Thanksgiving Dinner Pants

Tuesday, November 14th

Your Thanksgiving won't be complete unless you're wearing these. 


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Nine days away now query has got a little almost like at encounter with these kids are excited yeah solid on these are you trading. Yeah I know Evan adrenal lecture wanted to stretch my stomach a little bit yeah. Serious business does is let the hot dog eating competitors. Answer this I mean this is the best and meal of the year natives not even close this super ball. It is and and there's now a game changer. That. From our friends stove top stuffing. Never lead to new products that complements. Thanksgiving. They are stove top stuffing and Thanksgiving dinner pants. And so they've got it just a friend and stuff I'm rolling and I guess it's the I think he actually met love this idea so what Thanksgiving dinner Hanson got an expandable waist band. And basically look they look like maternity and exactly the maturity and I was the news anchor on. Led all they have stopping on them and on the top mark up in the pocket that sounds completely stupid. But they're not it's a credit he believes there for every one yeah. Sat yeah it's. You have to be affecting us. You don't. Not now I have if I can't I can't that's why can't I can't eat other ants and cheat. Is it like a section on your closet that's like fat sex just for Lou there is how do you OK so ECB container under my dad. And Debbie Debbie faces so I'm. I didn't expect him. Okay it's suddenly fat heads are being upgraded to read the Pentagon. And that's. I'd realized there was. Yeah like you know it was Thanksgiving without like picking it badly if you're gonna expanded at its it it's. Just yes. Outstretched hands. See I love this idea. What it also scares me. Because that feeling of not being comfortable in your own pants is usually my sign the stop eating. Yeah that's I am so if the five bodies there Tony Tyler spinal it would deal by bodies. I feel as though my stomach may explode and I might not. Enlighten you pay monies that you should I think it. I figure there is something to be said about when you're done with the meal. They're exactly where you leaned back in your chair in China oh yeah and it you. You let one button down is now. And at the top here and yet it feels amazing light letting the air out of a balloon that you his print button is fly across the room and. Knee high so that. Is until later claimed everyone's mind for mapping. Tell that all of our Thanksgiving dinner dance we exuberance to me. What does he doesn't have the zoo was. Now since well yeah. Well all those pan. No way bigger the like. Almost had a chance to close these are her like I say I hate when people like we're talking about that's exactly what they watch Alia share. The state acts of the Backstreet I KFC romance out kicked outside that I did this.