"They're My Best Friend"

Thursday, April 12th

It's the biggest relationship cliche in the book. "They're my best friend." Is it something we just say because we think we're supposed to?


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Really sinister relationships there may not be any bigger cliches than this one. Saying your significant other is also. Your. He gets on a 98 the excitement and it's great James. Wearing make Carter I've said it eats that and we've all said about why. Why we say it stroke burden of something that we stayed. Because we think we're supposed to. Scott Brown just to deal coming up and send Justin Timberlake. Past to be fair Justin Timberlake for my. I don't brag about it's it. Sure but what you think about dad of course you have a very close relationship with your significant other. But would you categorize them also. As your best friends. Have both things I feel like there needs to be a little bit of separation mega lake York partners your partner. And then you also need to have. Someone to. Got a great the right is now is it your partners your best friend. When I got them to play and you. I'm weird spot because that I've got that I dated actually agrees wit. He was my best friend for years we don't closing day actually your best friend. Actually that that's Brad before we dated. And we dated and that would top that would let you loose balls and bats what you have to be careful of when it comes to gimmicks like. So he had met and his top end. I'm not saying that you'd. Shouldn't love and be friendly and feel like you're amazing friends with your partner but don't treat that outlet. My guy I think of my. Living conference and party she's gonna spend the most I would without ads out this year best friends in no I want I want there to be separation need to have a little because that's the problem that a lot of people get into. Is when they get into relationships. You kind of like to melt and become one and and I think it's still pour it. A house. A little bit of separation and have your cup of other world and I think your other best friend. Is your link. And that it's almost like an escape from your relationship I think. That's healthy. Actually there's a lot and people who would say that's not healthy that you have to go to some doubts about. Your issues are your problems with your husband or your boyfriend and that means your relationship is healthy that means we can't be up front and you have to go to someone else to talk about your problem. I completely reject that I'd because a everyone. Is gonna get into situations no matter how great your relationship is where every event about something so that's all you need to do Aiken may not even be a big problem but just being able to talk to somebody and an open up but in this get out there makes you feel Natalie how many instances. Does that happen in our dated July. It's less if he ever achieve that and you need someone to live. To be your second in command when you can. Sarah Kelly big another bypass front it's kind of first up it seems like Delilah the time to think it's so it's socially we feel pressure to say it. Because we all want to portray relationships perfect but I think it's very much putting your eggs in one basket. Right. Yours to be someone's best for Australia to you know it's not just complaining about the other person in its giving. Advice with your life figure career and spending time together and there's a lot. A difference between having a spouse that's your best friends. Having. Best friends may be able to bring you different things but they're necessary. Freedom functioning human being hit your your best friend and you didn't have any lady friends like you would die inside you wouldn't. And I'm not I would die if you just talked about your fragile little died. And ignore your husband at his means and his thoughts and feelings. Then your relationship with diet and how people I have to bring you different things she key used to people for the same thing they're just friends in different ways dad has comes in brings balance right. That's we're looking for an art I understand especially if he needs a leader that continue. And let your bat your best friend is all about really close with your husband or your right ankle. This news at each. Can you imagine the take that wanna put on your best friend need to complained to yield about you know are gonna. Yeah. There's only two people that that I think can get away with it it's up to cross over. York they're just spoke out yesterday there's the Betsy Wright like I was talking about all our. You're able for. The all I ask us does. Only thing that trumps because he could invent your relationship and you can bet your game boyfriends. Without anyone getting that had anything to us but it's really defined in line.