Valentine's Day is the Scariest Holiday

Thursday, February 15th

Corey James from #TeamPXY describes why Valentine's Day, not Halloween, is the scariest holiday. 


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Merely thinks that Halloween. The scariest holiday. Because that my name is gray jeans and I'm here to tell you. Instead it's just Darius how Italy. In the mix like an idea PX one Whitney young and he saw what I saw yesterday and you would agree on Valentine's Day here. Tell me tell me about it so I had I I got. Michael printing cornea a bunch of little things for Valentine's Day but I have a one more thing to pick up so glad to pull move. That no man wants to pull on Valentine's Day and the way had a puck in CVS. It was it once. This make you ask did you get carnation and not you know she had a strict no flowers policy. Because she thinks that she is likely Jack the brits is. Flowers and fires are OK the rest of the year two. Do you give me fifty dollar rose is going to Q okay they're not at that and I'm not gotten heroes is that like six acts known her so she went to the gas station. But now what I witnessed. Why is a lot of men experiencing. Terror. And specifically the men. There was a crowd that it was like almost like a zombie hordes. Of the Walking Dead that was just like standing around. The display of like the left over flowers because again this was like. 5 o'clock yesterday through these other guys that we had been putting it off and putting it out and putting it up and pile like. I'd better get some singers is going to be. But as big as a butter go to the store now bed the look on their faces that you don't the thousand yard stare as. I didn't until yesterday that it only on the mound net use that the thousand yard stare. Is that I usually describe for people like go into like war. Only come back this Alec blankly staring that was deluxe. On all these dudes basically you can you demonstrate it. Yeah. It was dead now there was a good there was bad miserable and if you work it when he's not to CBS the even wegmans a pop and their two Eddie gets them for dinner. Same deal just do the walk around like zombies we'll have once it was the Walking Dead. The battleground instead of like dead you know actually than being dead it's the relationships. I know I hope I hope it's enough. I've nothing he's. Please make it's not your first Valentine's Day and was that a lot of pressure luckily nightlife but with Courtney yeah yeah you heard. 34 years old and first go to. Loser no first look at the relationship yes so in Valentine's Day. It's the exact opposite of my conference on my comfort zone is lowered expectations but pleasantly surprised so partly I like to really lower that hard. You know I think I was like an Olympic hurdler I wouldn't wanna be like an inch up the crowd. That I can do it but now about. Exact opposite the expectations are sky. So yes I popped in there and it was funny. Let's see these guys that is staring blankly at this this table lists of like there's like three flowers left hobbes looks at odds would. Commenced at this tunnel between 97 dollars for that's. All my got. Flowers that are left are always like like the pedals are kind of like. Called win some things like burned. Jesse limped Lippman as part slim paddles to win the lip fennel hash tag. Who went. Yeah seal that they've been through a war like ladies you know you know if you got last in the flowers yeah. You've got you've got an ideal at all yeah he was one of those guys that mr. that this or that table. Well I think I you know and I'm very appreciative but my mom yeah is but I'm not gonna lie their last minute I think they are now. But I read it to somebody that I knew. Well I was asked to be a little. I don't know is it not really what it's like this. Where I felt like a panic a Fella guys and shots. I guess I'll look like I did it but I really desperately wanted to explain myself. Do it. I gotta put this up like at a blond thing just one they'd. I got hurt they get it's coming later so I wanted to extra bit and interpret not make a glossy make it nicely and I felt like Eddie do explain. Club for men he was probably doing the same exact thing we Kennedys gave it to like that like the not. I was gonna say. Oh I like the laws they understand there's an understanding there you should just I can imagine you walking through CBS or wegmans and just be talking yourself like. I'd I'd I yeah. I. Hit the ball. The call the cops and this man is Talladega I you don't know us. How is that a relationship and how he's not the wars that being in love turley we'll get a body.