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Friday, August 11th

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Watching this week or this similar vacations and Ottawa Gary jealous of you I'm trying and I'm trying to use up all night from my paid time off. And girl and you coworkers killing you should be able to extend that and only our ex wife he agenda let's bring us. And what ever sessions and during. Our community manager weak in the headquarters. You talked about. Paid paid vacations like companies now as. The packages. Giving you paid it. Paid vacation lately clearly issued its age girls yeah has ever accused 2000 dollars you can only use this on a vacation I'd like that I need this in my life. We're probably we're gonna put designer survey like immediate thing to implement. I. And yet English yeah the Korean yeah NG thing when you can see and we can replace. Doug our service you like better coffee but we can put out there today. Yeah I did least at this here. And is still in better times indeed and we've been way to slam dunking there for a while I think the weekend's here there's gonna diesel launched as you know what to do so. Zydeco music. Young and viciously that Catholic I was number does Lindsay Graham is an ad is an expert say yes back again and we're just trying to save thousands guys that's the goal yeah we we have a goal to send elephants by drinking beer in you. But yeah anyway did you I'm sure that's the way they would appreciate the most. Yeah and so they're just and their goal is 7500 dollars this year for Nelson's say Yeltsin fund. So it's beautiful saying. And tickets are eight dollars and Danson ten dollars at the door and they have live music teen in the tweed this very I yeah. Fans say youth on so that's 530 to 9 PM tonight and. Greatest present I was going to be a little drizzly is sobering that umbrella see that it's still just display in the marina village and then to zero under every dollar position in the point pavilions so it's a solid hitting a porn on refine and if it's the sun if it's too hot outside. The animals will come up and pay no answer and LT is really where it's cooler when it's raining and has come around that. Will it parties and thundershowers you'll see it's. Actually pretty bring a soap on a rope. You're gonna go smiled at them for every line country that's fantastic nest egg that earlier you get there the better because there's a lot going around Brazil. Last time we me and went crazy. Carpal parking lot fills up so fast people are walking from Saint Paul street. Us. And asked landfall. So lies China and India tickets in advance ticket because they're there eight dollars regularly if you can advance and then ten dollars the front gate itself. Send a couple box delegation you know most. They are part of a beer help. Sex Adriana from Rochester in the house are you TJ Alley fun and we low on one ends and we love him so much and that's because. For some reason he likes Korean I don't know why. No idea all I think he likes me because I make him look really really good. Yeah that's a mediocre DJ hustle and that's that's going to be definitely definitely the truth he gets on them this weekend so I'm he is one of those. You will it always comes up with a really fun ways to incorporate his DJ skills and into events and something so he's doing The Breakfast Club. Brunch party SaaS drunken waffles musical act and so this is on Sunday from two to three so if you want it and put your branch out. A whole another level. Throw it back to eighties with eighty. A decade. Dress up in your favorite eighties attire and they're doing a costume contest and a bunch of free prizes are doing ticket grab bag. You I had British plans on Sunday and we didn't know where to go. Well you've gone and that they now. And themed party no matter what it's a team party early in the morning tell me and with volume waffles and eighties these next the whole time which is like. Who doesn't want that as the backdrop is awesome and so if I repeat more details on the gas so that is on now on we posted on Yelp dot com slash events and then they also have all the fun info on FaceBook events as well. Beautiful mind captain I'm kind jealous yeah I agree I I was I was actually thinking about waffles. This drizzle that space to yeah. For meal comes in and starts talking about actually anyway. Food pairing or some sort of restaurant and you can't always count on Corey to disappear and I just disappear. And parents I think Corey yeah. On it and it's kind of. I feel like. You need a little maple syrup in some waffles and maybe some fried chicken in your life to really just like. You on the next I'll be OK I guess I think that's the recipe comes to a score here. Right here yeah. I'm I'm I'm engaged and ready when you have from time yelled processor and this is the weekend is something at Stanford. Next week and this is a good that I that I love to work whenever some stuff with and affords the young women's college frat. Here in Rochester and they're having a fund raiser that is a movie that they're gonna be showing like a screening are going to be doing yes pretty cool. They're doing step movie screening and misses on in particular documentary about Baltimore school girls. Who. Started to step group and just talking about. On the women the teachers. All the people who've inspired Dimon basically helps them. I'm in build up their own strengths and awareness of like the abilities that they have so that they can go on you and I heard that this movie is incredible. Horrible. Super motivating and one of those things it's like if your. Pink plane I straight ticket policy money's going toward young women's college prep which is an amazing organization. On. And school for young women. A lot of similarities to the school that we're going to be seeing him in the senate in Tennessee can make a film I definitely got snack and some lion and bring the ladies isn't perfect and ladies night is nude women in power ain't like we're gonna go out and like a rock are. You know nasty woman teacher. China's progress than. Every comment you can't wait. Yeah yeah yeah. Country through unprecedented. I hate you more details and as a young women's college bad dot org thank you free entree would you know it had to be front and the mountain joins. And.