Weekend Events with Yelp #ROC

Friday, February 16th

Breanna from Yelp Rochester broke down our weekend plans! 


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Well Korea. Tell you this but you know. Lose again I don't know why I love zillion just to be honest the analogy I felt flat with even Rihanna from Yeltsin. I'm you know. I I'm gonna call the sexy explore analogy you know I do justice to political or. Brown really you're knocking down my side with the us. Let's hear ago and so I'll return my son Mike on nine you're gonna say you were excited to lift you up I. I feel like at the point about being in Europe being comfortable in Europe makes more sense since you kind we are trying to do in the world as Tokyo that was. Reaching. For analogy. About how we read study that says that. People will she even if they're being satisfied at home and my point was because there's always the lore of something new movement in. And so I I made the analogy you know are we gonna do this again. People tuning in all the talk. I had an area that I was what one person recruitment into what that's really on grass if you agree Texas Tennessee tech I'm not eight tootsie out our. Yeah you're gonna because it's brilliant guy that explains over your guys' heads that's what it is also my analogy was it's like explorers coming over from Europe. And explore America let's bring a new and there's always do things to build things in this Matt Matt verses. Like fast board let's years and our innocent in Rochester and not time to go to pot my card go to wegmans it's kind of like habits almost as. It's like saying. You know dogs like to eat bones the same way tax cut a pair balls did just does. It was a ladder spot one person's gonna agreements on you couldn't do it you know even if somebody does it. Doesn't matter I'm not can't stop me. Can't stop it not keep congress my analogy it's like it directs. Let's get down to a wide Rihanna is here weekends is upon us we know kids fast happening tomorrow. At the Rochester regional bell system's total sports experiencing gates tickets still available for that for now. I stress that heavily for now because last year sold out. And this year I we bristled a lot more tickets before and so on gravel Weisel can't Advani PX like dot com on initial time to get them on the discount you can do that. Before verses of course showing up day up another Matt brown what do we look forward to this we can Muster tonight. Ten nights so as we all know Oscar season is upon us. And they're doing an Academy Awards preview with Jack garner ad tried in the air Berlin who just not because he is. A film expert he. Did lots of film reviews and interviews with people in the industry and so he's kind of coming out it. I'm not from his area of expertise and so they're gonna go through. And now. Do and just an assessment of all the films on the docket for the Academy Awards in 28 he insults awesome it's. Such a perfect way to and it kind of like use the dried and cedar in a way that ties into like this deep roots of film and photography and I'm mr. And then at. Connect it was a great current events attack more than plessy no one's actually. Watched senator but you like boats reported its suit and yeah. How partisan I'm not falsely. Tell you could actually I got a few you like it or not so that's. So that's tonight at the Dryden dieters 6 PM and tickets are ten dollars and I feel about such a fun way to end to spend your Friday night before them granite. Cocktail adamant sound. Totally and then of course kids fast happening from ten to four again at the apple sports experiencing gates but after that up. This is near and dear to my. That's right so this is an annual fundraisers that the flower city art center does. And it is the most delicious fundraisers he could possibly try to attend to. Sell it they do a whole host of samples from the on a bunch of local restaurants and you don't know what you're eating and I like. Best vegetarian and best hot like spicy. Chili let's steal blinds yet blind tasting so you can try a bunch of on. A bunch of different restaurants and they're all participating across Rochester so. You know so read try and city tavern past winner they're gonna ballot. For the championship yeah wind that's also there's a bunch of on Austin restaurants that are participating are really good cause for her I am. Raising money for our center in downtown bats amazement and. And then of course again yes in the middle of February and for a lot of us. Went there is something to be shuns winter is something that we just it's it's not our nose that like one of my analogies can't now let you know we. Embrace it and this is an event where you can embrace the winter. Yes so the idea. Nordic fest is happening at the coming nature center and this is part of their Rochester museum and science honor and this is super cool because. It's all based around like it's. Out in the well it's and you get to explore and orient here if you've never done that one well it's some exploration. Under your belt and I exploring yet to go there makes the sweet explore analogy. Finally I am happier where. Try and figure you get to remove ourselves from getting lost in the woods there's enough you can you get Corey blacklisted for so. And she definitely can and shows up at the they're like no no layoffs if the Soledad and and does not just plug your ears is consistent the stupidest. You know it's fine but weather pending it's one of those situations where. Why is it raining in the middle of sudden you yeah right who knows but they're gonna have a bunch of times ski patrol and winter related activities I. It's a big Republican not the forecasts like thirties for and against Soviets in the doable little chillier so how do you believe very would you ask. So very call up Rihanna as always thank you so much for coming in and sharing these things that we must do you had your weekend plans if people wanna find out more they can do. They can head on over to Yelp dot com slash events or find us on Twitter Yelp ROC thank you and a bottle I also want to thank all the people texting and he was gray. That's silly this line from. Eight report three you really lost feel that when banker ready anyway it's did you hear you really lock me here. I dollar it was bigger man taking it.