The Text to Send When You're in a Fight

Monday, June 11th

Corey James found the text you're supposed to send when you're fighting with your partner. Whitney Young does NOT approve of it. 

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Nothing good comes from a tax to fight down. Stinky XY and I gave PX line screen James Whitney Young with the router situation is a lot of us now more comfortable communicating. An ally yeah. Which means I need to resist the search. Term rates taxed. Funny this this to me I actually. As many texting fights as ID add it and fight this war harassed by that might be a maturity. I don't. We're on LL it is in the dodgers' circle like 2005. Oka a path but. So you were in high school. Middle school middle ground next to each friends. Slowly and you never know that's me. Yeah the topic so. I'm excited and I don't see I but I absolutely agree that of the fights I have had a via text. Ends well no never ends well especially good on a roll out. Where is and then the thing is there's proof of everything that you oh my god yes you can't take anything Bakley there's yes he said it. If you see it you still can't take it back but at least there's not receipt. Mean right exactly the screen shot via armored in this back it's like you're in a courtroom yeah. Here's my exhibit aid from our play a couple weeks ago yeah. And then of course one of the biggest problems with communicating through tax is that you lose context. Used alone which is stands it's very easy for some of the things he said he misinterpreted. And I'd take it in the wrong way the word. Not ignored the letter day old kid that's the worst thing ever let you might as well essentially take a picture of your middle finger incentive. The same thing let's. Not even came just okay rice still look at that could be you know they are. OK. Okay so let's leave. This is why try to avoid fighting the attacks race. And it's it's tough because you can always tell when the other person asserted kinda drag you into that I. I don't know self. If that if that happens if you find yourself in a situation re getting dragged into a text fight. And you know nothing good is going to come from it. I touts fraud experts. What you should text back well. There's some rules before actually what it is and has a few rules to this so you wanna give her supple and at a time and cool off that ever happened. Never needed to eagle to not put the photo don't put it down the anger you are the longer you need to. Notice this but here's the thing. I'm the type of person who'll. I can't stop fighting like I can't stop fighting without some kind of closure yeah I can't just like your top like. This happens a lot of my parents over the years. And now out of people fighting and my mom is the type of person who wants to dislike. It got a bad or something like that deadly. Being on resolved yeah. Now sometimes he can't moment at the emotions the emotions are too high so what I would Saidi know. Waiting and if there's anyone like you who they need to immediately resolve it or you need the at least get your thoughts out. Right now. Rightly want attacks would old senate like everywhere in Australia and I can't figure and some got an argument of the co worker he's and you can you bright email out. I don't send it you give it 24 hours it you still feel the same way then you send. And like nine times out of ten you don't feel the Broadway accurately Gator god you get results on the caught correct. Why should this be any different when it comes relation you're absolutely right these experts are absolutely right it's is that in the moment it's very bizarre very hard. For me as somebody who is very confrontational. Are firm I am a she soon would just be like. Can't gonna walk away and we knew all of those emotions that lets you know with texting it's so much worse because at least when your in person. Like you said you of the tone of voice and you have to. And if there's any kind of confusion Youkilis had to explain and I sell this is what the experts sag and gag you reading ready for this Miller write this down. I'm hurt and upset by what's happened then I'd like to hear your side of this that we can address the situation together. Something along those lines. And that getting me why it. Is that it. Honey that's been in the midst of the biggest blowout the yeah all three of relationship by tiny in Britain upset by what happens. I'd like to hear your side it is that we can address the situation together perfectly healthy body. Reasonable you logical and reasonable it's a beautiful and not letting your most investors via phone. Knows it works a guy that lets your partner know how you were feeling without putting them on the defense and that's just this values this now like the religious right about this. So it says you should never have to lie or hide your feelings from your partner. That's not healthy but there are ways to can be communicated without escalating the problem and help you reach a resolution to make you and your partner feel happy. Sets eyes I cured like 90% of all relationship problems would just that not one cent to those two sentences. Didn't know this isn't clear idea who love the idea it's not practical though it's not I want to first it sounds so we're all like. I'm just not in the Middle East and emotions. Going to stop NB lake. I'm hurt and upset what's bothering you tell your side of the story like. Eighty. Yeah maybe that's what needs to happen knows that gets you know. Yet if argue this let it might actually say that because if I got thinking of it I said. The bite that missed my dad for instance my dad is yet to meet we're we butt heads and we don't neither of us can stop arguing so like if I said this to my dad. He would think it was being Smart athlete yeah I heart like he got out. And out and you're out. Again the text you wanna send if your any fight with your partner is. I'm hurt and upset by what's happened I'd like to hear your side as of it so that we can address the situation together what work. Huge huge hero 9800. Put PX I say text line six that AT&T O I say it may it kind of it it it kind of makes things a little little calmer. Kind of new. But I want her now that it never happens. And perhaps a course. If you did go hypothetical hypothetical world at broad out. I knew fight and you drop this taxi driver on. Stop mocking senator Sam can't. Do you aside on this what is untrue throw up a message you act and the stupid line from angry right now you rent. 200 Nadia hundreds team DX like a morning. I'd just monitor say that if you get here that type of person who will act and that act. You're going to be angle or halt like it or throughout your life cool. Well I'm attack. And you know how to add eight good. Mutually understanding relationship. And you're gonna have a long. Lasting. That billing relationship. Because you don't fall into the trap of escalating the situation always makes it horrors it shows are willing to compromise. You're willing to listen to the other person yelling ahead of your own. Ooh. That is probably a level of selflessness that IE Willie. Not it's just where. I'm I mean it and I edit some people that they're not they can't can't relationship like that because they can't let them well. I married twenty years and you know we answer talent at outward altogether. And in our comment. That the way we communicate with each other is. Estimating because. We don't point fingers. We dictate what you expect hurt me and the dollar hurt me and now we built a net tax. No I I agree and I honestly teach sarcasm aside I do you agree with that I just think the way that this particular. Quote is alerted that you know. I'm hurt and upset by what's happened they just. I created a little CD and you and your on and you'd in order. Would be an that at all are telling relationship. You can't be able to put the other current and ailing. And a lot lower your own any quality and get mad at the area or any thing. Absolutely and I think it depends on what you're arguing about like how you know 'cause like there's certain arguments were it doesn't matter to you is much but if you're talking about how much. More I don't know hot button like sensitive issues than you might be more upset and it might be harder to like get to that place in that moment where you wanna hear them out. I ironed out in my opinion on grade yeah. Well. I know I recognize that I eat them. Yeah so I'd think long and lasting relationship is to admit that will view aren't really. Racy but we're creating together. OK okay. Thank you love it love it.