Using the Handicapped Stall

Monday, March 5th

Did you know you're not supposed to use the handicapped stall? 


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Young we're all terrible people seem PX line and this line that's one way to going to end up next stands that thousand dollars and thank you cash on the flag pin about ten minutes a lot of what you deserve it. It is not so don't feel that this is were just awful terribly humans now I'm just know we've all done this. That's the thing I'm not judging other people whose idea it all the time look Jason what do you realize is actually technically did not write about it. So I think every one had done this is a thing now. That people probably do on a daily basis I think idea to get it on I do I do it at work on a daily basis how you subdued. Wow wow. Hey. So speaking of X so yeah and I'm pretty I read an article ends. And it's not I I read an article and it's said. Are technically. Not supposed to use the handicapped stall if you are not handicapped. Okay. Where did you find nest he just found that some like the bathroom stall guy hey you know the etiquette but we're did you find that the manual of bathrooms stalled. Etiquette. No is an article is I don't even Knoll I don't even know where was but I sod over the weekend and I was just you know scrolling through my phone I was like. Who I mean I definitely. Do that every day at work yet it does yeah because handicap stalled about thermos like the Cadillac. A bath towels more room. To spread out and. Every chance I get a seat that's not about me I don't need to spread out I just I like if you have a little privacy if done. In that one because like. In the women's restroom here at the the toilet is closer to the walls you're not exactly I don't you can exceed the woman's the next year ago and it looked just like flower Alley you're a super shocker here we go it's germ thing trio there Juqua Thomas. To import the airborne germs you know I don't know but. Do you like. Certainly if I if I went into a public restroom somewhere in there with someone who was handicap of not doing I'm digging the big ones are able. If there waiting for me I can like can check a mile away yeah. It has this ever happen to anyone except I'm really racking my brain right now I have really Iraqi art of of not an in my life ever. I as far as anyone I've ever talked to no one's admitted. That they were using the handicapped stall. The handicapped person was waiting. No one's ever admitted that yeah and I know I know has done Natalie sit admitted. Well now has it ever happen to anyone ever what they like pushed ahead and relate I'm sorry I'm using a secular and it's like the fast pass at Disney only. I'm sorry this this one is actually forming yet. You yeah so let's say you're not supposed to use it so they apparently by rule you're supposed to just leave it empty all the time. Right and see that's the thing that like that's that's what's weird to me is if I go in the to a restroom and nobody's in there and it's open or if I go into a busy restroom and the big stalls the one that's a bad. Pinnacle in the picks so all this mean. Now collected all this. Is like saying you can't walk up the handicapped ramp. Right and exact logic right when nobody's there using a wall but the argument is that if somebody if I handicapped person does come in and then their stall is in years. Yeah. And they wait like every oil slick if all the stalls or needs right. Right I don't know I don't I don't agree with that at all and it's I think it's that's a rule I feel get as they expect this will anything statistically. Love the amount of handicapped people in society right verses the amount of able bodied recovery wanna say right. Every bathroom has a handicapped stall. So I numbers don't match up. Well that's true if you you figure and are in our back premiere work that I use every day it's. Three stalls. Yeah result open two of them are and just the little small ones and then one is big and not be you know obviously now won in three people as handicap but. I don't so I actually every in her grandmother. I got when I. I'm gonna all die every one about all of this is like three and four doctors again. Come on Twitter at 98 PX I Rochester. And I said do you use the Indy got stopped in a public restaurant despite not being handicapped. 46%. Of people said all the time. Forty another 46% said only if I have to you an only 8% said never. 8% of people OK if you're one of the never. You never use that sort of stuff. Yet but it restrict your surely being honest with yourself you need to call us right now and tell us why you. I've thought about the logic. Now doesn't make sense now I just it's not like you're gonna use it for ever and they're not gonna be able to use it. All right right you're not going in the right haggling in there for an hour and help law mean. Some time and that's.