#TeamPXY True Confessions: Messin' with the Roomie

Friday, July 20th

Things can get ugly quick when you hate your roommate! 

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I'm an 800 CD XY true. In speaking. That's secret and it's been heard inning yeah. Than burning in you know ethernet Jack earned it and I. Alberta name again sending burning we continue Nelson could be steals. Like it sometimes it feels like the burning now in that could be secret. If it'll concert or something else that hopefully secret. We change your voice to keep you anonymous in the east earlier secure without all those nasty. Ramifications that come along with them nobody needs that note I so we bush agers not you're anonymous what is your secret. I absolutely hate aren't wrote me. That's just what I said oh come right that I got. Our our. You can't I don't I'll like this is going I mean I feel we've all been there. I mean doing some degree. Yet oh we hate them. If it up or another or mind yeah Herbert has the money right now are pretty important go to our group. Those everyday this week. This is not sound guy had a at all. Well there are awful. It really regard would be crazy lately but you're right about every war that you will remain at about. In. Later that I mean with my college roommate I was 100%. The oh CD it needs treatment of blood yeah. Right now crazy. Yeah what you go role in his open about it and commitment are. Total light where we. I have been great typically the capital other. Revert to. All I. That is such a classic the ultimate getting even with your may have moved as the master of the trust you'll never know. So it does on the real world a few years back I remember like two of the cast mates I think it was the New Orleans. One where two of the cast mutated each other's of one of them the team crushed crying again. Yeah so it makes me just shrivel up that Chernoff loving mean already is like regenerate. Jerry feeling guilty or do you feel justified because she's been so mean India. So it could. If your garden. But no harm our. Again via I mean this is a very. And healthy situation literally. And like one of you just. Really needs to find another place to live her friend's couch if that's all you know yeah this could be a very dangerous slippery slope like what is that he put toy that blotter in the British filter like fruits rooms and ago. I'd known about I would go to a bar. Got its revenues audible there you brushed moon business. I don't think you all start looking for apartments and I. Will. I will and you. Yeah small mindedness that I loved it you when you said the thing about the British filter I was like I'm not a monster. I wouldn't do that I just so rubbed the toilet with her teeth brushed back is that how the tariffs on. Dying thought of being a remain with somebody that you'd be you don't know well. Or that and not not matching. Didn't you know become rates at friend's death there's a difference between being. Friends with someone and living with someone bull equity are south very quickly. IE yeah MIA my roommate one of my roommates in college we did not get along and I remember I think it's a big of told you this I eight. Pretty convinced she messed with. Either my toothbrush or my food at some point I'm feeling really aren't it was like any time we ran a flight occur anytime we like. Having issues. Mysterious stomach aches and couldn't keep could bent from the anxiety yeah. Resent. You word. I know like I have my anxiety senate takes main. With those feel lake and it's different from what this was this seemed like some kind of it tainted something or other boy's name alone painted toothbrush yes you can give that much. Is like we believe we are either best friends or we were like yeah attitude or there was not a happy mean there was not there was an. Only goodness got this call TTT 9800 steam PX liked. I registered he is talking about getting back. Remain but you have. Yes odds to clean the bathroom with your mates to brush under that he's being very popular. Well men put. It is something pretty layers. Up by delirious is very subjective here. My roommate is just. But total picture of daily news quarter first and then the typical light switch and the human past all the time. So low level 'cause things are we talking like what he did. What again like he is slop there's dirty dishes all over the house they're swarming with for either man. It people and please do she. While house music. The late at night I'm trying to it is actually a wake up early dropped in the font BP as to any and all they watched that. All my. And doesn't bind. Yeah yikes yeah that. And it like the icing on the cake. That he would be listening. Also inappropriate bold responsible sister she visited Maine. Okay yeah. That's not cool. Totally right at the worst. So about a month ago when we're for the weekend and I that the idea that what could present when they saw as. Rose almost up and on May thirty dishes on it and crawl little all of the place. Decision for Vegas I thought what a what. That go far enough some of the spill. Well no. That's not the end of it because independent and I. And I don't know might be connected to the pulse part of might not. I I need to ask the question. President bear Aslan. What. The other night he's in connection there there may god my god and this is why I have never lived on I am never well.