#TeamPXY True Confessions: The Humiliating Pet Nickname

Thursday, August 9th

A listener shared the horrifyingly embarassing pet name her husband calls her! 

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Voice Sanders fired up you are totally not in this one is your TP XY true confession. I heard you guys talking Saturday about eighteen but had to say that you're significance other calls do you. Yeah yes yes are you are you in his boat. Unfortunately yes I ailment. Load OK so we heard we talked about that there was a lot of names that the guys seem to not enjoy it and I don't think grilling hating women who said they didn't like theirs this. This can be interesting what's. What's the always like to be called fruit or food know that I had extra pickle that's what it was today it is related. I'll never bought they're really content and new iPad it was delighted. Oh my boyfriend called me and I'm gonna I wanna pay it arms. He called me. Hitter. Wait why. Are okay. It's not the what is what is putter even mean I know I've heard before but I I never know what that means it. Yes you know if I can write their own word oh where. Are. Senate it's like yeah. Why. Why in God's name would you boyfriend call you that. Why not pay Ferrell. It all started when we first were dating. We gather for like three years now. But when we first started dating. Maybe like a month end. You have to make them like a month then we went to this note that car to get. You know when you're doing yoga lake. He's cleared bishop and and you can't really controlled the game and a who we hearted lots viewing these yellow. I. All move and let me. The other video get my dad. He's they never really yeah I never said it was me I'd that I witnessed it Arad is the difference. On mother and there's no way you like out blame it on someone else or pretend like it did happen. Oh my gosh knows it rumor might you know he. Didn't go to yoga class you're Matt all I doubt he'd they'll name. Importantly it kind of loud like really loud and it would so. We were Ian Baer and I mean. I. I'm Fred Brady who dude did this view in DO it was like his third time. You let one loose and so badly he was so embarrassed to up and left. Yeah I mean I wouldn't. Like I god do you recover am I mean yeah. I saw it clearly did Megan's not liking it I mean here you are still together three years later you'll go far didn't grow up. But here we are reared later bill calling me who are very mean and my guess. All. Your. I go back a second how eat implement the use of this pet name for the first time. Oh my gosh I can't stand when it happened at class you know we are we any standing I. Go by minute half day he would. Like you look didn't need. Deeper shock I. Have to do it happened yeah. He totally burst out laughing like whoa. Yeah oh. Globally in the middle of the app. And I act here got it get there and we finished the clock you're outside any bad and the like I don't know like. How do you like a Peter. Are you graduated he had thought of that. You can only on your did all the oddities and letting go. Oh cool man. They're at it. And now three years later you've never lived it down. You know what why are you went out a little growing up my dad used to call me he wouldn't be. I'm like yeah and Maureen let me let it go. I mean it would get you how muted part of my brand. Now here we are the same boy like later in life the mics your way I'm re living meant it that it even wired. And MetLife is very simply ignore. Okay is that you yet you've got your revenge because I mean at this point it's got to be something embarrassing that he's done that you could call him out for. I could but I mean it's totally wouldn't bother him like he wouldn't own it and you know I don't shapes he is it would even matter. Man a man. Yeah yeah I think I'm going because. Think there. I ain't it cute and funny but I doubt I'd aren't being hate it. He called me I mean. We're heavily. Well this situation where like this thing it's cutesy name or do they know they stirred kinda. Well not her aid netted the story. Ukraine Russia. Right yeah exactly good I think it's alien that here we are did that and now you know he's calling me that but not my friend I would. Yeah I benchmarks aren't or his brand new I mean. They're saying. Well yeah I've I mean I should imagine. I hope you feel a little bit better after. Confessing how much you hate the name but going forward you're fully within your rights to be like dude this is three years ago. New pet name babe would work now. A lot of exciting acknowledged it's it's marketing it's I mean she's already branded food you know for now the cooter. Well I've I mean I think about bringing up now he can come. Like being crazy and making a big dog and not staying Guillen will probably be like. What they've got a lot of earth every year want to let it go on the Internet Jeremiah I don't know. It bears saying that. The said he hated it is like we need this rich enough and it is illegal variety her that's the route. Or you could start new pet named yourself like just be like hey. You're mad bail. I'm your name cool band and just like drill that and does that. Yeah I don't know we can give the driver get I don't know how much longer I can take it I mean it's driving me bonkers. They're not to become an. I will let you know they are calling hopefully feel a bit better after you know. Let that Longo how. My oh my we are. Yeah. The. You know.