#TeamPXY True Confessions: Crazy in Love and in Debt

Tuesday, August 21st

Unfortunately this is a confession a lot of us can relate to! 

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Voicing your design and you are now completely anonymous it's no secret. That barrel. Very. It found food and I forget. Told. Me. Divx music lol wow I can't imagine what you feel like yeah. Good at a. Britain morale. And I hope that it and you can see here. I think getting ready to turn to me and he had little right. Alone again spoke out okay I thought that's it for another very sick. Okay. First how did you get into so much debt and our. Learn ya know guys it's certainly a lot of people listening right now that can certainly relate to that. Hey Annie. And out and act amendment that all of my money and Larry tweet me at night. Again I think a lot of people can relate to that Jesus for share so you say he's close to proposing. I'm just shocked that this is never come open conversation before Gillick is one. Things that this kind of even if you're trying to avoid it eventually come to the surface again. And I actually and do you get the Allen put it in the army they impact. In any ain't never act. Around here I am on and and error. And an enemy and need and out. Our zone and two years he said. You. Can. I don't know three Q well. And I can only speak for. Myself from my point of view but it that were me. Think they would have to reconsider some things I call the love conquer all cookery. Yeah look it's not it's not romantic but I've just being a realist here. Mean that's that's a lot of debt then and it's an easy guys get married. Your debt becomes his dad then. I NN. And and at any rate it a little bit at. Crap I I gotta light hits it out yourself here you know you're on the voice changer you're not and it's right now are our whole goal here is did make sure that. Stays. How it's gonna be but right guys make a decent amount of money with the jobs you have like is there the possibility. Of being able to dig out of this hole. It and not let it be one of these things yet to chip away with you know pat for the rest of your life. Then you are right now only term built our honorable and it is going T they keen on me and they get it. And you really think this would change things for him. Well look at I mean the and certainly certainly sucks I get that. Yeah I feel like you've got to pull the ended up until now. We're. Good abnormally. Normally all not be a void in the cause this is crazy for you very to me bury your head in the sand but I think this is one of those things. Where it's not going to go away and there's not a possibility of just sweeping it under the rug like it there's going to come a point. Where you need to tell him he's going to find out eventually. Oh and the longer you wait the worse off it's going to beat CEO. He had and I and they're apparently regularity and Eric Berry out. At bat I had an. Yeah I mean I don't know I don't think there is really like a delicate way to bring it I mean I don't know maybe is leaving maybe like your credit card statement is I'll be all the way. He comparative thing happened hurt it can't come in addition there is even. Unbelievable. I just unbelievable to be. You don't build out loans. Sometimes to kind of get the ball rolling Whitney conversation that there don't wanna have. And I mean. And Matt Allen back at me and that rate in the end and I am. Well we we certainly you know we certainly wish the best of luck TO and hand and we hope that you know he reacts favorably to that. And again it's not. Unique situation of more how there's a lot of people out there or settled with a ton of debt is massive and soon. Friends with that kind of day yeah. A lot of. Yeah. Well and best of luck. And it. That. Well maybe he's got a rich uncle or something that he hasn't told you. And when you tell. And Julien ought to great what would actually I take that don't talent probably thought.