Tupperware Obsessions

Friday, April 13th

Corey James was curious if he should be worried about his girlfriend St. Courtney's tupperware obsession. 


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Anyone of them session. But like this one for sixty PX lie on Nadia PXY and I haven't is it just out of it adult or should I be worried. Since current day. I was trying to understand. Your Tupperware addiction. It. I just I've never known anyone who's been obsessed with Tupperware before I wanna know if this is simply got to be worried about trio were sure it. It that's not up. So where it out either. Thank you I'll speak when he does that a different Jersey you dairy huge difference there. I'm. My racked laugh. Which is they aren't healthier so. Broad array. You know the electorate about being eight yeah I'm out in the loop with the aspect. But. The in there and eat banquet darker color that. I treat black and I'm never met a person more passionate about. Pirate territory I really it's one of those like domestic parts of life worked all of a sudden opened switches and it it's tyra excelled at. Is this just this is this just a woman's thing maybe are all limited south of directs how and I noticed this before. Well I beat up where art is. Like. That level marketing meet other big Tupperware parties at higher but. I'm making millions of dollars of Tupperware. Because then got parents. And their brands and have their sports team Corey yeah Notre Dame yet party has pirate. She's team Kyra I'll I'll only put like that yes indeed separate people the world I don't associate that does is wild Courtney. Yeah. I like the impairment of a collapse there so I think they booed and I bring it an apt as there is there whatever out. IA and that I have a lot of pick her up a box. That it and that it ushered back. At least that's. What you've been our eyes this must be really love that you've been giving your leftovers. To Corey Indian high racks even though because the Tupperware. And you're okay. And now. And now the I. I know exactly what is adequate essentially. A get them back time now who did you like she is there a lot of the house. I don't regret. The library. I know that I don't mean this. I don't pay back its job of your organizational prowess here I thought it was a sign of our love that you trust me with the pirates know. Absolutely night and everything quit that and fire. And and IIE. Three we're out of art not or where I direct. Because I like that that we've been at it. Really our book about the IP that duct tape I I out. I. Mardy we're drama when Cory lives league you can and he's been talking about that but that's kind of the next step for you guys are you still gonna have the same site out system or is life. It is a lot higher taxes are higher tax situation isn't hers. A lot more. Add Tupperware car and they can would lose lids. Dot I don't I don't.