#TeamPXY's Fake News Featuring CK from the Night Show

Friday, May 18th

CK from the night show tested out how good he is at sniffing out fake news! 

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Maybe reduces state. Conan. Thanks trip. It's strange at six. All right this week CK from the nice shell in the hot seat for fake news so excited. How come that you had at spotting fake news about a lack wild wild times. Pretty good. Cutout of marriage is a very simple gonna give you three stories to them are true one of them its state news walls and take. Whitney Young ones are the south as it I. Streamer won the headline news woman furiously crafts on Florida's Tim Hortons throws it at employees. Yup that Athens area. And well that's all Whitney's parents how to solve couple. I got. It's shocking videos via the Internet in recent industry which is saying something a video of a woman dropping your drawers. And defecated on the floor to Tim Hortons in video the woman perceives to pick up the feces that her bare hands. Really at employees behind the counter white Purcell would napkins and then throw the soiled napkins at the employees. The act crappy situation went down earlier this week at a Tim Hortons location in Canada apparently the woman was denied access to the restaurants. And decided to ever revenge right then and there well frazzled team were recently dialed up the cops. The woman was arrested on the scene but authorities are still determining the charges zero organizations terrible you are fake news. All right. That and fake or real next headline every guy out Koppel can't get there at thirty girl to move out some other going to court. The thirty year old man and commit this New York who lives at home but his parents and even tried to get him to move but he just we'll leave. Whitney's this is about your Easter. Not thirty sorry not third base started sending him formal eviction letters back in February and even offering him money to get out but he won't go. So finally they had to go to court the last month the town court told them they need. I county Supreme Court justice to sign up and having their son removed from the house. So last week they filed a petition but it kind Supreme Court to make that happen there's no word. From the sun on whether he's planning. And fighting the petition but they called fake news. By the way at Alec you argued the age not the gender and the details. Especially in view and I'm not 38 but I but I am a man could it be an inspiring. Knowing you I would think being a man is more insulting him and I. They're the Texans and you're out. Headline number three California high school under fire for cultural appropriation. Surrounding graduation routes. A high school in Saint Louis Obispo California is being hurt by its community to ditch traditional graduation garb. For the class between teens upcoming graduation ceremony in June. According to protesters that have been camp outside the school for the past three days traditional. Graduation robes. Steal from sacred Greek culture without giving credit where credit is due. What detractors said it's quote just another glaring example about dated grotesque cultural. Misappropriation. In modern America. Another protester said she quote just wishes the Greek community was acknowledged for the custom its schools are going to continue ordering graduates to where Greek inspired reps. The superintendent of the school district has yet to make a comment on the protest to a great news. All right to those headlines real one of them take quick recap the first headline Whitney Young it is go. Woman seriously craps on the floor of Tim Hortons president employee's specific news was indeed fake news headlines you couple can't get their thirty year old son to move out it's not going to court false and take. Number three California high school under fire for cultural appropriation surrounding graduation around your organization's terrible you are fake news. I'd CK us from the nice job. How okay this is tough. I am going to immediately. Rule out the Tim Hortons situation is being shake because no one. Waste a perfectly good. Tiny west song. Start. He called fake news. Some analysts say that what actually happened yes that is true about that your story is in the feed all morning it was a real news so now it's in our head down out that was an easy one that's kind of sent. And so now we're down to the thirty year old who won't move now them. And parents are upset about that in court. Or the cultural appropriation. Super high graduation robes and say that. On this say that the thirty year old and moving out and court situation is that fake story. Because. I barely know cultural approach. Logic perfect logic wins and almost parents in our generate in our. No existence right now want their kids to stay under any and all circumstances shall this being out already guessed that that when the fake news final answer hmmm it's all great news. The fake news story. It's actually. High school and. Positive or graduated high school and since this wasn't fair. Cultural group. It was it was a good track hey you've sniffed out via the first diluted yeah I.