We Wanted to Help Out this Family

Thursday, February 15th

A woman named Kim reached out to us to tell us about her neighbor who has 12 children, 6 of which were their sister's who ended up passing away a few years ago. She had a special request that we were more than happy to help out with!


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I get to this this was an email that we got from a woman in camp. That really. Didn't it moved us just yet to say Italy's yet and and because of that he wanted to do some special. Obviously on right now. 'cause this camp. Hi him it's Corey James and Whitney Young from 98 PX line earlier this morning. I'm giving them grade them. Getting ready for. We're perfect answer because you had a good time. Well we we got your email he sent out a couple days ago and keeps kind of recap it for us. Well I. And do make things that the kid that is a lot of them. How many kids are we talking here. Like there's twelve. Actually I had this Colleen tactics. If you're. Content and her sister passed away about to boot and a half years ago. Here I do believe in there. And you know all the sudden you noticed the extra kids hanging around in your bank are sure and so you know I like what I doing here in the right arm and respect and then. You know the kids coming down in their young there. Twelve and under. You know all really only goodness. Believe they. Respect between her sister had three set between Soviet. So like in the summertime went Stanley dollar. Put our arms sales are at it and what are our corporate bio like eight or what Oscar you know and did whatever I can do and. Under great. Yeah it is out and are so awesome I mean and I don't give any parent listening right now. Knows how expensive kits can be now if you have large you know multiply that by twelve or six. Ugly right. Right now I mean and they don't make like that we out do whatever we can and we take them out women in the summer acute sense that. So but anyway I had been paying on your your web site because normally you contact. At and add it to be totally honest I have one like two tickets to strong to take this strong but I never pick him up because it's just not enough. Yet all it can't bring you can't give it to just a couple of the kids and not knowing everybody of course. Exactly because everybody did in even share parents help any way I I I wrote an emailed it to your program director emeritus at night. And regaining I expect that it's. Have any to donate. I would love. For the kids next door and mare my wife and I ain't bad bad. We would even saddled them out there we know it take to Carlos yeah so where. Are you now we've done it before. Well you know we were just wondering you guys had. An extra ticket speak. Because you know we all work for a living and we don't have seven dollars per kids' times twelve yards to take as well I was still appealing united. Mean is you would help me out giving these kid defined they'd get him out of the city. Get him out of there there. That's gonna tell on a tiny as the event. We learned that Iraq. Ratko. I was just curious how long is the drive's gonna be when you take these kids to kids fast how this. And even. Or did that beneath him and says it now we all have a car then you know we like instantly taken place in. We saw your message we saw that story are hurt our heart goes out to these kids. Goes out to your neighbors and I can't imagine they don't think about that the impact of adding that many lives. Just dumped in your lap and no they were sisters but still I mean that's something that she could not have planned for of course. Own yeah literally to take that on and and honestly for you to do. Even the little things you do for them like that it really warmed our heart and that's why you wanna hook you up with tickets go to kids fast half. You're gonna hurt the ticket is going to be solid hockey. Almighty it's. Happening this Saturday it's our ten goes till four out of the Rochester regional total sports experience out and gates and yet you guys are gonna be good to go and I. I know we're gonna be out there are so make sure you bring them by CB can meet ultimate and say hello. I promise I ask how you were not met that knew how heavily is the giant had children yes exactly exactly. Welcoming and regardless. So it so well thank you for reaching out on the again it really has moved us and we're happy that we can. You don't bring a little on this kid's lives because I'll write. You wait to I'm gonna see them on their way to school at 730 minute problem follow excited being cute I suppose I wish I was there. Texas.