#TeamPXY Was Joined by an Internet Viral Sensation

Friday, July 20th

If you follow the 98PXY Instagram he's someone you've possibly seen before...

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Honored to be joined. By any Internet sensation. An instance Graham. Superstar and a yeah I'm a little nervous I mean we we talked to bugs and pretty famous people but yeah we get the just takes the cake and it'll land me here and if you liked Gus audience to Graham. You may actually. Know this person. Because they've popped out a timer GOP happen. Development in the studio. Urge your friend Jared guy in this. Well chronicled and the bat up there how long it was going to be before he made it awkward and immediately yeah that was out involvement of people lost fantastic so. There just get the hate down. Please pay. Is one of our very hard working behind the scenes promotions crew we have a lot of them here knotty PX lights reasons why they can throw such big events. PX as a legitimate without these guys they literally work for like 244 hours straight it's and yet. It's insane and I've worked with Jarrett who went to bed at remote broadcasts and events like that yes things and she knows me really well. Answering and that's in fact where Jared is very special skill that is now Bob brought Internet came to him them until about the first place yeah. Little. Impression yes he does. Of a meet. Its debt on it is it is so if so did you. We're thinking you could recap. A topic we we discussed earlier on the show on blue room as me. Okay just a hell flex your mosque the fuel to show up yet you scale yeah are you sure you want me to do that though I know it's it's one of my favorite things actually I was about 35 seconds ago. And not turn out to. I had an effect on yeah so you need to like genius second to get it kind of just. You know they're there and that we are you Laura is something that has become a part of me. I am I am Whitney. Inside and out of it okay it's your other self and it actually might be more me than me but yeah. Are you so. You're going to recap something we talked about you go ahead whenever your rent the okay. The guys. This morning. Or what it was early it was three it was 3 something in the morning I was going to spend it that'll. Don't laugh at me don't laugh from the cameras that sort of sensitive bladder. So. I was going to the bathroom. And I noticed a much I was out of blogs that a bug in my hair is up fully. And I was like where could this come from. Food. Is solely in the soup the soup that is my hair golden goddess of hair. As it's like I got get definitely out. This way when Mike Doss yeah. Literally. Literally literally kiwi at my boyfriend my dear boyfriend. Johnson on noted. Do you really think he is the cash I know he Lee is the cap but Tommy tsunami as that happens that I don't. I don't even know and passed Lee leaves and and they ended up my hair I would not take no for an answer it was the only takes literally. Heatley could have done. He looks at me. And he's really not a hundred does that serve its tablet wasn't disclosed before him but at that. Where my parody with kind of the QB. And I am very vulnerable these days to flea eggs that you guys know. I am just I extract everything that's the night. I takes everything Cory looked at me and I'm gonna fight Torre. There's leaves on me but I want to. I want and I want people to know that I'm above magnet. I sort of at. They hit their sleeve. I don't think I don't know who was at allied I mean after that press and I feel like you've actually I envisioning Whitney. You I'm talking shoes don't I don't know she is mean we are one. We have forged. A union. So powerful and us are the best political Latinos who is him credit connection and sat here while that was interest and you know Corey. You laugh. It's it's it's a good press and I'm laughing with Jerry but I feel like you're kind of laughing at me know if it's a ridiculous but it spot on yeah. Seoul and brings me to my next point is that. I actually got somebody in the building. Do an impression of you your theory in attainable as well and a yeah. Yup this is listen up I don't think is really out while what are we. Week proving once again how completely inept Diana basically everything that I somehow. Managed to make that list even bigger we can and I'm really into it the one man and take. Managed to created giant for your ball laying the stupid. That burn away the hair on my right arm hard whatever was left. Card it's the biggest upset in history but I'm still alive stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. Highlighted that. Spot now they wait I can't I have nothing to add no response for that. I can't defend myself welcome back you're welcome thank you make money.