Turning Down Their Mother's Cooking

Wednesday, July 11th

Corey James says you gotta choke it down no matter what. Do you agree?

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The chance at a first impression. When your meeting somebody's mom for the first time you wanna pull out all the stops. This law this is one Landmine that thankfully Whitney Young you have avoided being die but it's it's a scary line that is. You go. Over for dinner for the first time. In you heat the food but I didn't but I did not do. Luckily it's a disclaimer I'm saying. What could have happened that was my fear last night. Went over her. Met Bruno Mars is mom sit your. Had dinner for the first time if they don't got to Jack for the first time everything. It was lovely and the food was wonderful. Life Peter going into it. Was that that would not be the case and I thought it was more it's because I'm a very picky eater. And lots yap. And talk a lot of anxiety about play I food getting contaminated. Or like people not washing their hands enough when they're cooking it. Imagine you and is hovering over her shoulder losses this. Yeah I would just need any help you Dresser into drugs and he's got a Shaq board yeah yeah and yet you're a content senior safety precautions there. Read excellence all inspection department personnel you know I come at me I would not be surprised I really wouldn't agree literally wouldn't. No I fear is that like it was either going to be some kind of exotic food that I wasn't comfortable eating like. Indiana or Ethiopia and art something I don't know something like a little controversial. There can be spices or something that's going to make me sick. Are. Get this is coming from the woman who has claimed that she has gotten sick. From the water cooler it works let's keep that in. I'm real story crap story it's. So my fear was that yet that it would either be some things that like was. Spacey in public meet my 'cause I I am very sensitive stomach like masons of my stomach lining is very sensitive so it can't really eat spicy stuff so great about that. I was worried at all or I was worried that it was gonna be like something that wasn't cooked. Like cook and not Catholic thought and raw reality Baidu cheeseburger. I want it like shark but like as well done as possible so if Princeton's if it'd been burgers or like you noted that it had been served bloody. I wouldn't like. Seeing here's my thing again thankfully is not the case you thought optionally a but had you know you've got a jump down. The little. You that there is no quicker way we'll spend a mom and she did freeze the terror by not eating her cooking I mean especially in Vista out. I'm I'm talking like last night out is a big bear specifically that I get you to run a house. Think it's better if this had happened it's better that she know and everybody Nile. Okay Whitney. Roddick and you know it's not my first funny about mouth to learn. Alert worry it's not worth me getting food poisoning potentially. How much do you like this boy. But not enough from the poisoning of Merrill. I. I don't know it's I don't I don't tell it's you know it shouldn't sentencing should not come down to that did not come down to either. You risk food poisoning or like being highly uncomfortable. Or are like you know the month is gonna like you are ever you know like I should come down that may. Beyond this week weld and Indus adult again I'd hate confrontations so I would I would never do it's a bit like that maybe it's it's my weakness that out yeah. Note took down I don't carted it if it's that with a back hate the most. Going down in. In my NL Matty thinks hunt. CME the first time Mimi. Okay this is why it was so freaked out because I didn't know we were having for dinner Bruno didn't tell me out of time so that's why I had all of this like. Yeah this huge letter exact she needs Ross. Small less latter that's or getting a lot of tax on the cookie excessive tax on at six NET two manipulated jumped into about a lake Dawson college is everybody you. 9800. Every insane and crazy. No accident they're great that Elena so what you would do if your position. Again you wanna make a good impression. Their mother's cooking for you. The food isn't quite up to your. Well no no no it's not about that I'm not a clue snob I'm just I have a lot of fears. Here's intimidate your first looks but they didn't ask for whatever it is yeah are you choking that threw down no matter what. Are you saying I'm sorry. A lot of people are saying this falls on on on Bruno it falls on whoever the the child of the mother is kind of give the heads up it. Oh I well OK and and has Mina dietary restrictions and things like that. Okay so like so he could say Whitney doesn't eat anything rye and she doesn't. Eat you know anything any meat has to be fully cooked. No you know no bloody stakes that are still making doing boys. Now so yes sell its its job. In this case the son brewed up play middleman here interest anguish he did not suit and this kind of worked out. I didn't bring it up either so it's probably my responsibility to tell him and then you see it again. Yeah yeah. I doubt if he gets a well. That would have been so awkward because I didn't say anything to him because I was like I think once I dole can I just not be Whitney for one's gonna. I I I I'm not a big deal. Thought I I'm glad. Had it went the way that it did and I yearn stress out. It was literally like it she need like meat and potatoes and carrots it was like yeah like Dion and such a safe staple yeah safe staple mailed there is part of me though one that wishes it was like fear factor like. I'd animals. Well well. And again I know I was gonna say like what she brought out like bull testicles or something like that frontier the actor guy. I've got hot I don't I'm them.