#TeamPXY True Confessions: She Doesn't Like Her Sister's Fiance

Wednesday, July 11th

Would you tell your sibling if you didn't like who they were marrying?

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Ex lions. Iverson GP XY true good guys did. I needed. Let's. It's cathartic stress relieving. That's all the no secrets shows. A lot of burden not yet it is such a picture overall well being this study as nannies. Science is science it is also proven that when you relieve. That's stressed by getting that secret out there even. Not to the person it's about awards to anyone involved just releasing it into the universe. Take and a social threat may be your own secret about your own line yeah so you're just. Letting it. So we didn't get out there had to call the shall teach YouTube -- hundred B disguise your voice you can also DM us gun instead Graham an idea XIA Rochester on FaceBook on Twitter. Yeah we'll keep you anonymous don't worry me pinky promise right now yet they're the radio bigger promise not gonna let anyone know you are. Where your from the only. We have won a line on the line right now teach you to 9820. PX I true confessions going down again this one. Involving a little family matter. Is he what is your secret. Well. There are not giving them and they're getting there are. Oh no. I'm guessing you haven't said anything there. No way. It present I think you'd overall. Bernard. House out well and well what do you yeah you might be what what does an exit of the and the things that he does. Okay all. You'd have more motor. Oh yeah. And I don't worker and doing. I. Got hurt or. Order. Do you feel like they're a mismatch is oddities like a bad. A guy right now as the years. I'm not a problem. Oh are does he treat her right. I am I've been an open but that well it Elaine. He hasn't been right about that at an event where. I think he definitely. OK because I'm gonna say like given this matter of her being maybe a little bit smarter but if he like was madly in love with her and trader well that it would kind of get to dole out whatever makes you happy but he's done some stuff on top us. Then that might sound like it might not be compatible pauses time. Whitney would you say something. Say this is your brother and he's marrying a really. You know dumb girl I mean you're now I think you now you know me you know well you know I can't you not say I'm. That long ago I realized. It after the first time I met. But that's me and I know it's just like I know it's a really tough situation I would not I would not. Relish telling my brother they didn't like the person was who love it but I brought. Have to say somebody. For me it goes back till if he was doing something on the view is if you was abusing her hurt he was cheating and of course yeah. You literally heard degrading her let me get a jump in but if he's just. Not that Smart that she's happy she's happier I I would mess of it. But. There are only. Oh wow that's. All. Year about. Aaron harper. There. Our. Eye on him and or. Wow well so it is though when you know you know like I personally had I had not been in a lot of relationships but I feel like. You know when you meet that person you just you know. I doubt I guess I. At that worries me what does being would just win this one person. Because you don't now and it's got it I mean does naturally. To be humid in stings doesn't get married. She's they'll wonder is gonna come dude gonna come a point which is gonna wonder what will be like to be with somebody else. Yet no comparison it's like it's like guys saying he all the 88 Vanilla ice cream and you never tried any other ice cream. OK can I ask if is your sister under 25 or over 25. You honored me by warriors all. And urban and there are. They back their arm like a matter. Of literally guarded and if you've been out there. And not in our. Wow but is it. Is it seats. Everything. I asked her you know what alien towards. There are bad and that. Where there are. Normal little. About one. Bullet is. One that we lighting while. I got an end to cook it's not like a little liquid carry in a better idea. Your anger out in public and help. Yeah. Our outlook on. Just give us that this idiot telling her give us a call back yeah. Oh all right give us that we get a code name for her yeah we don't we only get higher real name so what's a code named her career night. Then it calls back we'll know men. Now let us know like.