Watching Other People's Kids

Monday, March 12th

Corey James got a taste of parenthood this weekend when he and his girlfriend St. Courtney babysat her nephews. 


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And then young children. I'm a little. No respect for you interest XT TXY 98 PX like Corey James Whitney Young. Because I got a little taste. What it's like to have kids of the beat of the parents named dad let itself on my girlfriends and Courtney. Brother and sister in law. Q a lot of what's your kids are trying to. And this is the first time we Boston. Blood alone before I remember that I think I remember in public of those. Brent backpacks on yes and what I that would leverage our Dallas out of one brother friends are so many children I was an intense guy. But it's a little easier when you outnumbered the kits. It's a whole different story when it's too once you or the numbers are not in your fit god also on Friday night. We baby sat. Her two nephews one in three and I want to start by saying Natalie that they were awesome all behaved. So well they really did. With that said though he. Always a but it is it is shocking to me that anyone with kids that age. Goes out eats though it's terrible and I now have a your respects. And I want to publicly apologize to any parents I've ever given a dirty look out of a restaurant because your kid was freaking out and making noise and ruining young guns for years rock. It lives it was such a different experience is the first time that I've been out or again. The numbers are at least even and just the two of us looking after these two kids yeah I gonna tell my nephews before my mom or sister was always there. You know I was kind of a Clinton kind of thing bounce it this is all new so this was brand new and even though the behaved so well they really did yeah. It was so anxiety fills. Up. Let's swing I was likes leg because I. Yeah this just goes I would you know so I was tasked with a lot in the one year olds through and again like he didn't have any melt down didn't freak out. Did you because that's to help kids that age ought to they. I was on edge the entire time. Can't you can't drink is watching can't exactly have a glass of wine relax no no no no did not and and I have bad water. And it's funny because you've pointed dinners like usually this kind of relaxing experience. Yet now now yeah yeah now not winning actors and so I can't imagine. What it's like if your kid that's a complete melt out here. I might my cousins are much younger than me they are like fifteen and sixteen years younger than me so when they were a little we went out to dinner this is when I was living in new York and we went out to dinner this super fancy super trendy restaurant and we had to leave. Oh and now it. Only because they were like they like not to water over there. Standing still where it was on night and OK so where they dislike being just kids or they actually like really acting up being bad they were being pretty disruptive and because there's like again it looks yeah. Exit and the fancy restaurant and they. That comes into play til like one of those restaurants they got on Sex and the City I mean it was it was quite quite trendy and then you've got these little you know toddlers that are being Gracie and I just. Can't imagine the embarrassment of what that feels like and again I feel parent I feel for yeah yeah I understand now. And again this is only. Just this little taste of what it's like. But I totally get it now yeah. You Beatty said like have you have you Bennett babysit her. Now Hubble can sell this is kind of a new thing. Okay. Since I've gotten it into this relationship honestly I don't bust my nephews before but yeah it was always like. My mom was around undermine my batter somebody there was always again a couple of couple tune kind of strategy right I don't ever asked. Growing up like as a teenager when you turned twelve years old it wasn't like hey Corey can you data set mama and and all. Yet that really is really annoying that's really annoying but grind your gears. As it is it title like one of the low is just you've come to tone that aids like sixteen you can drive eighteen you can buy a lottery tickets twelve insert data out. It's our babysitting I swear to god like my thing. It's not I don't like kids. I just im not a child care enthusiasts like when it comes to watching other people's so yeah I just it's it's not them it's me I'm not I I I'm not patient. And so like. I'm just not I'm just not that good with diddley and I think I'll begin with my own children I was really good with my brother he's nine years younger I was really good with him but. Don't know so I know it's kind of resented it. That it was like people ask me to babysit simply because I was a girl much rather my brother has never been asked to babies that you were never asked him. Now and I hate that assumption that because you're a female. Europe into child care and it's like it was just it was assumed it was assumed and then it even went as far as like. My family members like my uncle I remember kind of liquid. There would be slates would be made in jabs and pat mean for not babysitting again so I can not an identically. I have it I think they don't. Have to me not to like get. I don't know I was always jealous of that it's because there's a thing where at that young aides yeah. You're able to make money. There's not really an equivalent a sudden like maybe as there is mowing the law doesn't say mowing lawns raking lightly Lincoln that's a driveway never been asked never gonna bring yup. My neighbors asking you babysit they've never asked me to rake leaves or shovel or just gender stereotype. It's disgusting. Or just staring. So is okay so it's do you think that now again reliving and 2018 living in the world rely equality we want things to be even you know argue saying. That parents start asking twelve year old boys to babysit their children. Absolutely in fact I've got I've got to get my parents credit where credit is due I was baby sat. I think more by our male family friends that were a couple years older then. By female babysitters really just as we knew we list them really respond local guide namely France and I let them loose and. Like by the way I like to have responsible conference and you bring the it's the first time that I've actually been babysitting. Because of my girlfriend with me on everything they are never leave the children millions they're telling him I'm probably.