There's Nothing Wrong with Using Your Kid as An Excuse

Wednesday, June 20th

It's the air tight excuse that can get you out of any work thing you don't want to do and Corey James says even as a single guy without kids he's got no problem with it. 

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Wounded today there's any excuse to basically it's out of doing anything you don't wanna do tech gear and. Technology. In correcting. Your relationship with your children that's right your kids' channel now back geeks here's your yeah. Didn't this. My kids make it as a thing of the kids and making it your boss Kabila who. Lose her dad so yeah out stupid kid now and I'll end and yes this. Techno experience is the key to never having to check your email at nights never having your ten. Lightly never having to eat anything you don't want it to him and yes so this new study. Shows that. Being on your phone. While you're with your children can affect so it's nice and so here. You know and in the living room in your kids playing and Hanrahan and now when you're on your phone in your scroll period now. Dude works you're a senior can't sell. Got to let your kid got your boss that sorry we can't in all night anymore mr. McKenna for every minute you're on your phone. Around your kid that's a minute of therapy your kid is. I. I gag that turns and it dollars up. I mean I had you you can deliver this to your doesn't show this study yeah techno fearless and what boss and their right mind is tabulate. Now sorry he needs to check. Our case your your kids excuse this one emails should be. Like you should not have to check your inbox after 5 o'clock and certainly EI cancer and you don't have kids. I 50% of these benefits because I didn't know much yeah. Basically it's and he is like half my brother app much looks like he bring up the. This X you know we say it's an excuse 99%. Of the time when a parent can't do something. It because they have a thing or their kid it's usually the truth yet however parents be honest you had to use this to your vantage timer CO. There's a lot of people specifically single people that have a problem with that upset about renting a prime example of that happening here in our office today. And in earlier throughout this week as well because we have. Something tomorrow a little luck corporate forceful on the caller. With a little bonding an oxymoron like. It's it is I enjoy going to these things I know there's a lot of people who wanted to cool Muehlegg. Lilly co workers it's marketed games and it's it's gonna be fun you're a blast but to people that don't wanna go to this. Are upset with the people who have found excuses and how to get out of this and at one of those major excuses is comic it's got to. Your kids have at one in the afternoon now specifically. One of the guys that can't go it's like their kids field days or some didn't. So I don't care it's like they're going. Arguments that they really just really big one of units to be super fun that's ballot. Exactly but there's a people and I I received text yesterday from one. So it's as always is their kids excuse. That's come all the tricks be apparent. Isn't an excuse or is it recent break and there's a difference I mean an excuse. An excuse or reason as more badly Deval lid and. Reason I. Isn't I'd like I'd been an end here. I I now explaining you know as a single person has some without kids I do not a public that's parents. Use this to your bed I'll be more medio. If you did it. Ain't got no idea. I get the perfect out in no one's gonna call you on that goal knowing what has been taught her kids I don't. Number absolutely not like Princeton is too far out. I am unable to attend the corporate force fun as you called it. Because it's my little. Brother. Picked. Me really no Big Brother. This collision is they're Cha it's Sarah is you can you gotta do get there come a lot tighter parents again yeah. It's his diet his graduation so I'm out of this and you know not attend this people who are Matty for the. Well you know what I. See I can't. Hey if I care I don't any like. This is this is what we talk about a fair amount on the show work life balance and using major life event thugs or other and I'm going to choose that over her place on the serial again we'll work like bounces all. You choosing that. For your brother the people who are demons of their kids can come at best. And are getting out of it Versa I don't care but it's fun and getting on in an amount not about me and I couldn't tell if I didn't investment I didn't wanna go. There wouldn't bother me in a lot black. There's one thing. The having a kid. Came to two out. What parenting yeah. I don't have a little child screaming in my tennis at 5:30 AM on Saturday morning so parents. Take it fleeting joy yet by all means this is all yours live it up. No problems may see. As a big sister I have the best of both worlds yes I get out of things but I also don't have to deal with. Any of their responsibilities to its troops out cattle like the best judgment on command I create.