Telling Your Best Friend You Hooked Up With Their Fiance

Wednesday, June 20th

A caller confessed to having hooked up with her BFF's fiance a couple years before they got engaged. Whitney thinks she needs to tell her friend and Corey thinks they wanted too long to be honest and should just bury the secret. Whose side are you on?

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That our hands this morning. Had some applaud the show. As we were sharing some secrets. Sir relieve some of these big guilt I guess you could say some of the pressure of holding onto that secret in this what they had is that. Our group got myself president PL OK it's happened a couple years ago where they were these obviously. He and I read our. Example. He gave me we will hammer. So you know you need any day. Her voice is wary about it because we've been our people on the voice changer look a little bit you know I let it on TV shows protect your anonymity and a witness protection if you well. Clinton's if we its protection protection what that. I guess and in this case yes yeah that is what you did wrong of course. Could you go back and and Jane if you go it seemed like and we talked earlier. But you say now even though this is in the past and now her friend is getting married to this guy. Which by the way she also added she's going to be the maid of honor yeah that's to be weird ouch you say she needs to come clean. She needs to come clean because you know what yes this happened before they got engaged and her best friend. Good chance she wouldn't have said yes to be proposal if she not up this so well. Is getting. Just how the shambles that. Since tooth picks its house of cards TTX united hundred club PX I say tax line six and eight CTO. That is what Vizio I believe that it would be more selfish. To tell her now they if they were going to television it's altered the beginning when it happened. Lol now never too late to a million now now the only reason that he wants talents because she feels guilty into doing it per self. She's a junior for a friend this is going to absolutely turn her friends world upside down. Yeah but again like. What's so this is not telling your friend because you don't like confrontation and and letting them build a life with someone. On the faulty foundation of lies and cheating and listen. If you believe will once cheater always a cheater thing down the road there's Kennedy kids involved you're gonna have joint bank accounts the divorce all that's up so much mass you're. Tell her now and let the best friend. Decide for herself. Do what I want to forgive this you know drunken mistake from a couple of years ago and you know move forward or. Time for that much time there's over wedding planning is our. Reels of turns. Already. A motion or re telling now is can open a pandora's box if anything wish these dudes reaffirm with this guy that they are never. Ever going to tell her that during some day some big fight in their marriage is and bust out yeah. That's probably what's gonna happen that is probably what's gonna happen and that's that's not that's I guess the these scarlet letter fuel that stood up to bear why would you wanna Saudi why would anyone want to live with that and have a marriage that he's. Again like. It's it's please the foundation is his big fat I'm horrible lot. Or was that one mistake. And never I never gonna happen again and I don't thinks I'm moving on from it. It's a bully with a wounds to Jeter sometimes people make mistakes about people's grew up ended. I I just I don't know it's gonna implode this entire girl's life it is because he's gonna have to break up with them right now. Not necessarily you might you need your OK that's on you real quick if you're in the position. Of the girl getting married do you think you'll like this going. Rates amid this great. Eight months and I away at them brides that got the girls your your in my wedding mode right around. You would want her to be like this. Test team to Tony before the whole marriage that didn't. Slept with him this Lido. Not to do it adds to your thought. If they came to me together. And sat me down and said this happened a couple of years ago it was before you where you were engaged before you or even that serious. It was a drunken like we don't remember it went well a lot. That's gonna throw a wrench in the works it's something I'm gonna have to mull over and think about might ruin things might not quite because for me I think honesty is the best policy I think you should reward honesty. I think that you know the fact that and he told me I'm gonna trust. Then are gonna trust my you know future potential husbands so much more if he. Told me it is as opposed to finding out later because listen they're gonna fight that she's got enough I ask that you guys are you don't really know that for sure there's going to be a flight at some point and it's going to come out and that's gonna be so much more devastating. Then finding out. Now. So there's here's the thing if you don't tell there's possibility. I get married. Have kids and the great marriage. Love each other. Many years and years and years. Kids cry a lot of college. Leave the house on their vacations live their lives. There is a happier rosy scenario here if you don't tell and it's all on a lot you do well. And that's. Positive. Am I she's like. All of a big deal I don't really care which I don't see that. I don't think you would be I don't think she'd be that flippant like. And how she's gonna have to think about it I would have to like. Don't let us and it might it might be in a situation right today. I got it like. Holes the wedding planning we've got to I've got to think about this I've got to take. Repeatedly big breakup and then maybe they finally act together I think if you're meant to be. Yeah and you'll find a way. Jim that's the and you cheated with her best friend and teller and that he loves that. It was meant to be. I just think it's so much worse to have a marriage that is based on this enormous. Terrible. Dirty. But she never ask to know about now I got. Some texture but there could be explicit text line six and 82 TO tiger Corey ticket to the great sound like let's there. I'll pull up if you haven't already FaceBook Twitter did okay what's the result so far would you look at. So the question on Twitter at and he PX I Rochester it's. If you've got drunk and slept with your best friend's fiancee like our Collard did when you can before they got married and right now. 60%. And voters say yes they tell it's a good tell at a low lows but I I'm winning our wilderness all of this at all. If Whitney when they're not has not been due to go out Leo yeah.