#TeamPXY True Confessions: The Closet Smoker

Wednesday, August 15th

The fact she's hiding that she smokes from her boyfriend might not be the worst thing she's doing... 

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Do you PX while I was Whitney young and glory Jane your deepest secrets revealed look. TC 29880. Voice changer is on the Eckstein PX one true confessions what's your. Secrets are. Out on a cold I'll do my stuff. Look out again begin play this. Little barrel pro and all I called her up. On our own and I'm back I love La carte or better at it. I will be I want I like apple alone Michael. OK. I feel a but Condoleezza book coming. There it is the RO. I'm. A couple looked down on it all out email on global not by eight. Though I went out there aren't at. All I am. Okay because you don't want to disappoint him or have him look down upon you. It. Well I put me at all. I. All I will bowl you all well. And our way out go low around it'll or little. I'm not bowl. 08. On and are on in. Our kind dear Larry I can well there's others of course the health factors here. In treats and reports. But doesn't affect your hiding and I mean that would almost for me when he. He dad is then you have the trust issues of of lying and and that sort of thing I'm curious though. As to how you hide the smell because cigarette. Snugly that smells danger closing your hair in your finger to your fingers like it's kind of everywhere. Yeah. I start. A lot. Connie and I'm not. A lot. Of them are. How literally. Gone and I love letters it's not your mission Nikki just under wraps. All. Okay so some shaming here at all. But can I ask lake. Why you wouldn't try to quit smoking and for this guy is it. Only smoking one or two cigarettes a day when you met gradually quitting certainly doesn't seem like it's you know not achievable with the help of I don't know whatever people use these days snicker mattered. Let's products. And out hit the ball act or talk. About where. I don't rock out on. Election at all but all in all work. OK okay I mean. That's also you could probably explain to him now right like if he's he's this super upstanding guy he would probably appreciate your honesty actually I'm it's. Is it a lady I mean I'm I'm all for trying to quit smoking from out standpoint blood tests I don't know that you need to tell your boyfriend that you've been hiding this from and the whole time. Now let me it's gonna raise a lot of red flags. But healthy relationships are built on it foundations of honesty and trust and open communication I mean I say this all the time like. You'll probably be more pissed that she's been hiding about her biting he will be missed that she's been hiding it I think that. Alternately a you don't you you would respect turn appreciate her opening up about the fact that you know she wants you but she's struggling. And not just explain and they are working on quitting for rent and your appreciate his patient. It's gorgeous. Does to keep trying to quit and they do it without even knowing. The dollar and the other thing is I mean you know. Have to quit if if you don't want to me it's not the legal got sixteen he's not your dad created again you should because it's not good for Rio. I'll play and eventually you keep going down this road. Eventually he's going to catch you. Also like smoking. Is a valid relationship deal breaker for a lot of people I mean I've dated casual smokers and I don't like it myself yeah I mean I did it on and I I'd said never again yeah and expecting me. Arnold we're all old and Ayman. Al. I'm not up. There. And. She lead with that really listen I didn't need to I need to let you know that I've been cheating on. With new ports. Well best of luck either way all you can kick this you can do it we've got paid any this law. Ellis at secret at 98 PXY dot com. Teen PX my neck yeah. He's. Ninety PX line.