Texting Your Therapist

Thursday, February 8th

This is a new trend amongst therapists. There's no doubt it's more convenient but do the negatives outweigh that positive? 


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Okay so explain this. Text your affair and that night I like Oscar. I'm telling the other I don't have a weird thing to bring up your bus they guess like text might have to sort of sort of text like they're Texas because when you say that. This is where my head Johnston maybe you're like me where you thought this is well. Like hey what's up tiger what you wanted to grab your leg it's like a friendly get touch the Miami we. Get content once without an ticket joking of course but this this is this like that you textured session is that what it is. Explain for so I drank I had to open and honest about might. Mental health here on dish out went here in the office and I think you have it written you know me better than anybody so you can. You don't that. You meet. The air act he has Ben click an awesome way to handle. All of that for me I think that it has been game changer in my time in talking with that there ST you know there's some weeks I think we definitely were were. Barbara what I like to call functionally depressed. And in their some days some weeks are like the Tasmanian double and you have no idea like just. LA talking with someone has been a huge help for meter paneling all of us so. I was telling my busted up that's about how I actually. I attend therapy gene therapy talk with a therapist through and that's a messaging. It's called talks space. Maybe you've seen pop up and but during its Graham Greene until I found that about a oh OK a couple of fat Dan answer the senator IQ do you talk to someone like yeah not pronounced him hum but I love it like messaging platform basically that hooks you up with a licensed. Local there tests. I am trying to. You can send that text which is an ideal. Audio message did you did you pictures you do big EL PPG video messaging it's completely. I'm not miss it how real says that her own super convenient. And frankly I. I think it's such an awesome I just think dot I love. Now is that like a supplement to actually going and seeing somebody or is that just. Strictly what you. I. I would have to cancel one week because something popped up and then reschedule and I forget what time schedule and that I can't get paper and other than. All of a sudden I'm convenient scene modes of convenience sake I just awesome I can like and if I'm sitting there bored we bringing to start acting like since taxpayer I'm really really stressed in the moment I don't see even wait to talk about it again. Texts are right there and Jimmy teaching styles I think it's huge that's I think this is to take pain. And why this is so great because not everybody feels comfortable. Talking to somebody about things. They're not a matter. I imagine just at the call I had no idea this was even an option by Atlanta wanna throw that out there tonight. This fairly I want tickets can be started either last year or the year before Gary have a vermilion user count on it com. Finance wise you know it's awesome beat you it's like a monthly subscription basis out. It's like twenty to fifty bucks a week there's lots of apps that do this by the tops trees isn't the only line but. Boris is if you got insurance being 200 dollars from one stashing you know it's not. For a lot of people try and get the benefits I see the convenience really deal hot but there's no way a therapist is as effective texting. And they are in person. I think it's different. For everybody for me. I like it because I am. Believe it or not this is who we are free to say I am better. Texting is everything that I am talking about certain things I radio all day that this tells us things are likely. What is subjects. But isn't that part of it like is not. Part of therapy essentially think I'm calming comfortable talking about those things isn't that like part of the reason your goal. That's exactly why our box and when I was here about this rivalry been about exactly tell her all about it and thinking she's gonna think it's so cool because. Eaten she knows how passionate I am about dubbed mental health initiative I think he's awesome. Especially for each Ers she's like. It is. It's kind of messed up the Palin okay now look how how so and my lines. That's how I mean how much more comfortable would a teenager beat. Texting. Then they would be in fees to these conversation and share what she's made that point she's like that's exactly the problem yeah you just like you face to face. Is where you pick up non verbal cues and tone of voice and and learning how to communicate so she's like act are you really help yourself and how I am not happy not you're argue just meeting works that was. My question too and I reached out to we have a therapist acts for the ego to for a lot of these things actually stopped her and she had not heard about this. She had no idea this is even affect its second pick up. She's she's and I wonder if he's their best meet their clients and person on a regular basis primarily in uses the supplement like I said and and you admitted in a perfect world that's probably the best way to use the Internet this is strictly through the app the app and she said it's face to face is important body language eye contact and it's it's essential for. Being able to do that connection to and lots to be lost to cyberspace me think I agree that how many instances in this happens all of us is this a related law hit a network. How many times has your boss. Emailed to you or Texas you something and human completely misinterpreted what they were saying because there was no context there was no verbal cues or body language I guess. Also that they get it this way. What if that first thing you'd just mat for the first time. Are you more comfortable with having to face to face dialogue about your deep dark secret army riding him out first and and thinking about the flow of that. It's hugely important is communications staff on TV studio like never acknowledged like different people. How different ways of communicating and there's nothing more. About the only people communicate eat out some people. Really are better at writers they're better out thinking things out their brain flows differently and some people had the herbal diet really. Comes out the you brought up the road kids in and how this could impact kids and how that most kids are as we know more comfortable on communicating through social media communicating through text. And how this suit and was more comparable for them but is is that a huge problem because it's. Almost giving in to that as opposed to. I'm guess I'm going to bat for a lot of these kids a lot of this anxiety comes from being uncomfortable in social situations it is in this kind of like defeating the. Are so well again it's an 88 get an article that I read. This past fall is huge article published by the Atlantic that was super controversial. And it was called our Smartphones. Destroying and Jan and I am sure him and at least who has written by this and this professor of psychology. And she basically steady behavioral patterns of different generations idealist and why in baby boomers watch happy and and their patterns and beliefs over and still think. As a graphs you know everything that you learn about blitzing Eagles overtime. In a perfect world or how has been. There's like some little hills meets with at least here where we only change now here are now are a little more liberal leaning in now run homer broke. She sat in this article back in 2012. When she looked at the grass for. Each Ers. Guillermo is like. Read the sharp decline like oh okay yeah. He's like very shy very stood at stood out a lot dairy studying in in terms of their behaviors and and their actions and she looked into it looked into it and that 2012 with exactly the moment. When Americans who own a Smartphone surpassed the 50% Israeli loud at lineup exactly. Interesting yeah she actually branded him an eye jet for their generation they don't remember a time for the Internet. Three out of four have iPhone now it's. Mean look at the teen depression rates and teens are less likely to do is things got a record. Latin decent let's look at a drive and work part time job so what they're doing is spending their time according to this article in their room on their well. So until you get think maybe this is beneficial in that way because of the gun he used that time if that's their pattern of their generation. He's productively if they want need to reach out for help they need to talk to some. There's other side of isn't enable my eye it war. Yeah ha yeah. This is it's fast and earlier this blatant. The don't get that piece to piece interaction she was talking about an hour our expert was talking about they don't get and that's. Core non verbal cues. Support because that's the real human connection because you can you can talk to cement through the Internet or can you social leader can do whatever tax them. But still not the same and it's still not in the give and take them that we've been wired for. As long as humans have been around for a like of course he's got a massive Dino. Number teenagers who get together with their friends. Dropped by more than 40%. And score 48 from 2002015. No you're well priest acts. That's times and it may be independent it Wayne and how opportunities where their friends cell. X and they said something something to be effective in his article like. In the next decade here at the exact quote these terrifying ready. In the next decade we may seem more adults who don't just the right mode deeper situation. Not that right facial expression that is served by bush that is so terrified hole my god I'm just getting attached to them legitimate.