#TeamPXY True Confessions: He Calls Her Flipper

Thursday, August 16th

A listener revealed another VERY intimate secret! 

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Do you DX while I was Whitney young and glory game your deepest secrets revealed look. Coincidence this is a team PX why should possession. Sixty to 9800 TVX ledger confessions on right now the bush changer expired yeah what. Is your construction. It's a rare. And like Margaret Court. I'll black got a got a lead him like back that's the mean there. There are different levels of secrets there are the secrets that because people in your life know about and it's not maybe your acquaintances or. I just cattle friends and and there's these NBA yeah that's a. Well. Recuperate at. You really your door and when we're you know. What people were two minutes. No I don't know. Yeah. I do I heard her partner are both of them are. Yeah and yeah. Well my god please don't tell us your girlfriend makes that's not an. I think I'll oil what they'll does that always wanted to know. Though wrote a blog or part of corporate. Are you room. So we're good oh. Sorry why acts. We'll. All like the sea mammal. You you have to make you have to make this always fronts dude. I can't honestly I beg cannot even fathom what is you mend it. Which sounds like making adult annoys us. In the army. Who. What cricket youth and told them out of. Noted that does not good enough you've got to give us an example. Our own room. Our order. In. What. Yeah. I. No words I am no I don't. Our friends here we've we've learned on your deepest darkest secrets. That I feel like if I'm on the cat and as it does she do this. And Brit. There are. Not every or the other or recurrent C. You don't. Oh yeah are of course. I love stipulated that not every time for her well he's being honest. It happened first have you heard this maybe you wouldn't you guys are in bad just two of the right that's not a bad. All. Report to Wear blue route or grown at. A it. But the movement. And minute over rolled her. Yeah. It's all leg. A couple of weeks now with the Bob I think now there's I don't know I might then yeah I mean at planet there was such a vast area noises other. Wrote about. Why it's not it's just not. My adult. About anti Leila. Okay all right so the love and it's a yard is it not brought this up to her right. And over and over even the walk home. Or. Should. Read that. You know in order to sort. Quote looper. Do not know. That led to her biggest. You are overruled and Olbermann and the war broke below wall which will both work. Her head and maybe like a real. We're amazing aerial art. Well you know. I think guys just need to invest and means in the bedroom require him now. At noon and didn't land. And sounds the splash in a bid to gonna be some whale noise it. Mixing and hello doubted her that maybe maybe that's you can do when you're getting to. Your big moment you can let the big well and now. Getting weird. Way. But it cynical men my goodness who knew. Who knew. I can't help but think by Dele. Will be like. If Dalton girl flickered. In the pop like I got together. Well my. And sure you can find out on the Internet somewhere. Ellis at secret at 98 PXY dot com. Teen PX my next month in her when he. TPX line.