Waiting to Save Their Number

Thursday, March 1st

Are you like Whitney Young, do you wait to save someone's number that you're talking to until you think they're going to stick around? 


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You see XY on 98 PX like Corey James Whitney young and has now. Pretty young in love all my god I guess getting married to stop messing around July the mind by the like I act like I don't know but I announced in July it's gonna be an allotment and there is a magical moment on this show yesterday. Where I. Okay I'm really messed up before you redeem your. But go ahead and re edit talking about this gentleman that Whitney met over the weekend that she was interest and and for several days. And I deadly that is several days it was like two days and I thought that's. Set I kept saying. Don't talk to him. News would listen yet you really go back into the bar and talked to on site I took the responsibility it's my own hands. That we need to contact you did on the radio you're dead for this yeah but I did not ID to get updates. Do you can. What are you on now when he has an Iran and GMT ready is number I gotta gotta tell cat. Yes so we are in in text which is like in touch but. I'll read it I know there is no there is no. Deep sleep and as of right now in tax did you save his name with like hearts around it neglect puppy dogs. No. So I actually do this thing where I actually don't save somebody's number and still lake it's lake I know they're gonna. They're an idiot part of my life for. You know know ideally why it's. An oaks otherwise I'd be sitting a lot of numbers. No and so does not. Just. It's got to get to a level. It's like that's what the first step of her relationship look at first that is you get their number yet next set is they reach. This pedestal of having a name in your vote. Nobody's not only did proven themselves. Worthy of being in my comeback by. I don't have a round of the players I don't have round for people who aren't real about it like. I don't. OK Ed Ed is anyone else does this end he needs you to call its you duty not 800 a cup picks picks let's attacks on sixth and eighth two TO. I wish I could say is the first I've heard of something like this season slight. Alterations and I did have friends. Who he refused to save anyone's number. Until he slept attacker and that was Koppel. Hate that was how they gain entry into India met the pristine is having a name and its vote. That's completely missing my point that because if it's not because like you have a one night stand and that doesn't mean you're gonna stay in touch she might never see them yeah so so that's kind of interesting I mean now account for you it's like. You know it's not enough with like a so what I have to do to get his name in your phone. I guess yes to prove that he's going to be around for awhile whether it's it's mean. Wanting him to be around him wanting or like him stanger cigarette. Just. Now it's just. Because I feel I have been in situations like going back to experts say going back to college where. You know I'd I was I would meet people like every weekend and then I'd have these all these random. People in my phone like their names like Brett John and Tim and it's light. University began her. From. Some people Chiming in club picks us attacks on six magnitude TO. Did the same thing as Whitney not really tough C I think your problem might be is that you were naming them to generically. I was naming them to generically guys don't do their first name is and it's it's good because I can see that would get confusing if you had a billion brats and your phone. Right and that's why it was a problem I and there are a lot of nicks out once. That's life you need like nick. With like the thumb tell learned nick is he was wearing. The scarf freed up. I think that would distinguish the mom taxes because here's my my point I I understand I guess I get your thing of a lot of them to be around for awhile before you kind of emotionally invest. Another name and I thought it's a psychological thing bought. I think it would be very confusing I think back tonight my single years in out so long ago and now six month anniversary was yesterday. All that nobody went to Canada lesson six months on the Glenn nine years yeah. But I think back to that Ed if I just had his numbers there and I'm so confused. God is doing what Yemen dating things so I'll be talking to multiple people how. How can talk with the in text into next I was in text with multiple livid at what time yeah I don't like it read back through. To figure out who the hell I was talking to. See I usually know based on like what the last message was a little that was the guy from the bar that was the guy who runs. I don't know farmer's market like that I don't know ever but on the list the tax line is actually blown up right now and then and that people are agreeing with me it was always great. So somebody say TV sexy thing to rarity say that one yeah. I do the same thing it's almost like padlocked to put him in the phone for me exactly. Now sweater. I swear you saved the name. And then they win the game now who looked. Even have a thing no I just that I got talent that I am on this is my favorite text by far the that's coming down and picks at six excellent. Not not those footsteps of the sound of the runaway Tenet the guy from yesterday yet on the.