#TeamPXY True Confessions: Hiding the Baby from Him

Friday, August 17th

Today's listener is hiding the fact she's pregnant from her boyfriend for a very unique reason! 

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Do you DX one I was Whitney young and Gloria James was your deepest secrets revealed look. I voicing your son you are anonymous in the the new judging from what you send us an email this. They huge secret. Every cat daddy. Looking. At our act or let's get it I cannot wait to hear this car. Or. Can congratulations. I had the big secret look at visa it's not really anything out of the ordinary I mean most women keep the fact they're pregnant the secret for these little while you know you gotta make sure it's. Right yeah I'm and its tell everybody you know wanna say too early. And I. And I hear me. Oh OK okay well that Kevin yes yes that lets you secret way. Please don't tell me it's because you don't know who the father is ready. And yeah I think yeah well I act I. Barrel at you can't act at all. And I mean I mean I locker I don't know. I'd. I don't think NN Sunday. I was getting a little shaky tempers like I am I guess this is TVX archer confessions I don't blame me for going there breezy but the good direct. I'm confused though again then why are you having to keep that a secret from him as it is he gonna like freak now. Every now and check. How would rank him. We the know. You could at that and it. All. Older. On conduct. It. It. Hold on to wait you guys have been together for three years he said. He hasn't popped the question yak. So what makes UT she's going to do I don't. Aaron. At the ball proposed. I'm afraid asked. What do you mean exactly dietary that the heat are. You aren't I don't do anything on this fun. Sure. I. Out and we. Hadn't played even doing that. Leno. Carry every all I want her. Show. I. Our. Current. Poll and out. Now every parent out there aren't. Is an hour and here. All okay. REY get it like you really wanna get married but is too is actually stopped what really NASA's like. Yeah. Prepared at all how. Can the IY. Air air. Are ranked into any gang then you know. Are. And again. Understand where your coming from. I think maybe your methods might be doing a little more harm than good though I mean from a guy's perspective the last thing. We wanna do is something we're being pressured into doing right we will automatically resist that's is our wired. Children. Like hitting yeah I mean we had really panic. Not every lawyer. I don't. And well I feel like getting married was feel like one of the water times in your life and you really wanna start out with like such a bad TC US like soul. It's not like organic it's super force like. Well I think at all again there's a lot of play here because. He doesn't know which she now right. Like lets other people out of the question third just a second like. Forget how other people think Blake you need to care about one. Your potential. Father your child is thinking and your boyfriend to love your life the kind of important. I. Am glad our act. Are we are so I went out there. Aren't. Her round okay. I guess this is certainly not a problem that's unique just TO I'm sure there are many women listening right now that have been the same exact thing and may be. I don't know maybe some of losing now can help. You can give a difficulty to do not 800 compete expressing text line six and eighteen to maybe you have a tip. Or trick on how you. Pushed your got a little. Nudge to get him to actually propose. Because there's got to be better ways in the full court press or giving him now because I'm telling you see that. It doesn't help us a choice. Or. Greg good because if you give a what you're doing I'm just afraid that you might end up switching away totally. That. Ellis at secret at 98 PXY dot com. Teen PSI net. TPX line.