive you crazy is they're Smart. Spell I wish I had more trophy shop Paula tendencies. Then I do compulsive need to look at motivation for the reason why they do because they want their kids and they want that perfecting that will solve their needs and guess I've never heard. Of my ex boyfriend buying something cannot be completely thrilled with it. Loving it when they don't they don't do it for that they want the foundation noted out that it's a shot Pollack who want the image of being anti spender of last. Different type of shot so mad at an actress somebody timing. The bargain seekers the idea that in Dubai things that you absolutely don't need but they're on sale and are such good sailed it just yeah analyst at that about five minutes ago yeah exactly. We don't think it's your. Curriculum and they Gillick gets me every single time especially on on Amazon app. Tells the percentage off hot. Is 65%. I come. Obviously need to answer you're also you're a bargain seekers slash impulsive shoppers out because usually the the impulse is is driven by the fact that it's a bargain. Because then I can just to us via. This one is. I'm not too bad when it comes to this but I can see she has tendencies of people lean shopper to bleed now people think of me legally you think of the eating is an area now. Now the picture. Buying something. And then returning it and then buying something around and then returning so ninth opinion and returning it. Visited the vicious cycle is you get kind of like the rush of endorphins and and on the purchased and then you have immediate regret yup is that like it's gonna like the one night stand of shopping is it is and you could never feel satisfied because you just can't find the line. But the believe it shop and then finally another type of shopping addiction is the collectors. Shoppers the ones who don't feel complete and they just bothersome and 'cause I don't until they have one. Of this item in every single color and every single size and every collector's piece of this that you cannot sleep. Knowing that there's empty spot on your shelf without that you don't start worst figure or whatever. You just got my girlfriend really snubsie that would what did you do with us and she is the. I will buy this shirt and every single other notable in. Danger it's not. I'd I'd know it adds my mind's been open and had no idea there was so many different kinds. I didn't I didn't it was at a psychological breakdown of how we shopped him there it is because it can eat a lot of problems especially when it comes to finances stress. Yeah social teller to stop to this. I mean I'm looking yourself or did you receive mega heard this talked about how I am a bargain shop got. I'm. Saving us money writers like Catholics and the credit card Jack has. A look at each get up. I could see about tomorrow. Oh yeah. You know stress and it also later because the chaplain innings the first step to two getting help as wanting it and obviously. And I admitting you have brought Diana tonight is step one dot net. Emitting a problem don't feel bad about that problems of getting a shot. It's it's it's.