Valentine's date night ideas on a budget

Monday, January 29th

Instead of spending hundreds at a fancy restaurant, try some of these cheaper Valentine's date night ideas! 

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You feel jittery because your coffee and antibiotics. I am on separate from my debts on it was a junior years so I got a terrible running I'm terrible when his board you're just like. Blasted my eighth year in and drowned. Cannot think about where that coffee antibiotics yet so anyway I yet and I'm on. And her son Deepak because I have Tom's latest and an ear infection this is after having the flu for like two and a half weeks what does he get people talking but he patted. This thing these taped and it's it's like I got my Deepak or hurt like that. I think it's almost like this miracle drug it's like use. Z peck and Melissa I'm like a superhero what the hell's is he back. Did somebody having a zee pac Blake like pointing to it like a page you're on your belt like mesquite you know you mount picture like that adds that kind of funny that's funny. No it's it's it comes at a little box like any other medication and it's just an antibiotic but man. You know Alitalia and as you click those commercials where it's like hey if you have heart disease take this medication but it might cause depression suicidal thoughts debt liver problems. This is on the right by attic where X now. You know in addition to my console latest an ear infection at it's like all of the antibiotics side effects like headaches stomach ache you know. The other one dizziness. Never mind it's not. Fun I have a friend who works in hospital and she told me that people come in with like stupid problems. And they just Rosie packs of people yeah chill the Buick Jersey pact exists only wanted to. This miracles you tax so when I'm able one of these days I wanna try this is Deepak. I'm afraid it might get addicted to it just sounds like the past I don't know. It's not it's not though because like I said it has side air bags he did just don't get OK okay I credit it's especially with Valentine's Day coming up you don't wanna be like. You know snot factory ray Oskar. So romantic. I come up what that term but I love it's not an eating an orange every single day by the way got on because I don't get sick. For Valentine's and pronounced well yeah because I have so many. Yeah so we plants so odd going on so today we want trying CB someone in Valentine's Day. I looked it up I asked the Google and it it tells me 136 dollars and 57 cents is what the average American spends Valentine's Day. Pump which actually I thought was going to be more. I went in so it's still not nothing. It's not that's enough I think we can bring that down at least by half. Well probably because I wonder how much of that. Is on a gift and how much of that is on the actual date night activity your. 26 divine gift or you're going to dinner. Yet that's where you're your money goes and chocolate is not a 136 dollars so it's got to be Swedish Sharpton. Maybe so we are not the Swedes that they. And Belgian build Belgian tell ultimately the Swedish had to finish my gosh it's Ellen wow I don't know I don't. I'm not really big clicks it's kind of guy generally know what Europe to European. In the Western Europe the ascent whenever they make good shots so it is not really gonna focus on gifts because I'm done other podcast on give seating. So do remember that just scroll down there's the there aren't. The same factors applied a Christmas verses down Wednesday or trying to focus on and cheap date ideas ways you can save money on date night. There's a lot of there are right I hit them took the first one on the list is something that you brought to me that I think he's features team with very. Potentially. And every single one of these stormy Iowa Zoubek in Ramallah on the should've added more. We heat while OK so I actually saw this on one of those like mystical things. Italy beat cutest thing ever is somebody who used to play in sports as a kid sort of I have a four person and bully get ports yet. I used a lot of that and so this is. An idea that I think is great it's billet and it's free built the fort. In your living room and that little camp out inside our camp and and you know you think of all the stuff you see on interest these days of like ferry lights in the lanterns and there's I think you can make this really really cute and really romantic. And it's completely free pizza sex tense. What is it slate does Hala I'm not I'm not saying we have not been headphones off of like. This table which you were that out so I I hardly ever that we figured it doing there I mean like it sounds fun and not same sex tech and a bad way and saying that as a good thing like cool wouldn't unisex and lol I. I don't see why it can't just be like a chilly we're just gonna we're gonna sit in their organs have Blake. Some food and and top you're gonna have about our futures the most PG isn't even. Valentine's Day amber. And that's not a part of that OK it's Valentine's Day but the fact the U college SX ten. Sorry but it who I think it's cool. So we you're gonna have to early tolls and or maybe a blanket I mean like what he's posted two and a Billy can you gotta pick and share level that has some wine you're gonna have some cheese and then here I start kissing because it's. Don't know that you can just sit there and talked about your beliefs. You know he was in church believing god and it was a church what do you think about trump and you know. That's a great way to end on. Shea trump and yeah. All her achieved all my god. Think that this is a great idea I do too I don't. Well I did I didn't ruin it for myself I still hear it yeah but it would. Say this with before we were on on air you're seeking. And that. You would have. A separate ten or something going for a moment I would. You're saying that like if it's not a sex and daily outlook what are we in public separate tents right yet coastal lake if we're not gonna do that and so are by the way do you plan sleeping overnight in this sentences later actual camp out my original. Optional it's been so far in the relationship you might not be at the sleepover phase know what. And again are you an F ten yet we're not not to listen to someone not you know where I think it's weird. Etched in ten yeah yeah aid and don't be decreed that's great greatest way to end that relationship real quickly let's come over. Intent Monica with Maine oh my god but you've got to be out this year thanks for the third in I got a bad temper sharp we will watch Milan twice that degree Disney. OK so aside from the sex chat while what did you eat this accent. I have a great hack yeah. Her fund this on the yummy because of undue maker. Is expensive stupid expensive we got time for that now so instead you can get little chocolate disks they're like Cirque circle. Chocolate circles that I've seen those in the the balk section went me Bradley or any grocery store exactly and you get him in all different colors you could get red and pink and white or something like that and just good old fashioned chocolate. And you put it into mobile and you melted there's directions like thirty seconds. Star 32 start it and then. What a lot you've got it melted chocolate. You can have a bowl for each colored to appear through your pretzels whatever in them and it's it's just delicious and cheapened. Great is it sounds really really yummy and you can drizzle that knowledge. Stan you're just sounds really find you really. Every single thing I come up would you talk about something you know it let's even move the year one where Michael Serra as character like blocks of that guy who's looking drag. He's like revenue deal okay very obscure reference that that's a really popular movie that ever runs really. Well. Ramirez deal. Wow OK so. Wealth we have here there's the wine tasting are at home that sounds actually fantastic to this one on the big fan of and here's the thing to my little tip is. Robert Mondavi. Is a really good winery they have really but it's not too expensive okay so you get a probably really goodly camps have. By Robert Mondavi still isolated right arm span I delegate do caps that would. I don't know I think cabernet selvin on its on a lot Leslie digits I think it sounds deuce unity cabernet sauvignon on whatever the chipset will hear final caddie on that back cactus cat I have it is a dry red wine. You drive eyes and Tyson dry ass red will. Play ten bucks taste good. Riots eager to write. Your skin in the winter I hate you I hate you so much I excuse though because. And this is another thing I love interest by the way so this is another thing obscene and interest people are doing especially if you. Don't whine it's not fifty dollars or you're not showing off the brand share you can decorate it. With like sequence that you you'd like paint that glue that what not to be looking at willow. The goal much my PP ain't no mind much pudge nudge you have you gotten a stroke. His have any. Way but you. I had I'm looking at that you can't much tragically this is unreal and. It is the real thing not pots. You aren't apologizing to psychotic episode that is I think he used for crap so like I get. What is much my. To take you why there's only. Yeah that's not iPods and you. You kinda get a paint brush you paint that on the bottle and and you roll it around and expert will sequence. It's. But if you and then you've got miscues sparkly little Valentine's Day decorated one bottle or your wine tasting. It sounds horrible for me because you're gonna glitter everywhere feel this is an obviously something that you're gonna do this is probably more for the females site in our audience side note we haven't. At any rate that two people a side note about the glitter. Is that I knew just what my Florida today in my house and there's that access them on a glitter and where is their coming from its all the stupid Christmas cards they have the glitter that you open up. What 00. I forgot so Whitney avenue Christmas card this year which is very nice of her out on unnecessary. I was route an insane new ones are 81 average whatever so listen I don't expect it sorry but it is yours was basically a glitter bomb. Which was very pretty but yeah I've summed that up in the day I called Trojan horse Christmas cards I was. Right you. Like bomb your house with email. Actions that the essence of FEMA illness eminent you the reason that every relationship I've ever had doesn't work is because. You're slow you're sabotage these things secretly went and they're bombing. How exactly so the next we have somebody over in your little sex sports there's going to be glitter everywhere and you're gonna be like. I can explain I just to glitter yeah. What are they but the wine tasting at home. Not only that it's cheap not to drive rates he say to land lyrics. And your guardian sex for rain and you know I'm drunk you know so it's all good things yeah it's all good things and if you will okay so we're doing. Awful night in wondering does the next thing is gonna be how you can make dinner. Make dinner together and make that a more exciting romantic like deemed activity because you can make dinner anytime share. But if you put a theme on it and lets anyone handling. Hawaiian I read you chop up well you make and if they are not going in pizza that's why. Well -- while not every doesn't belong on pizza. To be able and that's really. Pineapple pizza my favorite type of pizza are serious. It really is I don't think I can do this podcast with you anymore and I zero I of control the board here's what he shut off your Mike could buy diseases. This is champagne from her change of dead inside. Sans when he out. I know this that's actually funny don't you wish you could do that real life with Mika just mutiny every day in my life. I'm getting a so alliant what it and grows but that's one idea OK I agree to disagree. On that breakfast for dinner. That's a much on. French toast that's easy did you two francs Josie. Goodwin would you like. Stir fry because you've got all those vegetables he got you know one person can be chopping and one person he handling Iran meet not meet site and eat all you have done what brownie you are. Really really cautious with that if Algeria bomb. I was gonna say that you can and you're gonna freak out message obviously you can let cook naked but don't do that might. Let me tell it like is so I did that I had a really bad experience but this is by myself the source with anyone so it's not evenly -- -- and it's really we just it was it was really embarrassing this was back when I lived with other people back in college whom I. Alone now. But so if you look at other people you know that when you're home loan it's kind of retreat. So there was me and three other dudes and it was pretty rare. Ray still don't know that this is a treat me as I've lived alone I've never done this but continuing to treat when it when you don't let alone and then you are now okay has brought the house you know Q and how stand firm excellent time. So I was just strut my stuff I didn't really putting on pants because nobody was around. So I decided to this was a Saturday morning and I decided to start cookie in. Eighteen. Being team which well and so I don't really had a couple close calls because there's a pop there's the sizzle there's no Tony and a priest. And had a couple close calls just the high. It. Well as it. While the deck and really gone south you know quickly you've been in it's an area quickly gas output and tell player without no sign so that's the long story short so don't. See I think even just the recommendation of like making dinner and it just sounds so it. So creepy dean I'll create eight I think look naked I'm aware of a previous and that's why I was really you know I had I was thinking out loud there. I if you rewind the tape what I said was you can cook naked actually don't do that they can not see it don't you keep your calls don't. Earlier today in the sex port. Say my guys revenue at the moment it's OK so also. You were talking about can't. We gotta have Kendall seniors sex fort so if you're trying to get some them. So there's there's places get really you know good smelling candles but the cost 25. Yet to really expand an expensive so what I've seen is I'm a big fan of marshals or TJ Maxx which you you don't have those in your area depending on where you're listening. They're like these stores that they have. They have brand name stuff but they're just old and older me be like from last season can operate in two or off brand stuff yeah cheaper source they have. Good clothes and also good appliance is the had candles or the public Yankee candle candles. Yeah that are six box and the rain you're right they're from a couple years ago and they don't like right and that. Labor sent anymore so it's rats yet so yes so perhaps it toxic and they're still smelling delicious. So yet it cannot it can't making activity. I think in the making that is something that people do is that something that I damage people do that I envisioned you like revenue they'll get blacks on me. I would yes I actions recently. I've always kind of wanted to make only candles it's really weird and they I. For chipper think about it what you're gonna do when you retired. Now. No. Don't okay well I guess I envision myself like traveling site any yelling about public best break so after I visited every single country I'm gonna be looking for hobbies and I they wind might be. Make candles there's always going to be just I can't see you being one of those guys that goes to festivals and has like people make a wax hands. You're back now not that guy not to make a couple candles and you're gonna get for Christmas and your blanket okay. Perfect can be politically it appear L scented pure authentic LB of glitter behind you obsessed with foggy candles and then if you go to our restaurants you guy if you must you must leave. Your forts. Go somewhere BWAY Obi who because he's gone ammonium with a bottle of wine. So there's a place in Rochester called upon noodle bar which I love because you can bring a bottle of wine there we can breeze expected beer and that's fine that's Bulawayo B. I've never been to a BI OB place and it kind of weird me out because I would feel like I was doing something wrong I was gonna get in trouble I walked into into a restaurant with a six pack and I would like. They don't care they say hey here's a table for two and so here the one thing that's a little weird days they don't have wine glasses so I take a model wind there was with some people. They keep you late little like T glasses or likes hockey kind of looking glasses. And so looks a little it's a little weird to Julia. Drink. Cabernet Solomon on yeah. That letter was an EST there yeah they got out of mispronounced thank you on. Out of fatigue last yet whatever. My fans I'm not. See I'm not a I think this is a good idea. But I personally I don't like it BYU beating I if I go out to dinner like part of the fun and is getting. Into little cocktail you're not really a weed out kind of person race. Are you OK of course we meet like lures this is because I feel like every time I text you Lego let's do something good while the office so much not the. That's true it just depends on. When the plans are made. You know share division in a moment and if I have the energy and downed but if I may get ahead of time and then that day comes like there's nothing better than somebody canceling we talked about. We we have talked about this the other isn't there is a joy it's almost a drug when he plans run on Wednesday canceled the fuel so that it's euphoric like. I on the other yet it's and other and that though is. If I don't have plans I like will panic Mike I'm losers in Lago had nothing do you know yeah I wanna have the plans to then cancel the plan true right now that ticket and it would Valentine's Day like I would rally. Because we're totally out like your average Friday Saturday and eight every year in love right in this. It is an area that it painfully simple and if you realize. Yeah I'm assuming that's the thing that happens of people can I I'm so excited about this next idea and can. And I know how you feel about new dog you my son and hyper. I am down and must know I just yeah all right Jack. So this I love this idea so much and I don't even comment don't even comment I don't I don't know what I'm like didn't they do so this is. Jan Adams urging the Whitney Young. Three idea. Is. Take romantic walk. Drive depending on where you live can some keep in Alec if you live in a city that's more likable duet block. If it's not as likable drive. Down memory lane and racquet stringer Mike back on it can still hear you sell men's like your Mike on. Problem this now I'm talking about like okay so our problem when you set this up as sleek. Maybe the plea she met you walked by the plea she met and tell the person we let them to let them see time. Like win second all these places were walking buyer familiar what's the pattern here oh that's where we had our first guess that's where we had our first drink that's where we. Yeah how our first fight this for. We had Jeremy. Yeah first fight so here he is that I don't have Obama this I just think. That it's your partner is going to be expecting the proposal at the end of it I think it's a little too much for Valentine's Day I don't. I think I think the natural progression is huge here baby break. We're rematch figure this and then we're gonna drive to here was our first date spot. And the first time you know we built this export ugly and here's the remnants of the fourth the point is still here it was. Well. First can iron out and then I think that it's like and now and then you get down on one needs what we'll be expecting. That's not depend every aren't the relationship yeah I've you've talked about like okay we're gonna get married and like your on the same page that. Fine if you haven't had that conversation and it's early on right then it. I personally would not want I would be freaked out. If there was a proposal at the end of that and I would just enjoyed I think at the end maybe it could be like a scavenger hunt we're at the end it. There's like a cute little thoughtful gift from ha right. Yeah well I like the scavenger hunt again I think the scavenger hunt doesn't have to be proposal if I just feel like the trip down memory lane is almost like. Lead to a milestone in puzzles at why reminiscing O because we're gonna do something crazy you know they were again engage. Erica just speeds Valentine's Day and I appreciate you and I really enjoyed the last seven months you know Tony memories you have seven months I'm busy. And it's really hit month. She yeah. It's also a fear my by the way. Bomb is that you start dating someone like really close to Valentine's Day it's like wall mounts Valentine's Day and yeah it's like how far do we go. And by the way if you let's eastern dating someone Perry like first Alex rate so and you. The team hang out on Valentine's Day you go from my level to a dating to that level and the real quick wolf this happened to you before Christmas tale. It did but that was it that she turned out pretty okay it did it did because we kind of it was almost an unspoken. Agreement that we're just kind of been put things on pause for Christmas you know because I went home to buffalo lynch the yeah it wherever she did. Animal but Chris has also risen. For couples and it's not a romantic holidays a brain I think with Valentine's Day it's gonna be particularly awkward. To think I feel like I. I'm trying to remember who would not that it matters analyst and I feeling I was like I had a thing with a guy around Valentine's Day when I was in hot what's been really memorable clearly I can't even remember who was that our passion and there. Yeah but I remember being like Milton. Should I like should we acknowledge this you know it'll look here. It's it is a big deal I got plenty for couples I've never actually. Meant that never I did in fifth grade. Well that counts yet not at that school yet the most successful Valentine's and a total cubist. Sending those little Valentine card the people we used to put did you do it with you have you have a brown paper bag. And you put the riverbank tape to add to your desk people go around making being members of one I have not felt that important since. How Catholic I am told loves to. And lonely and down on it. Special all. Yeah on special England you're very special thank you you hard. It's hundreds and like it was an insult actually meant that as she came out they came up insulting I meant it hit and genuine way. Committed to Haiti earlier and I feel guilty I don't I don't hate you just you know I no it's all luck and I don't do without you I don't either this podcasted sock it to do it well yeah we try to for fifteen seconds about two minutes ago I was terrible at Drake where we try to live. Gresham you off amateur and I'm so the next thing by Whitney on good adamant as ever. A gap fine our are we talk about a scavenger hunt that I think is maybe a low it's more like that's late. Romantic walk. Late version of that and will be the scavenger hunt playing a little less you don't have to have these years of memories tiger do scavenger hunt. Maybe you're right maybe it should be a scavenger hunt but yet and then at the end there's a cute. Affordable. Thoughtful gift it does you know look at Lisa I think you made. Out where it. Will. Making sure we're adding that Oregon and we may I don't know and seemingly make an origami swans that. I don't. Always laughter that was envisioned something you've made I've done on gas islet Alec coupons as the font on Jesus here we go. Doesn't it out I think on there. I know where you're now we know my brain is going to know your telling us so the personalized blood coupon fuel there's that we don't have to be dirty they should be dirty you know they beat it out way. Okay great legal use public practice and bad yep. Broke yup dishes yup. Other thing and I could take like they insert you know insert thing I think of something like what would be personalized for me. No I am I preparing the Romney. Okay they can help pick up all of your if your. Yeah and significant other doesn't know the UK that are ideally you probably not ready for each other. What do you mean they don't they should be should always are preparing your raw meat it sounds we keep at. It. Say what. Yet arc hitting it to happen that needed to be set I moving on moving painting with a twist this I've done. So not so there's there's heat with a twist the place yeah you can go to where you you bring your own bottle wine and you pay and they teach a class on how to you know paint. I have not done that what I've done is. The where you get your own bottle of wine and you like. We did you paint so morally yeah like somebody when it was more like. Were hit well the app is what crammed with a twist because they plans. That was really fun dribbled a wine Pia and your dislike Tryon and got really entertaining. But that was my arm I heavy yeah I was like you're gaining and then and then just she died. It was such a bad picture you cannot handle it yup. We think that's cute and I think you can do painting or you can do drying or even those. The slick mind fullness coloring books adult coloring I have one of those dot com calorie I have that TO behind except one but I have one of those. Wanted to Edmonds but that's down here that's scientists interrupting you know it's violently erupt I see nothing of importance. You is that's the case you share it share. Out what else we of how okay cheap old movies at a movie theater. Yeah which is cool and you got to know I mean I know there's heaters are on here they'll play like dollar movies I'm not really sure which ones I mean I should do more research on that. You can find that was in your local area does Google you know cheap movies that can be fun but here's this I tip and I didn't excited to talk about this on this podcast be okay. Champagne from spare change is all about we save you money yet so there's a single movie pass you heard about this now. OK so movie cast your bias. And then you get to see it's it's ten bucks a month. And you can see a movie Ed day. Unlimited like all month. For some bucks a month. This team what kind of stupid cheap yeah yeah and the thought they give you were look just research on the other people their questions like how's this company making money but I friends who have done it. And what they do is you sign up with them and they give you a debit card a and an end every single day or wherever what do you need to arm they put. The cost of a movie on your debit card. And it paid for the movie with a debit card okay and it's usable at 91%. Of movie theaters all around the Rochester area which is career record is podcast well regal in C Cinemark they'll take it even the little feeder takes it. And it's ten bucks a month which is less than the cost of one movie. Usually that's insane. Yeah movies at this point are like fifteen but I mean if you especially you get snacks and stuff it's like it could get twenty bucks perverse yet so I don't deadening and go to an Ivan and movies in. Years I go and cheers. That's the brightly and Al goalie when Star Wars comes out of it you know some bright green right but toilet. Ray yeah when twilight. So if you like movies this is definitely the way to go mean to talk about and fifty shades of gray the final movie is coming out I think on or rape before Valentine's Day so you could use after that gray use movie pass her. Have you seen the other fifty shades. Of course I've never seen them offered to the terrible things. Oh the second one in my opinion was better than the first one month. Because they're more like in a relationship and it's less of him trying to be the African weirdo that he is sex god a river so we and I understand this is such it. The whole series is so strange. Because I don't get that world. But there are people who. Oh. And am so. I don't get it sex for world I don't get it I think it's weird as hell but. If I didn't either thing well fourth happy Valentine's gifts this is happy Valentine's Day cut cut cut. The bottom line here is you know you don't need. Fancy gifts and fancy nights out and you know expensive stuff to happen is not just whips and chains. They grew up listening.